Locker Number 275.

Jack didn't mind swimming. It was just recently he had taken to it almost everyday because of one of the life-guards. Jack had spoken to him a little, asking things about safety and swimming techniques, but little other than those few short questions. Today Jack pulled on his swmming trunks with a pessismistic sigh. He would talk to him, yes, flirt a little, like he always did, but not much else. That was when an idea sparked in the dark corridors of Jack's mind. He knew pretending to drown was incredibly cliché and that it wouldn't work, he had been here too often to suddenly not be able to swim. However, he could get his locker broken. He would purposfully pick a broken locker and then ask his crush for some help. Perhaps he would even get him in the cubicle…

Jack found the locker. Number 275, the door slightly jammed. Jack pushed his stuff inside, grinning to himself as he inserted the pound and took out the key.

The pool wasn't even that cold, and he soon found his special life-guard telling off a few small childern who had been running. He looked quite amazing in the tight fitted shirt. Jack swam a few lengths, trying to take his eyes off of him in case he was seen staring. It was proving impossible. An hour later, having not said a word but only watched the young Welsh life-guard, Jack got out, standing in the shower to wash his hair breifly. He messed it up, rubbing the chemicals into his scalp. The lifeguard walked past, and the swimmer got a cheeky wink and a nice veiw of his arse.

Jack wrapped his towel around himself, smiling secretly. He walked to his locker, shoving the key inside of the lock, happily finding it jammed. He saw his specific lifeguard walk past him again.

"Is there a problem sir?" He asked, sounding more like a waiter than a swimming instructor.

"Erm, yeah, my locker won't open." The man frowned when he heard this, his face creasing and screwing itself into an adorable little ball. Jack smiled, then quickly wiped it off. The young man stepped forward, still making that face, and tried to open the locker. He brushed Jack's chest as he did, sending one clear tingle down his spine. "Hey, what's your name? I see you here most days and I just don't think to ask." He didn't actually look at Jack while he attempted to open the locker.

"Jack." He would need to remember that name when he screamed it later. "And yours?"

"Ianto." He looked up, his eyes bright, but only for a second because they clouded over with concern. "I'm going to have to get site services down here." Jack nodded. "I can keep you company while you wait, if you want." Jack nodded, and went and sat down in the cubicle, wrapping his towel around himself. Ianto sort of stood by the door awkwardly awaiting some sort of permission.

"You can come in." Ventured Jack, and the young welsh-man shuffled in. Jack continued to rub himself down with the towel, casting a small, unnoticed look at the lifeguard, whose trousers, Jack spotted with satisfaction, were extremely tight. Ianto's hand fed behind the door subconsciously pulling it a little closer to being closed. Jack smiled to himself secretly, also remembering that Ianto had not even called for maintanance to open the broken locker. No unwanted distractions.

Jack looked up and smiled. Ianto's face was red, but there was something else in his eyes. A burning passion of an extremely horny life-guard. He took a step forward towards Jack, placing one hand on the swimmer's shoulder, thumb rolling over the soft, wet skin. Jack's own hand ventured out, creeping onto the life-guard's stomach and the side of his torso until it was able to pull him in. Ianto knelt down so that he was level with Jack, who was sitting on the bench, his fingers tracing the muscles in his neck and tangling themselves in his hair.

The kiss was extensive, but furiously fast. Ianto was pressing himself into Jack's legs, one hand slipping down the back of the speedos and squeezing gently at the smooth skin. Ianto's polo shirt fell to the floor after Jack had pulled it over his head. A whistle swung limply from his throat and Jack grabbed it, pulling the welsh-man closer. Ianto pulled at Jack's boxers, shoving them to his knees.

"Er… Ianto? You've got to teach a swimming lesson in five minutes." Jack looked up and Ianto twisted his head to see his colleague, Gwen, stood in the door way.

"Erm… Okay. I'll be there in a second." Gwen raised her eyebrows.

"Yeah, more like three hours." Ianto blushed, the scarlet in his face flowing into his ears.

"Okay, I'm coming." He said, wriggling away from Jack. "You." He said, pointing at the older (and naked) man. "You stay hereuntil I get back." Jack grinned.

"I can hardly move when my stuff if still locked in my locker."