Chapter 9

[Hot Topic]

After abandoning Joanne and the pregnant lady, Mimi and Angel finally made it to Hot Topic. To their surprise, there was a huge sign that read;

All Twilight Dolls Are Sold Out! Sorry!

Angel slowly back away. "No….no…no…lord no…"

"LIES!" screamed Mimi. "MARK!"

Angel and Mimi stormed into the store where Mark was replacing Panic At The Disco T-shirts with Justin Bieber shirts.

"Please don't beat me! It's not my fault we sale Justin Bieber!" Mark cried.

"Where's Twilight?" Angel asked.

"Oh, hey guys….we're sold out…but we do have Harry Potter…."

"Fuck Harry Potter!" Angel and Mimi cursed.

"Mimi, close the store…" Angel said calmly grabbing Mark by his shirt.

"Wha…what are you going to do to me?" Mark asked with fear in his eyes.

Mimi closed the store and all hell broke loose.

[Near the food court]

As Collins did his hourly walk around the store, he spotted the old man speeding once again.


"Ah shit, not you again…." The old man mumbled.

"I'm gonna need you to stop!" Collins demanded.

The old man ignored him and kept going. Collins ran past the electric wheelchair, got on the floor lying on his stomach, and pulled out a pocket knife. As the old man drove by, Collins stabbed one of the wheels. The old man instantly stopped.

"What is yo problem, bitch!" The old man said standing up.

"You can walk?"

Collins got off the floor to meet the man face to face. The man was a little shorter than Collins, but height didn't bother him.

"I will Chris Brown your ass all up and down this mall!"

"Whoa, sir! I've been trying to get you to slow down for two days! No need to get violent…I'll fix your wheel."

"You better….or I'll start crying!"

Before Collins could say anything, his walkie came on talking about a disturbance at Hot Topic.

[Hot Topic]

Collins walking into the store stepping on posters and wigs. As he looked around, he saw shirts, hair dye, CD's, eye liner, and fake blood scattered all over the floor.



Collins looked straight ahead and there Angel and Mimi were….wearing Twilight shirts and holding Twilight lunch boxes.

"What happened? Where's Mark?"

Mark got up from behind the counter. He was covered in silver glitter. "It won't come off…."

"O.M.G, Mark…we are so sorry…" Mimi said.

"We heard you were out of Twilight dolls and completely flipped our shit."

Kendall, along with Joanne, the woman with the baby, and Roger and Maureen in handcuff arrived.

"You have got to be kidding me!" Kendall threw her hands in the air. "You all are the worse employees ever! You do nothing cause chaos!"

"We're sorry…" Roger said with a pout.

"You're all fired. I've found a group of people more responsible than you all."

As they all made their way out of the mall, they noticed a group of half clothed orange people standing outside of Kendall's office. Maureen gave one of the guys a wink and he waved at her.

"Ronnie, who is that whore you were waving at?"

"Babe, it was just some girl!"

"No, Ronnie! You are cheating on me!"

"Looks like we got a situation here…" Said one guy without a shirt on.

"Vinnie, could you get me a pickle, please?"

"Talk about some shallow people…." Joanne said as the bohos walked out the doors of the mall.

They were once again unemployed….

A/N: Hmm the cast of Jersey Shore working at the mall? I know this was a fast ending, but I felt the need to finish this story. Thank you for reading!