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Chapter 2 –Begun, your Training has



Force Talk


Hyuga Manor- Naruto met with the Hyuga lord, Hiashi Hyuga to notify him of his daughter's training. "Greetings, Hyuga-sama." Naruto said.

"Uzumaki-san, you are back….what do you need of me?" the Hyuga said pleasantly. "Your daughter Hinata, sir….I would like to build up her confidence." Naruto said calmly. Hiashi said, "I'm sorry, Naruto, but her training is fine."

Naruto said, "Okay, then I will choose the Uchiha." Just then a Branch member tripped with the tea and Naruto lifted his hand, stopping the liquid and porcelain pot to levitate in mid-air. He placed the liquid back into the pot and set the pot down to pour teas into each of their cups. "Mmm….green tea with a hint of honey and ginseng. Nice touch, well, thank you for you time then, Lord Hyuga."

Hiashi said, "Wait…what you just did, you can teach her that."

Naruto replied, "That and more. She will be quite formidable, training to use Jyuken and chakra along with my abilities, she will be unstoppable."

Hiashi said, "Then you have my permission."

The Jinchuuriki bowed, "Thank you, Hyuga-sama. We will begin tomorrow at 7 in the morning, since the Academy starts at nine."

Next morning- "Alright, Hinata, I want you to close your eyes and clear your mind of everything. Feel, don't think….your mind must be empty to touch the power I will teach you to wield." Hinata closed her eyes as instructed and emptied her mind of everything she knew….her troubles, her hardships, her fears, everything. She became blank, a clean stale and began to stretch out her mind.

She felt a current moving gently and with her mind, she touched it. She felt everything around her….the trees, the birds, the grass, the bugs beneath the earth and Naruto.

She gasped in surprise, "T-This is amazing, I can feel everything, I felt you….how is this possible?"

Naruto said, "This is the power I will teach you, this is the Force, a sentient power that binds all living things together with many sides. The light side, the dark side, the unifying Force and the Living Force. The Light side of the Force is focused on ideals of peace and healing. Followers of this side tend to act on logic and wisdom and meditate to clear themselves of emotion such as friendship and love."

Hinata grimaced at the clearing of all emotion part until Naruto continued, "However…I don't agree with that last philosophy because I have seen that love can do something very powerful to change the future. Now the dark side is the opposite of the light side, it relies on negative emotions of fear, hatred, aggression and malice. It is highly addictive and hard to master, I am used to practice in this form of the Force because of my former master."

Hinata said, "S-So you are t-training me to be evil and corrupt."

Naruto answered, "No, I am not…..the dark side of the Force is misinterpreted as evil, the people who used this side are the ones who use it for evil purposes. I, under the guidance of my former Master was not taught this at all and had to learn that my former Master was evil. I broke away as he tried to take my life for betraying him."

Hinata said, "F-Forgive me for j-jumping to c-conclusions."

Naruto said, smiling, "It is quite alright. Judging from your character, you seem to be more attuned to the light side of the Force. Luckily, I was taught this by a Jedi Master on the run to use this light side when I was on the run from my Master. Now the Living Force deals with the binding of living things while the Unifying Force is used to give us small visions of the Force, sometimes in dreams or in meditation."

Hinata said, "Y-You said that the F-Force through a-all of us, b-but why am I the only o-one training under you, Master Uzumaki."

Naruto said, "Though the Force flows through every being, it can only be harnessed by Force-sensitive beings, which are you and Sasuke. I chose you because of your heart and I read your thoughts. You are a kind and caring person, but you wanted to protect….become stronger to protect those close to you like your sister and that boy that was kind to you."

Hinata blushed as she was read like an open book as Naruto continued, "Sasuke, on the other hand, had many emotions associated with the dark side. I sensed much anger, pain, suffering and hatred within him. His emotions were more potent than my Master and if I trained him, he would be consumed by the dark side of the Force completely."

Hinata said, "Will you be teaching me the dark side of the Force."

Naruto nodded, "I will along with the light side of the Force. Personally, I am neutral…I use both the light and dark sides of the Force. It depends on how you use the power…either to protect or destroy."

The dark Jedi said, "Now the Force powers are divided into Control, Sense and Alter. Control is regulation of the body such as breathing, healing, hibernation trance, speed, stealth, etc. Sense is using the Force to find information or implant it such as telepathy or illusions and Alter provides a limited influence such as an example, Force Lightning."

