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Cold. That was the first thing he realized, and naked explaining the coldness.

Everything was painted in vivid splashes of red and black and brown, mostly red though. Their faces were splattered with red-red blood, smeared at the corner of their mouths drenching their arms up to the expensive cufflinks rolled to the elbows.

They didn't want to get dirty…

They were laughing, the faceless men with hate in there eyes all the evil he'd ever known confined to one cluster of faceless beings, all laughing as they carved him up like a Christmas turkey.

Slit him open from sternum to navel.

He cant even scream cant move, chains, drugs, he doesn't know which everything was blurring together – from the bowels of the Valiant, to the cuffs of the black van, and the prison camps of WWI.

Struggling he tries to toss them off him as he feels the heat of their breath against his face but suddenly they are one and it's the Doctor his face twisted and distorted almost beyond recognition with disgust and anger burning in his timeless eyes, "You're wrong Jack, you'll always be wrong!"

"No, you're not the Doctor!" he shouted turning his head away, away from the words, away from the hateful touch of someone he loved, that couldn't, wouldn't ever love him. Not properly.

Definitely not like this.

"Yes Captain, this is me, well the real me, and I cant bear the sight of you" the Doctor spat his words belied by his body as he forced himself on the restrained human.

Pain pulsed behind his eyes like a living breathing entity near-to driving over the edge of sanity.

The face changed, shifting, regenerated into some new torture, and it was no longer the Doctor with his angry eyes that made his one-human heart sink.

It was no longer the Doctor straddling his hips, his knees forced to his chest, pain-pain-pain burning him up like a blazing fire with each thrust.

"Ah, did we hurt your feelings handsome Jack?" He knew that voice as well as he knew the Doctors.

He new that body like he knew Ianots'...

Shivers ran down his spine.

He opened his mouth to speak, he didn't know what he'd say – something witty and sarcastic but nothing came out.

He couldn't speak.

"Jack" the Master kept saying his name, over and over, he wouldn't stop, why wouldn't he stop?

"Jack? Jack!" Ianto tried again prodding the Captains shoulder when there was no response but nonsensical mutterings that made little sense to the irritated young man sharing his bed.

It'd been like this for weeks ever since the Doctor had flown off in his flashy blue Time And Relative Dimension In Space ship.

What was worse than Jacks quiet pining for the Doctor, which he wasn't supposed to be able to know about but it was far to late for that, was how Jack had been teasing him.

A brush, a kiss, a touch, only long enough for him to lean into the feel or twine his hand in Jacks hair and have him pull back with a strange look that would morph into his trade-mark grin. Ianto prayed it was no more than a phase another one of Jacks little games.

He'd get bored sooner or later, sooner rather than later Ianto could only hope because he had a healthy interest in their sex life and these past few weeks he and his hand had become reacquainted.

Shifting upward to glare at the clock he read the time, and collapsed with a grumbled "Bloody hell." He shook Jacks shoulder harder hoping to knock his bed partner from his troublesome dreams. It worked this time.

Jack lurched up in the narrow bunker style bed with a gasp and flail.

"Bad dreams?"


Ianto rolled his eyes; it was going to be 20 questions apparently. Getting Jack to talk had always been like pulling teeth but lately it'd been like pulling teeth from a grizzly, bare handed.

"Do you want to talk?"


"Do you want to go back to sleep?"


"Well then we can continue playing 20 questions until morning or you can tell me what it is you do want, sir." Or you could leave it well enough alone Ianto, Jack thought to himself but bit back the words that pressed at the tip of his tongue. There'd be no point in alienating the one person that genuinely wanted to help, even if he didn't know what was wrong.

Owen could barely look him in the eye and Gwen was harping again because according to her he wasn't sensitive enough to the last witness - who'd ended up being a backstabbing murderer in the end. Tosh, beautiful brilliant Tosh though was the same as ever. For that, Jack couldn't help but love her.

Ianto fidgeted uncomfortably. Jack had been silent to long.

Laying out his option he prepared for a spat that would inevitably have him returning to his own flat for the rest of the night because he really did need his sleep. There was going to be a James Bond marathon tomorrow night. Ianto opened his mouth but was saved from speaking first.

"You, I want you Ianto."

Ianto almost jumped at the quietly spoken admission, "Oh" was all he could muster. Here he'd been planning a quick exit after another row and Jack wanted him.

"Thank God. Finally."

Jack smiled predatorily giving the younger man no chance for further words kissing him soundly. Ianto moaned into his mouth zealously taking charge as he pressed his lover back against the narrow bed.

