Part 6

The Tag!

Settting: Amanda's home

"Amanda, are you sure you don't want to come with me and the boys to the movie, there's only Bonanza reruns on tonight!" Dottie yelled from the kitchen.

Amanda sat on the couch with her badly sprained ankle elevated and "on ice". She had been relieved to find out at the hospital that it wasn't broken.

"No, that's okay Mother, I'm just going to rest tonight and look through the classifieds!" Amanda replied.

Phillip and Jaimie both raced in the living room and plopped on either side of Amanda.

"Pleeeeease come Mom! Pleeease!" They chimed, "It's going to be a great movie Mom, there's mutant space men and teenage raiders..."

"Thanks, but I'll pass tonight boys!", Amanda smiled in response. She was so blessed to have her Mother, her sons. She had been too close to losing all this today. She truly thanked God as she counted her blessings. Family was so important. "Boys, I know you had this planned weeks ago because you thought I'd be off on my honeymoon. I really don't want to go tonight boys but I do want you to go and enjoy yourself!"

"Mom?" Jaimie started.

"Yes, honey"

"To tell you the truth, I don't think anything could be better than Grandma at your wedding, yelling and fighting with ..."

"Jaimie!" Amanda cut in.

Dottie came in from the kitchen. "I have to admit Amanda, I was really proud of myself. I only told Dean's mother off once."


"Well, Amanda, I know I was really set on you marrying Dean. He's been so good to the boys. Who could know he'd end up marrying shrill 'Nurse Loren' at your wedding! I just can't beleive it. You know, his mother was so rude. It was quite cathartic to tell her off. Anyway, then you disappeared and we looked for you and couldn't find you...You say you went for a walk and you end up twisting your ankle. Really Amanda what's up with you taking all these walks lately? Is there something you're not telling me?.."

"Mother", Amanda interjected, "I really don't want to talk about it right now. Aren't you and the boys going to be late if you don't leave for the movie now?"

"Well, yes," Dottie replied. "Come on Jaimie, Phillip. Let's get our jackets on. If we leave now we'll even have time to stop by Marvelous Marvin's for a treat!"

"YEAH!" The boys exclaimed as kissed Amanda and made their way to the closet for their jackets and then out the door.

Dottie stopped and gave a kiss to the top of Amanda's head. She didn't know how Amanda could be so calm on a night when she should be on her honeymoon and some other woman was now in her place. Dottie smiled at Amanda one more time as she took off after the boys. Like any mother, she hoped the best for her daughter and didn't want her to spend this night alone pining away.

With thoughts of her daughter's future weighing on her mind, Dottie shut the door and made her way to the boys waiting in the car.


Peace. Quiet.

Alone at last.

"Whew!" Amanda let out a long sigh. This had been quite a day and a half! Amanda winced as she looked at the formidable newspaper. She dreaded looking thru the classifieds. She wished she could go back to the Agency but...with her need for more money now, now that Dean would not be the main bread winner for 'their' family, Amanda had to think defensively.

Leafing through the classifieds, Amanda began to highlight promising leads.

After several minutes, and despite her throbbing ankle, Amanda decided to get up and hobble to the kitchen for a cup of tea.

With newspaper in hand, Amanda gingerly made her way to the stove and started a pot of hot water.

She didn't hear the door behind her open, but, she immediately recognized that cologne! That was the cologne from Lee's jacket in his apartment now wafting thru her kitchen.

Before she could turn around and catch Lee in action, two strong arms swept her up in their embrace.

"I think this is where we left off earlier Mrs. King", teased Lee.

Before she caught herself, Amanda blurted out, "Oh! Where's Glenda?"

Lee's eyes expressed his hurt that Amanda wouldn't play along with his game. Lee gently set Amanda down at the kitchen table.

Immediately, Lee noticed the paper in Amanda's hand and changed the topic, "Amanda WHAT are you doing looking thru the classifieds? You know you can have your job back at the Agency!"

"First of all Lee, I was able to work part time at the agency before because I always knew I'd eventually marry Dean and he would become the main bread winner. I just can't afford to go back to the Agenncy on my current salary or hours. I need something full time or with better pay. And you still didn't answer my question."

"What question, Amanda?" Lee said in an annoyed voice.

"Shouldn't you be with Glenda, I mean it seems like there might be a cord attatched between the two of you...'

Lee was surprised to hear Amanda so vocal about Glenda. He wouldn't admit it , but his relationship to Glenda had changed. He had been embarrassed by Glenda's behavior earlier today after Amanda's rescue.

"Well...?" Amanda insisted.

"Well if you must know, Glenda is with Billy right now."

"But Billy's married Lee!" Amanda exclaimed.

Lee forgot how uncomplicated Amanda thought. "Amanda, they're not on a date tonight, Glenda is completeing her exit interview."

"What?!" Amanda thought she must have heard incorrectly.

"She's completing her exit interview right now and if I don't hurry, I'll miss taking her to the airport."

"Airport?" Amanda knew she had to be hearing things! "What's going on?"

"Let's just say, I don't want to discuss it but I do want to see you at work Monday. We'll talk with Billy about your raise and hours, Okay?"

Amanda couldn't surpress her smile. "Okay Lee, see ya Monday."