"I had real fun tonight. Thank you." Said Ianto softly to Jack as they sat in the car outside his block of flats. Jack's fingers brushed his cheek gently.

"I'm glad." Jack smiled and closed in a little bit. Ianto smelt amazing... a combination of decent male aftershave and fresh coffee. He could sense Ianto's slight trembles of anticipation. Jack's lips met with his, softer than they had earlier that day in the changing room. Jack's other hand was creeping up Ianto side. It was an invitation and a sign. Ianto deepened the kiss and made a grab for Jack's tie. Jack pulled away, laughing. "You have to invite me in first." He teased. Ianto put on a patronizingly fake smile.

"Sir, I was wondering, would you like to come into my bed and shove your probably massive cock up my arse while my hands are handcuffed to my bed and I'm in a pair of thigh high 'fuck me' boots?" Jack's jaw dropped a little. "Is that a yes?" Jack nodded dumbly, falling back onto Ianto's lips. Ianto pulled back this time. "When we get inside."

They barely made it to the elevator before they had pounced on each other. Ianto slammed his hand on the buttons pannel, groaning loudly as Jack groped his crotch and attacked his neck. The lift's bell rang once and Ianto bucked his hips into Jack's hand, pushing at the other man's coat. The doors opened and a little old lady, pushing a trolly of belongings, climbed on. Jack tugged at Ianto's collar, forcing him out of the lift.

"Oh, hello Ianto." The old lady called.

"Hey Fran." Ianto managed to choke out before having Jack's tongue shoved down his throat again. The lift doors closed and Ianto caught a glimpse of Fran's slightly amused expression before he was slammed against the door to his apartment. He didn't bother to work out how Jack knew it was his, he just fumbled for the keys in the inside of his blazer pocket. He shoved it in the lock and twisted desperately. The door fell open and Jack yanked him through. His sapphire eyes were glowing and Ianto pulled him in for a kiss before pushing him onto the sofa.

"Wait there." He instructed. "And remove your clothes." Ianto ran to his bathroom, yanking off his suit and dropping it into a pile by his toilet. He picked up a box of condoms (unopened) and ripped open the box. He chucked a few out (he didn't want to look inexperienced) and ripped off his breifs. He pulled the giant shoe box from under his bath out and opened it.

There they were, as promised. The thigh high, black leather man-heels that his sister had given him three Christmases ago. He had tried them on a few times, just to see what walking was like. He slipped them on now, relishing in the way the shiney black plastic squeaked as he straightened up. He pulled off his shirt and dropped it on his suit before leaving the bathroom and going back into the lounge.

Jack was sprawled on the couch, completely naked. He sat up as Ianto entered the room. Ianto beckoned with one finger towards his bedroom. Jack stood and followed, enthralled by the boot-clad welsh man. As soon as Jack was through the door, Ianto grabbed his shoulders and slammed him onto his poofy white covers. They began kissing again, heatedly, Ianto straddling Jack, feeling Jack's erection pressing into his. Jack moved his hand to Ianto's cock but Ianto batted it away and grabbed the handcuffs that were underneath his pillow. Jack's grin turned evil.

"I do believe you were the one being handcuffed to the bed." Ianto smirked and continued kissing Jack before rolling over so that Jack was lying between his legs on top of him. Ianto pushed the handcuffs into Jack's chest and raised his hands above his head. Jack fastened his hands tightly to the bedstead before kissing down Ianto's neck. Ianto groaned, bucking his hips a little as Jack's kisses descended further down his torso. Finally, Jack's lips settled on his shaft, his tongue licking out to taste the pre-cum that was dribbling from his head. Ianto moaned and threw his head back when Jack began to suck at the tip of his cock. He fought against his restrains fruitlessly, looking down to watch Jack suck him off, his cock deep in his throat. Jack stroked his thigh just above his boat, his fingers exploring deeper and touching Ianto's hole.

Jack withdrew his head from Ianto's penis with a pop and squirted lube onto his fingers thickly. Rubbing it between his palms he watched as Ianto writhed, trying to get him to touch him. Jack pushed a finger inside watching as Ianto's baby boy face twisted from pleasure. Then he picked up one of the condoms which Ianto had put on the bed next to them and ripped open the packet. He rolled it onto his cock and continued to explore Ianto's entrance with his hands. Ianto cried out as Jack found his prostate with two of his fingers.

"Just fuck me already!" He yelled, thrusting his hips up clumsily. Jack placed his head at Ianto entrance and leant down so that he was holding Ianto in his arms. Ianto bit his lip and Jack thrust in. Ianto strained for a kiss which Jack gave him before thrusting in again. "Oh fuck... Jack..." Ianto mumbled, his eyes closed, his hips pressed onto Jack's.

"Urgh... Ianto..." Jack grunted, increasing the speed of his thrusts. The head board rattled as he let rip into Ianto, taking out all of the lust that had accumulated since he had first seen him walking along the side of the swimming pool.

"Oh god! Jack, I love you!" Ianto screamed, the plastic leather boots wrapped around Jack's waist. Jack thrust in deeper, feeling the hot semen spill over his chest as he filled the latex.

He drew out of Ianto and undid the handcuffs, still lying on top of him. Ianto reached down and pulled off the condom, tying it in a knot and tossing it in the bin. He reached up and ran his fingers through Jack's hair. Jack leant down a placed a tender kiss on Ianto's lips. Ianto smiling sleepily in it. Jack rolled off him and unzipped Ianto's boots. Ianto kicked them off and fumbled with his duvet, getting him and Jack underneath it. He snuggled Jack's chest, wrapping his arms over his waist and kissing Jack's shoulder. As he snoozed off, Jack kissed his sweaty hair and whispered softly.

"I love you too, Ianto Jones."

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