He raised his hands, drawing his power and Hinata felt a prick run through her body. She gasped as she saw a glimpse of Naruto's childhood mentally.

Then she saw lightning shot out of his fingertips, charring the tree.

"What did you see, Hinata?" the Dark Jedi asked.

Hinata said, "I-I…..saw you…you were…so bloody….I sensed fear….and pain."

Naruto thought, "She is really sensitive to emotions…..she has a good grasp on the concept of Force Sense. Hinata will be a great Force practitioner very soon."

Naruto said, "That was part of my childhood when I was living here a long time ago."

Hinata said, "What did you do to deserve that?"

Naruto said, "It is not what I did, but what I hold. Do you remember the story of the Kyuubi?"

Hinata said, "Yes, the Kyuubi was killed at the cost of the Yondaime."

Naruto said, "That is wrong…the truth is that Yondaime never killed it, he sealed it at the cost of his life into a newborn." The Jedi lifted up his shirt and molded chakra, "That newborn…is me."

Hinata said, "So….you are the one that holds the Kyuubi."

Naruto nodded, "Since I hold the demon that they loathed so much…I was the scapegoat for the anger and pain. I could understand that now, but when I was young…I hated them, became consumed with confusion and anger. That is when my former Master found me to manipulate me to his will until I saw the truth."

Hinata said, "It doesn't matter if you hold it…they should be thanking you, not cursing you, but what is astounding is how you are not mentally scarred."

Naruto replied, "I have a strong will and heart, I learned to endure everything."

Hinata replied, "I…don't blame you for having the Kyuubi inside you…I feel safer knowing that you can control its power and keep it away from harming anyone."

Naruto said, "Thank you, Hinata, you are truly a kind person. I am glad to have you as my apprentice. Now I will need to teach you kenjutsu….when you reach a certain level of maturity, you will be using this." He pulled out a hollow cylinder and pressed a button.

The cylinder released a snap-hiss and a silvery gray glowing blade appeared. "This is a lightsaber, a Jedi or Sith's most powerful weapon. It can cut through anything except certain blades and I think chakra-infused blades too. We will first train with wooden swords, then real ones, then a training lightsaber and soon you will make your own…I managed to salvage some materials, but you will have to find your crystal for the lightsaber, which defines you."

Hinata said, "S-Sugoi."

Naruto said, "Right now, you are a Padawan, a beginner…then you work your way up to a Jedi Knight, then finally Jedi Master… are there any questions?"

Hinata shook her head and Naruto said, "Good, let's begin your training."

For three months, Hinata was pushed to her limits and usually came home aching in pain. Her stuttering, over the time span, was controlled and appeared only when she was embarrassed or blushing.

In exchange of her training, Naruto was helped in learning how to control his chakra properly and perform the basic Academy jutsus except for the Bunshin.

He had a high level chakra capacity that the Bunshin would collapse and deteriorate. The Jinchuuriki asked the Hokage for help in this matter and was given Kage Bunshin to learn.

Back to Hinata, she was very confident and proficient at using the Force, Naruto predicted that in time, she will be better than him in controlling the Force. She was good at using the light side of the Force than the dark side since there was hardly any anger in her being.

In her lightsaber training, she was hard-pressed against Naruto since he had Darth Vader train him fiercely. Hinata learned the basic and advanced forms of Shii-Cho, Makashi, and Soresu. She was now learning to do the basic form of Ataru. Her father saw her confidence increase and her training was impressive to her. Under discretion, Hiashi and the Hokage were the only ones who knew that Naruto and Hinata were Force practitioners.

Graduation- "It seems that the day has come, eh, my young Padawan." Naruto said, looking at his apprentice. Hinata said, "Yes, Master Uzumaki, indeed." Naruto smiled, "And your graduation….you will be making your lightsaber next month when you master the advanced form of Ataru."

Hinata looked at him in shock, "But…it had only been three months since you trained me in the ways of the Force."

The Jinchuuriki said to her, "And…I believe that you are ready…you have exceeded my expectations. You are better than me in using the Force and your lightsaber combat skills are getting better every week we spend together. You have mastered Shii-Cho completely and adept in Makashi and Soresu. Soon you will master Ataru, then Shien and Djem So, then Niman, and finally Juyo. Soon once you learned all of them, you will mix the forms to make your own style."

Hinata blushed at the praise, "Thank you, Master Uzumaki."

