Chapter 2-

It was the day before their big move and the girls decided to visit their deceased parents funeral as a final good-bye. Dressed professionally in black, the girls headed to the shrine which was less than 20 minutes away. It took longer though. They passed by the flower shop and where stopped by countless people telling them how they were going to be missed, and receiving gifts.

Once inside they saw their late best friends. The twins parents and Kagome's father. The twins definantly looked like their mother. With their piercing green eyes and plump lips.

Kagome looked like an exact replica of her father but feminine, with her dark raven tresses and soul searching blue-brown eyes . Just as seeing her father's picture, she broke down. 'It hurts.'

" It hurts too much.'' she sobbed. Seeing Kagome break down right there, the twins rushed to her side, comforting her, tears already working their way down their faces, no matter how hard they tried holding them back.

Suddenly she smiled and chuckled.

" I know your watching me papito. For you I'll be strong. I'll accomplish what you wanted me to do in life. I wont let you down. I won't let us down." She finished with a whisper.

" Mami, Papa I know you are watching us from the heavens. I hope your proud of us so far. For you guys, my sisters ( she thinks of Kagome her sister ), and my family, I'll be happy.'' Joclyne softly said touching her mother's picture softly. She stood up, wiped her tears away, and let her sister a time.

" Papito chulo , I know you guys are with us every were we go, and that I appreciate. It's hard not to cry. I hate tears they make me weak. I'll fight for my family until the end. That I promise.'' Amaris said softly touching her fathers picture. She looked at her mothers dimpled smile and kissed the picture. She softly said sorry not even her sister heard her, but Kagome did who smiled sadly knowing what she meant. They looked at the pictures one more time and kissed each of them, cherishing the moment.

After they were done praying, saying good-bye, placing fresh roses on the shrine and doing the sign of the cross, they walked out and headed towards their car.

It was almost 5:30 p.m. when they boarded their private plane. Settling in her seat, Kagome looked out the window with a sigh as she petted her Siberian husky puppy, Alegro. She watched the people of her town wave their good-byes and her now ex-boyfriend standing a distance from the crowd just staring. Breaking things off with him didn't hurt much. After all they just started dating a couple weeks ago.

She looked back to her home. Yes her home. Surrounded by green trees, flourishing flowers and plants. It will forever be her home. Where she was going was temporary. She heard there where practically no trees in some places and she practically lived in the gardens! She was coming back. She'll make sure of it. With that they took off, and she plugged in her earphones when the co-pilot gave the okay and fell asleep, cuddling with Alegro by her side.

Beep Beep Beep!

" Wakey wakey artichoki. Today we start school. You need to shower and dress up. Ama and I already picked out your outfit.'' sang Joclyne. Hyperness evident in her voice as she pulled the covers off Kagome's curvy form. Alegro's ears perked up and seemed to glared at Joclyne as if trying to say ' How dare you wake me'.

" I swear that dog get more like Kagome each passing day.'' She murmured to herself.

" Ugh … what time is it?'' groaned a sleepy Kagome, sitting up on her full size bed.

" It's 6:00 nena, school starts at 7:45. Time to get ready.'' Came a voice from the doorway. It was Amaris in her purple robe, nibbling on a piece of bacon. Upon seeing the strip of crispy bacon, Kagome's eyes lit up and she rushed to get a piece.

" Nah ah ah." Amaris said. Shaking her finger as if scolding a child.

" Not until you get dressed.'' Finished Joclyne with her hand on her hip.

"Mmm... Okay I'll be in the shower.'' mumbled a bed head Kagome.

Stumbling to her personal bathroom she stripped and turned on the shower. Rubbing Malibu Lemon Blossom body wash, she rinsed and stepped out the shower before wrapping a dark blue towel around her body. The day before she did her hair so she didn't have to wash it. Rubbing the fog off the mirror she started to brush her teeth for about 5 minutes. Walking out of her bathroom she saw her clothes laid out on now her cleaned bed. Her outfit consisted on some dark washed skinny jeans, her silver personalized jewelry set, a white tank top, a light blue pullover sweater, with some light blue flats, and a matching blue flower for her hair. "Got to love the twins." thought Kagome with a smile.

After dressing, she sat on her makeup counter debating what to do with her hair. Deciding to leave her hair in curls with the rose, she headed downstairs to the kitchen were she saw the twins and her mother eating breakfast.