"You need a bigger bed, sir" he muttered his hands trailing down Jacks sides stopping at his hips, "Jack" he moaned rocking his aching cock against him the friction building as Jack arched up grinding them together, "Jack, want you."

"I can see that" Jack snorted, a tiny grin tugging at the corner of his mouth. Ianto leaned down his weight heavy across Jacks kissing, sucking, and marking his neck.

There'd be a mark later.

Jack arched up into the younger mans touch his hands stroking downwards eliciting moans of approval as trigger calloused fingers smoothed circles into his skin the sensation nearly driving him mad as little pleasure pulses shot through him.

"God, you taste so good," he exhaled continuing to lick and nibble and bite, soft gentle nips along the older mans' jaw line. His tongue sweeping over the tiny spot between Jacks jaw and ear.

Knowing this to be one of Jacks most sensitive areas, Ianto began to suck and lick enthusiastically, drawing needy wonton noises from his boss.

Loosing track of when Ianto ended up on top, his erection pressed against his ass, his legs propped up over Iantos' shoulders he came to his senses like a douse of frigid water. He wasn't ready no matter how badly he wanted, needed to be.

"Ianto" Jack breathed quietly, how could he say it?

Ianto would know something was wrong if he stopped now.

It had been weeks since they'd done this.

"Ianto" he repeated this time infusing the name with desire.

He prayed it didn't come off as weak and brittle as he felt.

"Jack" Ianto mimicked pausing as he felt Jacks body go taunt as a bowstring.

Lust riding him hard Ianto ignored it for the moment preparing to slide into the waiting heaven of Jacks body when a strange whirling, screech had him reaching for the gun on his nightstand and Jack smiling like he'd won a trip to Hawaii with two pre-paid companions.

"It's the Doctor, isn't it?" Only one person made Jacks' face light up like that. And it wasn't him.

"Only one ship in all the galaxies makes a sound like that" Jack proudly said with something that could only be described as an infatuated smile.

"Honestly, you'd think it was his ship!"

Much as he liked Jacks smile he preferred to be the one to put it there not some alien Doctor and his alien Police Box ship that was "bigger on the inside" he'd heard Jack quote that so many times now he wanted to be sick.

"That's because there's nothing in all the galaxies like my TARDIS."

Ianto squeaked unseemly, feel like a mouse caught in the trap by the lure of cheese. He felt like he was the mouse and Jack was the cheese. Making the Doctor the trap. Which was absurd.

He was the one sleeping with Jack. Even if by 'sleeping' he only meant teenage petting and a little French kissing, these days.

Standing at the entrance of Jacks little hidey-hole beneath the Hub was the Doctor. Hands tucked in his coat pockets, the one that made him look like a younger prettier Sherlock Holmes, as he peered down at the pair of them with an inscrutable expression.

"Just how long had he been there?" Ianto wanted to know his stomach tightening queasily at the thought.

Jack being Jack just looked pleasantly surprised grinning up at the Doctor like he was the Messiah and Romeo all in one neat six-foot tall alien package.


"Hello Jack."

How the Captain could squish so much innuendo and suggestion into one plain verb Ianto didn't know.

It was another one of those great mysteries of Captain Jack Harkness.

When Jack stood nearly taking the whole damn blanket with him, and he would have to if Ianto hand grabbed tight giving it a proper tug, he realized Jack wasn't as unaffected as he usually was by his nakedness.

"Whoops" Jack said passing it off with a laugh but didn't drop the bit he held wrapped round his waist.

Ianto filed the information away for later inspection. The Doctor chuckled fondly at their antics but there was something in his eye that belied his amusement.

"I'll just be here, tinkering about, looking at all these alien things that you are definitely, under no circumstances, supposed to have, well not for a few decades or two anyhow. No rush Captain" the Doctor said as he disappeared from view.

Grabbing his clothes Jack rushed into them as though Ianto hadn't already seen, and touched, and kissed, every inch of his body by now.

"No rush he says" Ianto grumbled beneath his breath.

Threaten to poke around Jacks precious toys and he says no rush?

Ianto would have passed the comment off as innocent enough if he didn't know that the Doctor knew exactly what he was doing and Ianto didn't like it.

Dressed to the nines Jack clambered up the ladder back into the central part of the Hub. Ianto already a forgotten afterthought.

The Welshman sighed exasperatedly glancing at his hand and the aching erection Jack had left him with, "Looks like it's just me and you now" he muttered.

I'm talking to my hand, how much more pathetic can I get?

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