Hinata wore Jedi Adventure robes while Naruto wore Ceremonial Jedi robes (A/N: Refer to Galen Marek aka Starkiller's clothing) They walked into the room with the usual…Sasuke scowling and glancing at Hinata, fangirls sneering and scowling, the rest of the Rookie 9 saying hello.

Then Iruka and Mizuki came in, "Time to take your graduation exam…when your name is called, please proceed to the testing area. The jutsu required will be the Bunshin no Jutsu."

The students chatted amongst themselves as names were called out. Hinata would often chat with Ino, who wasn't a radical supporter of the Sasuke Fan club, but she did consider Sasuke the hottest boy, then Naruto. Naruto spoke with Shikamaru, who often played Shogi or match wits against him.

When Hinata's name was called, Naruto said in her mind, "Good luck, Hinata."

Hinata smiled as she replied in her mind, "Thank you, Master Uzumaki."

A few minutes later, the Hyuga heiress came back with her newly ninja headband adorning her neck. Naruto smiled, "Nice job, Hinata. You have become a kunoichi, an adult." Hinata replied, "Thank you, Naruto-kun."

When the two speak, Naruto and Hinata refer to each other as Naruto-kun and Hinata-chan to avoid suspicion with the words Master and Padawan. Then Naruto's name is called later on and Naruto came into the room.

Iruka said, "Please perform the jutsu."

The Uzumaki said, "It could be any type of clone, right?"

Iruka said, "I don't see why not, all of the known clone jutsu provide the same distraction concept." Naruto form a cross seal, "Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!" 5 Kage Bunshins appeared and the chunin schoolteacher were shocked at the usage. Since the jutsu was a B-rank jutsu and a mere Academy student just performed it in front of them. Naruto said, "Well, do I pass?"

Iruka stuttered, "Y-Y-Yes."

He handed him a headband, which Naruto tied it around his waist and walked out of the room. Mizuki thought, "Damn it, I was sure he sucked at the Bunshin no Jutsu, he was supposed to fail. I am going to have to steal the Forbidden Scroll of Sealing for myself."

Naruto grimaced as he heard Mizuki's sinister thoughts, "I knew it. It seems that Mizuki doesn't want to let go of his hatred, I have no choice….I must inform Oji-san of his treachery."

He walked back into the room and Hinata immediately said, "Something is troubling you, Master. What is it and don't try to hide it from me." Naruto replied, "You being very good at Force Sense can be very troublesome."

Hinata giggled, "You sound like Shikamaru."

Naruto replied, "Mizuki-sensei had planned to use me to steal the Scroll of Sealing when I fail the exam. He still hates me thinking I'm the Kyuubi, he will be detained or destroyed."

Hinata said, "There is nothing you can do…Master Uzumaki, everybody has a choice to do what they want with their lives."

Naruto said, "You're right, my Padawan. I just wish that he would make the right choice."

Hinata said, "Well, enough about Mizuki, you need to have some fun….lose yourself amongst friends." Naruto replied, "Perhaps I will."

Hokage's Office- Sarutobi was doing paperwork, stamping approvals and denieds left and right when Naruto came in. The Hokage jumped at his sudden appearance, "I hate it when you do that." Naruto said, "Greetings, oji-san, how are you doing?"

Sarutobi grumbled, "Besides that paperwork is still kicking my ass, I am fine."

Naruto said, "Tonight, Mizuki will attempt to steal the Forbidden Scroll. I read his mind and his emotions were nothing but evil intentions. Also he is in league with a man named Orochimaru, does that name ring any bells?"

Sarutobi said, "Unfortunately yes, Orochimaru was once my student and a genius, but soon I caught him experimenting on his fellow comrades when he became obsessed with immortality and the Sharingan. I eventually made a mistake by letting him go, foolishly believing that he would change."

Naruto said, "It is not your fault, a friend of mine told me that everyone makes a choice to do what they want with their lives."

Sarutobi said, "Your friend must be very wise to say such a thing. I will have you deal with him, Naruto."

Naruto bowed, "As you wish, Sarutobi-oji-san."

Forest- After hanging out with his friends Choji, Shikamaru, Shino and Kiba, Naruto and Hinata went to the forest to start Hinata's own graduation."Okay, Hinata, it is time to construct your new lightsaber. You will construct six hilts, two curved hilts, two double-bladed and two standard hilts." Naruto said, "Here are the materials for the hilts and I will leave you to find your crystals to represent your inner self."