Joclyne had her hair Straight down under her coral pink beanie. She had on a grey tank top with a black leather bomber jacket, some dark skinny jeans, black and grey nike kicks, silver hoop earrings, and her matching charm necklace. A light blush coated her cheeks, and long lashes masked with mascara and eyeliner which brought her eyes out.

Amaris had her long hair in wet curls. She had her gold personalized hoops with her matching necklace. She had on a white tight off the shoulder top. A white tight sweatshirt slung over her seat casually. Some dark skinny jeans, and her white flats which looked a bit too familiar to Kagome. Casual but adorable. Sitting down Kagome took a plate, filled it with food and dug in.

" Kagome your transcripts are on the counter. Place them in your bag and hand them to your principle. I'll drop you girls off before I head of to work '' Akira said, not bothering to look up from the morning paper.

" Uh okay mom.'' Kagome said awkwardly with a piece of bacon hanging out of her mouth. It was weird talking to her mother at the breakfast table. Ever since that day she announced they were leaving, Kagome did her best to avoid her mom. The twins sensing the awkwardness, both stood up, grabbing their bags.

" Hey it's time to go. We don't want to be late on the first day.'' Nodding, they headed towards the garage which had three cars and they all climbed onto the silver Dodge Hybrid. School was just 15 minutes away. Hale.T High, their new high school.

Before they knew it, they were in front of the school with all eyes on the car.

" Let's get out in style chickas!" exclaimed Joclyne. They quickly applied lip gloss on their pouty lips and grabbed their stuff. Nodding Amaris got out first, she grabbed her North face book bag and slipped it on.

Opening the car door slowly, ever so slowly, she got out and shook her hair a little. A lot of gasps were heard, and whistles. She smirked seductively at them. She took a few steps letting her sister get out. Joclyne got out seductively and smirked, she flipped her hair out her face slowly. Gasps were heard and people shouting, 'Twins!' She giggled a little and winked at her sister.

Kagome's car side opened. Some people muttered if they were triplets. Kagome got out as soon as the wind picked up.'Perfect'. Her hair blew crazily and wild, adding to the effect. She smiled at the reaction. There were more gasps, whistles, and wows. Akira looked at her girls and smiled a little.

'Kids.' With a good-bye, she sped of to work.

Suddenly the girls heard a cough. Turning around, they saw 5 guys. Way too good looking for their own good. Shrugging, they hooked arms and headed to the building which said main office.

As they walked in the halls, people cleared away to leave them space. They stopped and opened the door to the main office.

"Good morning we're new here and we're wondering if we could get our schedules.'' Greeted Kagome with a small smile.

The secretary looked up and asked what their names where.

" My name is Joclyne Diaz Higurashi and that's…."

"Amaris Diaz Higurashi." interrupted Ama.

" And I'm Kagome Higurashi Gonzales." finished Kagome.

"Oh, are you guys new?" said the secretary.

"Yeah, can we just get our schedules and leave please?" asked Joclyne, trying to control her annoyance.

"Here you go." she handed three cards to Kagome. Kagome's homeroom was 3-215 , Amaris was 2-103, and Joclyne's was 2-106.

Amaris schedule

Period 1/ Homeroom : Trigonometry

Period 2: Art

Period 3: A.P Chemistry

Period 4: A.P English

Lunch~ -

Period 5: A.P World History

Period 6: Native speakers III

Joclyne's schedule

Period 1/ Homeroom: A.P History

Period 2: Chemistry

Period 3: A.P Trigonometry

Period 4: A.P English

Lunch -

Period 5: Dance/Music

Period 6: Native Speakers III

Kagome Schedule

Period 1/Homeroom: A.P Calculus

Period 2: A.P Earth/ Space Science

Period 3: A.P World History

Lunch -

Period 4: Study Hall

Period 5: A.P ENGLSIH

Period 6 : Study Hall

Checking their schedules the twins realized they will only get to see Kagome at lunch which was free period.

"Thanks!" they all said as they sped off to each of their homerooms.


3-217...3-216.…Aha 3-215! Opening the dark blue doors of her new homeroom, Kagome stepped inside. Suddenly all eyes were on her. Oh God I'm starting to feel nervous. Glancing around, her eyes clashed with amber golden eyes.

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Spanish Translations-

Papito chulo = handsome dad/ maddy dear( its a nickname us hispanics use)

Mendigo Cabron= Fucking Bastard ( i think. Lets just say its a bad word )

Chickas = Girls

Mamita/Mama/ Mami = Mom/ Mother

Pappi/ Papito/ Papa = Dad/ Father/ Daddy