"Choji's Island" – Kiba Inubake

Well...now you know the kind of shit I make when I can't relieve myself of boredom... XD

Imagine Choji singing this...but with a Jamaican voice. Also, if I manage to create a good melody that fits the song, I'll upload me (or someone else) singing this as a video to YouTube, because I love humor just that much...to publicly humiliate myself for the sake of comedic entertainment...

Here at Cho-ji's Is-is-land,
We'll have some fun, and play pretend
Off to Cho-ji's Is-is-land!
The fun'll never end

Hangin' at this ho-ot-spot,
We havin' fun, we never gonna stop
Chillin' at the sea a lot,
The fun ain't gonna drop

Take my hand, we gon-na see the fi-ish-ies
You come along, we gon-na make some me-mo-ries
Choji's Island, 'tis not near the sha-ar-kies
Well, maybe a few, but they ain't gonna make ya bleed

Here at Choji's Island,
We'll have a lot o' fun!
We gonna teach you how to surf
And maybe get a hun

Good-bye, Cho-ji's Island
We'll come again someday
But in our hearts, you will stay
Yeah, foreva' you will stay

I...I'm sorry... XD