The Lost Episode: Part 1
After "I am not Now nor have I ever been a Spy..."

Preface: Today is Friday-Amanda's last day at the Agency-
she's going to marry Dean this Saturday and she's packing up all her
belongings from her desk...

Scene 1:

Setting: The Agency


Amanda looked up nervously as Billy bellowed at her.

"Please come here, we need to complete your exit interview!"

Amanda had been busy packing away all the wedding gifts she had just
received from fellow staffers at the Agency 'going away/getting married'

Even Francine had given Amanda a nice neglige.

Lee alone had been suspiciously absent. Word had it that an old flame had just arrived and Lee was busy updating her on his current

Amanda glanced toward Lee's office on her way to see Billy.
As she unconsciously peeked in, she saw a tall gorgeous blonde captivating
all of Lee's attention. She could see why Lee had once dated her.
The woman was tall and built and decked out in a stylish red suit.

Amanda shook her head as she entered Billy's office.

"We're sorry to see you go Amanda" Billy started. "You've done a very fine
job here at the Agency, but we do understand your concern that Dean might
find out about your involvement here. Per protocol, you'll need to turn in
your badge today. Also, department policy is that you receive an escort on
your way out. I hope you understand".

Amanda completed the exit interview and turned in her badge.

There was still no sign of Lee.

The escort arrived and proceded to usher Amanda toward the elevator
and out the door. Amanda paused and took in the sights and sounds
from the Agency one last time.

She knew she had grown a lot since she had been there.

"Oh, well" she thought, "I'm going on a different path now. Time to marry
Dean and settle down to the secure life I've always wanted."

Part of her could not yet face that perhaps that secure, staid life was no
longer what she needed or wanted.

As she left the Agency for what she thought was the last time, Amanda looked
back, Lee never appeared.

Scene 2
Setting: Amanda's House

"Amanda, don't forget to wear that dress tonight, you know, the one your
future Mother-in Law made for you!" Dotty hollered up the stairs.

Amanda put on the dress and looked in the mirror. The dress was hideous, but
how could she not wear it tonight to the opera? Dean would be expecting her
to wear it.

"Come on Amanda-let's take a look!", Dotty commanded from outside Amanda's
bedroom door.

Amanda braced herself and stepped out, only to hear Phillip exclaim "Mom you
look great!"

"I do?" questioned Amanda.

"Yeah Mom, you look like a clown!"

With all the sincerity of a child's heart, Phillip beamed at his mom.

Amanda chuckled at Phillip when they heard Dean's knock at the front door.

Dotty whispered to Amanda, "I don't know how an intelligent man like Dean,
who has such excellent taste in women, can have such horrible taste in

Dotty opened the door and invited Dean in.

Dean smiled and complimented his fiance, "Amanda, you look great!"

Amanda sheepishly grinned at Dottie before kissing Jaimie and
Phillip good night.

Dottie held Amanda's arm as she was about to leave.

"Amanda, honey, don't forget to wear your coat tonight,
it could get a little chilly."

"Sure Mom", thought Amanda, "It's only 60 degrees outside!"

But, her coat was a great cover up for that crazy dress! Amanda thanked her
Mother as she buttoned her coat.

She then left for her night out with Dean.

Scene 3
Setting The Opera

Dean led Amanda to the coat room and checked in Amanda's coat.

Someone walked by them and stated "How Hideous!" while staring at Amanda's

Amanda quickly asked the clerk for her coat back with the excuse "In case it
gets chilly in the theater."

The clerk smiled and, as Amanda walked away, she heard him say "Good choice

Amanda tightened her coat around her as she hurried to catch up to Dean.

Once she reached him, they stepped unto the elevator to get to their
balcony seats.

As the entered the elevator, Amanda stopped dead in her tracks.
She was bluntly greeted by the sight of the tall gorgeous blonde,
decked to the hilt in a strapless sequin dress, and in lip lock with...Lee!

Amanda said not a word and quickly turned around to face the elevator door.

Dean nudged her and, not so quietly, rebuked Amanda. "Honey, you put on too
much blush tonight, go to the powder room and fix yourself up!"

The red-faced Amanda started to protest, "But I didn't even put on any..oh
..yeah..blush..oh my gosh...I'll go right to the powder room."

Amanda practically bolted out of the elevator and made her way straight to
the ladies room. She took off her coat and opened her purse. As Amanda
brought out her compact to fix her face, who should walk in... but the

Lee's date was impeccible. Her hair and makeup were perfect. Amanda
could tell by her manner that the woman was confident and, perhaps, a bit
arrogant. Amanda's suspicions were confirmed when she overheard the blonde
greet a fellow opera goer. Lee's date boasted of how she probably wouldn't
even pay attention to the opera, since her date (Lee!) had such great hands
and was such a great kisser!

Amanda fumbled with her compact and, red faced again, decided to take a deep
breath and compose herself. She felt she must just have cold feet before the

As the blonde left, she glanced at Amanda's dress and smirked.

Amanda grabbed her coat and put it back on. She straightened her back, held
her head high and strutted out the door.

On her way back to meet Dean, she heard "Psst, Amanda!"

With a grab from the shadows, Lee pulled Amanda toward him.

They stood alone, hidden in a side hallway of the opera house.

Lee began, "Amanda-I saw you and Dean there and just wanted you to
know, there may be some action tonight on a case Glenda and I are working
on..Just be care..."

Before Lee could even get the word "careful" out-a gun was placed at
Amanda's head.

Amanda blurted out "Oh my gosh!" as she was dragged off by a man speaking

End part 1