Bohemians Work at the Mall

Chapter 1: Update

Over the past three years our favorite bohemians have had their share of jobs.

Mark worked as a camera man on a porn set for a year. He was involved in three films and won a Boner award for one of his movies, Bow Chica Bow Wow. He was a little embarrassed, but at the end of the day he realized that that dirty money was giving him a roof over his head. After being attacked by one of the male actors, Mark decided to quit and went on to film for the show Cheaters for two years.

Roger was unemployed for six months and went back to his emo stage and broke up with Mimi, accusing her of cheating on him with Benny ,who had been living in Florida since after the whole Wal-Mart Chaos. The rockstar took a trip to Santa Fe, again. He came back a week later, because he realized he didn't have his toothbrush with him. Mark and Mimi calmed him down and proceeded to laugh in his face and tell him that they knew he would come back. He and Mimi got back together and Roger has been a bouncer at the Cat Scratch Club.

Mimi went back to the Cat Scratch Club, after a year of teaching young children how to dance. Parents began to complain saying they didn't want their children to end up in a rap video or in a strip club shaking their ass for cash. Mimi told them that they would end up doing it for free once they turned 16 and was fired by the head of the department of dance.

Maureen decided she wanted become a gynecologist, but realized that she had to go to school for it and decided to have her own private practice. She was arrested for sexual harassment three days later and Joanne refused to help her. A year later she was arrested for trying sale illegal Hannah Montana T-shirts and was put in jail.

Joanne has decided to stop being a lawyer and decided to go to Hawaii to help her father with his law firm.

Collins and Angel have been living with Roger and Mark because they have realized they cant work anywhere without being destructive.

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