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Chapter One

"Orale Joclyne! Hurry up!" yelled a frustrated Kagome who was standing by the open door, dangling the car keys from her index finger.

Her long dark ebony hair was layered in curls with straight bangs which framed her heart shaped face. Her lightly tanned skin was refreshed and had that natural healthy shine, making it seem as if she glowed. She was wearing a yellow elbow length puffy sleeve shirt that was slit from the shoulder to the elbow. Her belly had a diamond cut out, showing off her pierced belly button and flat toned stomach that she worked so hard to achieve. She wore black skinny jeans that hugged her round ass and mid-knee high heel boots with yellow laces. To complete her look, she had on silver bangles and a necklace with a diamond 'K'. The Black Raven eyeliner made her deep blue eyes with a speck of brown stand out. Her plump dark rosy-pink pouty lips were coated with Strawberry & Cream Goddess Gloss, which made her lips taste like cotton candy.

"Why don't you go bother Ama, for a change?" yelled back Joclyne as she came down the stair case, digging through her purse.

Joclyne's dark black hair was in tight curls under a fedora hat and her bangs were side swept giving her emerald eyes a seductive look as they poked under her long lashes. Her pouty lips were painted a glossy peach and her high cheek bones where adorned with a light blush. She was wearing a tight brown buttoned up blouse tucked into flannel shorts that were rimmed with brown. On her dainty feet where some matching strappy buckled leather heals and punk phython cuffs on her wrists.

"Looking for these?" asked Kagome as she dangled the keys with a smug look on her face. Joclyne had a look of stupor on her face before she quickly composed herself and asked,

"How did you get the keys? I could have sworn I hid them this morning.''

" I have my ways.'' Was Kagome's cocky reply.

" You know, cockiness doesn't suit you Gome'.'' Said a young teen looking in between her 16 and 17 that looked remarkably like Joclyne.

Like Kagome and her older twin Joclyne, Amaris was a very pretty girl. Her hair was a chocolate color with naturally lighter brown highlights that she had styled in wet curls that night. Her almond shaped eyes were a mixture of brown and green that were hidden under dark curly lashes, that stood out from her lightly tan, sort of creamy complection. She wore a scarlet red long sleeve blouse that was off the-shoulder and black jean shorts that hugged her ass with a matching black belt that said 'Amor' on the buckle in gold. A golden Personilized necklace hung on her delicate neck and matching earring set.

"Oh shut it Ama.'' Was Kagome's reply as she walked out the door.

They piled into Kagome's black Jaguar and sped off to 'La Curba –teen club- Sensation. It was the hottest place for teenagers to be in Barcelona. As they entered, all eyes were on them. It wasn't their fault they looked good. Most girls gave them jealous stares, even heard one of them mutter sluts while all the guys stopped what they were doing and whistled in their direction. They smirked and went straight toward the dance floor. A crowd of boys surrounded them as soon as Flo Rida's song 'Get Low' blasted through the speakers.

Many songs later, a thirsty Amaris and Joclyne went toward the bar to order something to drink.

"Una batida de fresas." Ordered Joclyne. ( strawberry shake)

"Virgin Pomegranate Sangria." Was Amaris order. They paid for their drinks and were sipping casually on the stool, occasionally taking sips from the other.

'"Hmm that's good. I'm getting that next time.'' Said Joclyne as she took another sip of her twin's drink.

Just then, they heard Kagome cussing in Spanish and then a crash. They ran over, pushing through the crows, and saw a guy lying on the floor and blood oozing out of his nose.

"What happened?" asked Ama.

"That dumb ass grabbed my ass and tried to kiss me!" replied Kagome.

"But damn you had to break his nose Baby doll?" asked Joclyne kneeling down and checking the state of the boy.

"I told him many times no, but the boy was asking for it.''

Joclyne looked at her sister who shrugged in return.

" Oh let's just get our drinks. He brought it upon himself.'' She said.

Nodding, they started toward the bar, but then Kagome's cell-phone started to ring.

" Hello?… Mami?… I thought you were at work…." said Kagome.

You see, Kagome's mom took over Kagome's father's corporation, Higgurashi Industries. She was an artist before hand but had to take over and learn the ropes after her husbands untimely death. She barely had time for her children. Amaris and Jocelyn's parents, their mother a lawyer and father, brother of Kagome's father who was head of the criminal justice department where also murdered that fateful night, which is why the girls live with their cousin Kagome.

