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Chapter 1, Meeting One Another

"Where is he!? We've searched everywhere..." A pink-haired kunoichi said to her fellow teammates.

"Sai, couldn't.. He wouldn't assassinate Sasuke! Not, after what I've talked about... No..." Naruto muttered to himself. Yamato looked at Naruto and his eyes saddened.

They were on a mission. A special mission. Their mission was to bring back, or assassinate Uchiha Sasuke, their long, lost friend. They were currently in a lair, Yamato's clone led them to there from their previous encounter with Orochimaru and Kabuto thanks to Sakura's defeat of Sasori of the Red Sand.

Sakura gasped, as she saw a light coming from her right, from her view, she could only see pieces from the ceiling and Sai. Without thinking, she ran there with anger. When she reached him she grabbed his collar of his shirt yelling,

"What is your intention Sai? One minute your on our side, then on the ANBU's secret mission stuff! What are you do-" She got cut off, as she heard the voice she had longed to hear in a long long time.


'That voice... It couldn't be...'

She turned her heard slowly towards the figure of the voice. When she gazed up there, she could see a black figure, the shadow, as the sun was in her eyes. There stood Uchiha Sasuke, their target of their mission.

"Sas-Sasuke..?" She whispered out.

Then, she saw Sharingan eyes slowly revealing themselves.

"Aa," He replied in a masculine voice. God he had changed alot. More cold. More... Un-caring.. And more handsome too..

Sakura could hear Naruto's hurried footsteps approaching them. She lowered her head closing her eyes slowly.

"Sa-Sakura-chan! What are you doing? Aren't you telling off Sai and..." Narutos eyes widened this time.

"Sasuke.." He whispered.

Then, a moment of silence. All they were doing were staring at each other examining each other until Yamato came walking into the scene.

"Sasuke! We here to bring you back! Please, come back!" Naruto pleaded, tears starting to form.

Sasuke's hair was waving all about as it was really windy.

"Do you think, that I would come back to Konoha? Naruto. I've told you a million times. I had cut all of my ties with Konoha. Including my bonds, I cut them," Sasuke stated closing his eyes.

Naruto was expecting this answer.

"Sasuke, we've came all the way here! Just for yo-"

Sasuke disappeared and reappeared in front of Naruto. His hand on his shoulder, almost like hugging him. He went close to Naruto's ear.

"Why don't you just go back to Konoha, and train harder to become Hokage and not waste your time on me?"

Naruto's eyes widened, then saddened.

"How could a person become Hokage if they can't even bring back their long lost friend?" Naruto replied.

Sakura put her hands behind her back and got out her single piece of fingerless gloves that reached up to her mid-arm. She took it out of her travelling bag and put it on her right hand as they were talking.

She could see Sasuke smirk and that made her angry.

"You just never learn do you?"

He pulled out his Kusanagi slowly out of its sheath and pointed it down to Naruto. And as it were slow motion, swung it down, then you could hear something being cut. Naruto didn't feel any pain as Yamato did a wood jutsu just in time.


'He..He almost killed me. And he had no emotion on his face..Did he really change?'

Sasuke narrowed his eyes.

'That bastard, how could he do that? ... But...Is that really Sasuke..?' She thought.

Naruto and Sai charged at him at the same time.

"If this is the case, then we'll just have to bring you back by force!" Naruto screamed out ready to punch.

Just before Sai and Naruto were going to land a hit on Sasuke, Sasuke called out

"Chidori Current No Jutsu!"

Then, a spark of lightning splattered all across Sasuke electrifying Naruto and Sai causing them to rebound back. After they couldn't move as they were numb, and from the pain, they fainted.

"Sakura, stay on the sidelines, we'll need you later for healing,"

"Hai, Yamato-taichou," Sakura replied disappearing in a breeze of cherry blossoms.

Yamato charged to Sasuke doing some hand signs and wood came out from the ground trapping Sasuke in a Wood-like prison. Sakura and Yamato waited for the results and a few seconds later, Sasuke, with inhuman speed, jumped out from inside and onto the ground.

Yamato did some hand signs and a humongous bunch of trees grew quickly trapping Sasuke, only leaving his head visibly. Yamato took out his kunai and stabbed Sasuke in the stomach, not killing him. Then he's eyes widened, a poof was heard as it was a clone. Then Yamato turned around just to see Sasuke charging in with his Kusanagi in hand. He used his kunai to cut it in its middle but to no avail as it pierced through his skin into the ribs. He screamed( A/N: Manly, not girly!) and squinted his eyes as the pain was really painful. He tried to get up but due to Sasuke's pressure against his sword and since he was pressed against a boulder, he couldn't. Then, he couldn't feel his chest, like it was numb, then he's eyes widened.

'Don't tell me his sending chidori filled currents into my body!'