Hinata bowed, "Yes, my Master."

Hinata began to construct her lightsaber sitting Indian style and constructing her lightsabers with her mind, making her first standard lightsaber (A/N: Go on Wookieepedia and type in Jaina Solo, a picture of her lightsaber should be at the bottom) She turned it on and a pale blue blade shot out of the hilt with a snap-hiss.

Hinata thought, "My first lightsaber."

She swung it around in an arc, twirling it expertly until finally she pressed the button making the blade receded back into its hilt. "Next." She whispered, making her curved hilts, which were colored lavender(A/N: There are like Asajj Ventress' lightsabers)

Then she made her double bladed lightsaber, which the blades were colored silver and the second was colored indigo like her hair. The last standard hilt was silvery-blue, Hinata admired this one the most and kept it at her side while she sealed the others into a scroll.

Naruto came back to just in time to see her silvery-blue lightsaber, "Nice lightsaber, Hinata…I look forward to seeing the others." Hinata said, "I show you mine, you show me yours." Naruto smiled and nodded as he pulled out a scroll and unsealed his collections of lightsabers.

He picked up one of the double bladed sabers and the cyan blades came out of it. Then he took out the next one which has blades of orange, he twirled it and clicked the button, shutting it off. Next, he showed his curved hilts, based on Count Dooku's lightsaber.

One was red and the other was crimson. Then he showed one of his standard lightsaber, his old lightsaber under Darth Sidious, which was a silver gray and his last one, his prized possession since it was modeled after his friend Galen Marek aka Starkiller's second lightsaber only the cloth wrapped around it was gray and the bottom of the hilt was engraved with the Marek family crest on it.

He closed his eyes and a black blade came out of it as he remembered Galen's bravery on the Death Star to save them all after he was incapacitated by Darth Vader, but caught by Juno, Galen's lover.

Hinata was told about how he watched Juno, Senator Bail, young Leia Organa, Rahm Kota and Juno Eclipse from a distance as the Rebellion was born on that place, how he left them with a smile knowing that they would be fine without him, considering Shaak Ti was with them and learned to find himself at the beginning.(A/N: There will be a flashback in the next chapter)

"Congratulations, my Padawan…you have gotten to the next level of the path to the Jedi. We are done for the day." Naruto said.

Hinata bowed, "As you wish, my Master." Naruto returned the bow and parted ways.

Night- Mizuki was in the forest, running with the scroll under his arm and two giant shuriken on his back. "Man, that was easy…the old fool put up new Chunin to guard the scroll. Ha!"

The traitorous Chunin stopped in the middle of the forest with a little warehouse nearby. "Looks like nobody has caught me yet."

Naruto's voice said, "Actually I have caught you, Mizuki."

Naruto came out of the shadows, making Mizuki grin even more. Mizuki said, "This is perfect! I get to kill the demon brat now."

Naruto said, "Kyuubi, no, the fox is no more, he will stay where he belongs….in my memories."

Mizuki said, "What do you mean, you are the Kyuubi no Kitsune!"

Naruto said, "No, I discovered the Kyuubi in one of my meditations. It seems that the Yondaime left me a way to fully kill and absorb a portion of the Kyuubi 's chakra into my body, which is why I am able to use the chakra at ease." (A/N: Personally I don't need the damn fox in this story so it is dead now)

Naruto said, unleashing his lightsaber, "Are you prepared to meet your fate, Mizuki?"

Mizuki said, "A black Raijin no Ken?! No matter, I will take it when I destroy you."

Mizuki boasted out loud. Mizuki entered his chakra in his shuriken and tried to kill him with it, but Naruto blocked it and Force pushed him into a tree.

Mizuki said, "What was that? You didn't use any chakra for that move."

The former Jinchuuriki said, "None of your concern, it will all be over soon." Mizuki came at him again, but Naruto attacked with his lightsaber and performed a shiim move on Mizuki's shoulder and side, making Mizuki gasp in pain.

Next, Naruto spun and impaled him with the lightsaber through his heart, "Rest in hell, Mizuki." Then Mizuki's body fell to the ground and Naruto performed a sai cha on Mizuki's head, cutting from his body and sealing it into a scroll. "I am lucky that I landed in Kiri, those sealing methods and jutsu came in handy." Naruto thought, "I better deliver Mizuki's head to Hokage-jiji-san now."

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