"Oh, ok, sure we'll be there." said Kagome. "Alright, bye… Love you" she whispered but it was too late, her mother had hung up and all Kagome could do was stare at the phone in sadness.

"Who was that?" asked a curious Joclyne.

"Mami wants to talk to us." replied Kagome.

"Why?" asked Ama. Tia is barely at home and much less talks to us dealing with business, must be something good…or bad.

"Don't know, but she said she wanted to talk to us. Now."

They speed walked out of the club, and into the parking lot to find Kagome's Jaguar. Once they found it, they sped off toward their home not knowing it wouldn't be theirs in a couple of weeks.

A few minutes later, they arrived at their house. As, they entered they saw Kagome's mom sitting in the living room couch, casually sipping tea.

"Mami, what did you want to talk to us about?'' asked Kagome as they sat down.

"Kagome, we're moving to America." said a calm Akira as if already knowing what her daughters reaction was going to be .

"Why? What about Barcelona? I grew up here! You can't just say 'Hey were moving pack up,' and expect me to go quietly. Your practically taking away who I am. What make's me me. My Home. Don't you understand. My whole life, family, and friends are here. I'm not moving." exclaimed Kagome.

"Look Kagome, my job is transporting me to America. I have to go and I'm not leaving you here by yourself.'' said Akira.

"You practically have mother. You weren't really here for me for the past two years. You've turned into a workaholic. You can go without me. You leaving wont really make much of a difference to me.'' As soon as the words came out of her mouth, she regretted it. She didn't mean it. Well she did, but it wasn't suppose to come out like this. It made her sound ungrateful, spoiled, and selfish. All she wanted was to spend time with her mom and feel the love and cherish she used to before her father died.

The whole room went quiet for a moment. Akira looked hurt for a moment before quickly composing herself. She put on her poker face. This was business.

" Kagome, I don't need this right now. Go upstairs and start packing. End of discussion.''


" I said end of discussion!'' Kagome looked at her mother for what seemed to be a long time. She turned and without a word went up the stairs to her bedroom. A loud slam was heard a while later. Silence soon followed.

Akira dropped with a sigh onto the sofa. Realizing her nieces where still there, she looked up. They quickly looked down to the floor.

" Girl's what are you guys doing here. Go start packing as well. Your coming with us.''

"Really?'' they asked eagerly.

"Yes. I have already brought a house and already enrolled you in one of the best high schools. So go on and pack your bags. Go shopping. Do whatever you girls do nowadays. We're living in 2 weeks from tomorrow." Replied Akira.

Eagerly, they rushed up the stairs to Kagome and tolled her the news. Though she was a bit happier and calmer about the situation, she still did not want to leave Barcelona. She had too many memories. They soon all headed to their own bedrooms, and started planning.

Once clear of makeup and in their pajamas, they met up in Kagome's bedroom.

"I wonder how America looks like.'' wondered Amaris. She was lying on the couch picking out the seeds of a pomegrant and popping them into her mouth. She was careful not to get them on her pajamas. They left stains.

"Don't know." said Joclyne, stealing a few of the sweet seeds from her sister who in returned gave her a playful glare.

"Maybe its going to be like those movies where you have the blonde cheerleaders that every dude wants to bang. The football players are jerks and throw the nerds into dumpsters. And there's always going to be some over weight boy who doesn't like running the field and fights for his food. Then again they were just movies.''said Kagome. Silence filled the room as if they were seriously contemplating the idea.

" Well what about your boyfriend Kagome?" asked Joclyn.

"You think your relationship is going to work long distance." Asked the younger twin, who continued to eat the sweet seeds.

"Well, I'll talk to him when the time comes. He has been getting a bit much anyways. We'll talk tomorrow. Let's get some sleep." said Kagome as she turned off the lights.

"Night." they all said as they drifted off to sleep.

The following week, Kagome, Joclyn, and Amaris were busy packing the rest of their belongings, going shopping, and saying their good-byes to their friends and family, promising to visit in the summer. In a couple of days, they would be in America. They spent their last days having fun and taking as many pictures they could.

Mami = mom

Mejores amigas = best friends

Orale = hurry up/ hey

La Curba= The curb

Tia = aunts

Nena = girl

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