"That.. Was the wrong way to block the attack. My sword Kusangi, is different. Its the best of the best,"

Sakura. Who was on the sidelines, couldn't stand to see her captain in pain. So she jumped into the scene with lightning speed flawlessly. She walked up to Yamato who was pressed against a rock and put a hand above the area where the sword was. Her hand turned green and the chakra was entering Yamto's body.

Then she looked up to Sasuke with hurt and hatred and anger.

With her free hand, her left hand, she infused chakra into his sword, and his sword had no more of his Chidori currents. Since there was no use for the sword, he withdrew it. Sakura without looking at Yamato, asked,

"Yamato-tachiou.. Daijoubu?"

But, she just felt weight on her legs. She looked down seeing Yamato unconscious. She was confused. Still keeping an eye on Sasuke, she searched Yamato's body with her chakra and found poison inside, not much of harmful ones.

"You put poison," She stated to Sasuke.

She faced her whole body to him and slowly unsheathed her katana. It had a black handle that had dark pink cherry blossoms and a bell attach to it. She smirked.

"You're not the only one who uses swords here, say hello to Kurachi," She said.

She knew that he wouldn't attack first so she attacked first. She charged with her chakra enchanted fist and her katana in her other hand. She saw Sasuke about to kick her abdomen so she jumped and charged her katana to him. He obviously blocked it with his sword, she expected this as she kicked him with her right leg on his face to the side. He flew back a few metres.

"You've improved," He stated while getting up wiping off the blood that was coming out of his chin.

"Of course, I wanted to bring you back to Konoha with Naruto. I'm ready for this, i've trained hard with Naruto. He's stronger you know? Stronger than you. And he didn't become an asshole and leave the village unlike you!" She shouted angrily.

Sasuke seemed angry as his eyes narrowed.

"You're... Annoying.." He said.

Sakura smirked,

"Ohh? Of course I am, after all, I have pink hair, a wide forehead, but I'm right! He's stronger than you!"

She needed to provoke him in order to beat him, it was what she learned from Ibiki from Interrogation lessons.

He did get annoyed as he headed straight for her. She went into an offensive stance waiting for his attacks. He came in with his katana, she blocked it with her katana and he attempted to punch her on her chest but she caught it just in time and twisted it earning a cracking noise. They both withdrew a kunai and they clashed in mid air then land sliding in opposite directions.

'She has really improved over the years, no more of the fan girl attitude...' He thought.

They both stood up straight, the wind came and blew Sakura's long, waist-lengthed hair making the smell of cherry blossoms wizzling across the battle. Sasuke was sure that he could smell it from where he was. Sakura did some hand signs and called out

"Water Style: River Current Down," She did another series of hand signs and called out, "Lightning Style: Bird Cry,"

After, a large amount of water went straight to Sasuke at speed that looked invisible. And after, lightning was produced within the water making the water electrified. The attack hit Sasuke but Sasuke used the Substitute Jutsu.

They were 10 metres away from each other. He did some hand signs and ran in a circle, circling Sakura, preparing for a Jutsu. Sakura closed her eyes and did some hand signs, " Sakura Blillizard no Jutsu!" Then she had 8 kunais within her hands(A/N: Sorry, but I forgot the name of what its called!XD.. It that jutsu that Sakura used only in Naruto Movie 1! And I jst remembered because OXEYESETTOKILLXO HELPED ME, thnku!) There were cherry blossoms covering mini bombs attached to the kunais, and within the bomb, it would cause an explosive as well as a toxic smell that would make the inhaler fall into deep sleep. She concentrated really hard and she frowned.

'Damn it.. He's too fast..' She thought.

As Sasuke was running, he called out while doing hand signs,

" Fire Style: Fire Wheel Of Death," As he said it, when he was running, fire was trailing him. He circled Sakura in a circle of Fire, then he jumped up to the cliff and watched she was doing.

His gaze softened as he remembered the technique she was doing. It used to be THEIR jutsu, he would provide the fire bombs while she would implant the cherry blossoms. He shook his head to rid of those past thoughts and began circling the cliff, planning to put the whole scene on fire.

'I guess she enhanced it..' He thought.

Sakura jumped up high, equal to the cliff's height and as she went into a crouching position, still in mid air, she twisted and called out,

" Wind Style, Tornado Works," And as she said it, a tornado formed, and she was in the eye of the tornado. Still in the tornado, she began to spin and she released her kunai's aiming for Sasuke. She could hear him, from the wind. Her nature manipulation chakra type was surprisingly water, wind and lightning.

'I know that if I use a tornado.. A wind type jutsu, it'd enhance fire, but it should've worked' She thought.

As she stopped the tornado, she landed gracefully on the ground in the centre searching for Sasuke. She found him, lying on the ground with 6 kunai's embedded into him. She felt a suspicious tingling. And smirked while putting her hands together forming a hand sign.


After, all she saw in front of her was a log.

"Smart move Sakura, very good," Sasuke said from behind, "But not enough,"

She felt pressure on her neck and the last thing she heard from another different voice, no doubts Orochimaru's was,


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