Chapter 17, Collision

"We're getting really closer! They're just a kilometre ahead!" Kiba said as he was travelling at full speed with the rest of the Konoha Team.

"Ahh! We will bring them back! As well as capturing Itachi if possible!" Naruto grumbled travelling a little faster as he was very determined. He was travelling in front of Kiba now,

"Hey! Naruto, slow down! I'm the one who is leading! I should be in front!" Kiba shouted as Akamaru barked, Kiba then stopped running and landed on a tree as the rest of the Team did, Akamaru barked a few more times,

"You're right! There are more scents of Sasuke now that are travelling at all different directions!" Kiba said as he sniffed the air.

"Damn, they must've realised that we were tracking them by scent...And they managed to fool us..." Kakashi whispered,

"But how could the-" Naruto was cut off as Kakashi said,

"I have no idea, though my guess would be that they have a ninja who excellent at extreme chakra-sensing..."

"But Sakura-chan might be it!" Naruto muttered.

"Yes, it's a possibility, though, her range is only approximately a one kilometre radius.. We are just a little over two kilometres away from them, so she couldn't have known... "

"So? What do we do? If we split up again, there's no point since only I can sense them out! Which scent do I go with?!" Kiba yelled.

"Well.. if there are too many scents, then we need a lot of people!" Naruto positioned his hands in a stance and called out,

"Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!" And after, many of Naruto's shadow clones appeared.

"YOSH! SPLIT!" Naruto cried to his shadow clones as they all separated to different directions. The real Naruto stayed with the rest of the group,"Now all we need to do is wait.." He muttered..But then he growled,"Kakashi-sensei, actually, I'll go spilt up too!" He disappeared at lightning speed before Kakashi could even reply.

"Damn, he's the jinchuriki.. The Akatsuki are after him! He can't go alone!" Yamato exclaimed looking at Kakashi, Kakashi said nothing as he placed his index finger over his lips and pointed to the bushes behind him. A shadowy figure jumped out as the wind blew,

"It's been a long time..." The figure said, Kakashi widened his eyes, 'Th-That voice!'

The figure took off his hood to reveal...

Yakushi Kabuto


Naruto ran at full speed looking left and right... "Damn... What's the point in this! I can't sense at all where the multiple scents of Sasuke are! Why didn't I think-" He got cut off as he heard a ruffle underneath him, he hid behind a tree and peered over, in the shadows, was a figure.. With Sharingan eyes. 'Sh-Sharingan?!' Naruto thought.

He looked deep into the Sharingan eyes but looked away as he remembered that he wasn't suppose to look into them as he'd be in a genjutsu straight after. The shadow figure then stepped out into the light, Uchiha Itachi it was.

"Show yourself, Uzumaki Naruto," Itachi said sternly. Naruto stepped away from the tree, showing himself,

"Finally gonna capture me?" He said angrily.

"No, I merely want to talk with you," Itachi said simply. Then, from the back, two Naruto shadow clones, appeared behind him, kunais in each of their hands, Itachi effortlessly threw kunais at them without looking as they disappeared in a poof. He then held his index finger out from his Akatsuki cloak.

"Like i'm going to fall for that!" Naruto grumbled. 'When you're on a 1 on 1 situation with Uchiha Itachi, it'd be best to run, if it's a 2 on 1 situation with him, attack him from behind...' Jiraiya's words echoed throught his head.

"I see you've learned something about the Sharingan, so why aren't you running away?" Itachi stated emotionlessly. Naruto smirked,

"Because, when there's me, there can be one to a thousand! And I can't afford to run away since I need to capture you in order to bring Sasuke back!"

"What is it exactly... That about my brother, make you care about him so much?" Itachi asked.

"It's because... He's my friend! And he's like my brother! And i'm a better brother to him than you ever were!" Naruto cried out charging straight on in front of Itachi. He then halted to a stop as everything changed... The sky turned red as the clouds turned black, Naruto then looked over to Itachi who was disappearing slowly into ravens.

"Wh-What?" Naruto whispered.

"Uzumaki, the moment you looked into my eyes previously, you entered my dimension..." Itachi's voice echoed from around him. Naruto looked terrified as he knew it'd become impossible to break out of the genjutsu...(My story is going to be similar to the manga, though... Alot of changes are made...SO DON'T COMPLAIN.. ;) )

With Team Hebi...

"I told the eagles to rip the clothing of yours and split it to many different directions to make it harder for them to track us, Sasuke," Juugo whispered as Team Hebi was travelling throughout the tall forest trees.

"Okay," Sasuke, who was in the lead, replied.

"Sasuke-kun! They're travelling very fast! An- There are... A thousand of them? Wait... there is six of them in a group.. And they're standing still as the one thousand bunches are somewhere else.. With a different and stronger chakra..." Karin whispered.

'It's Naruto.. His Kage Bunshins.. But who is the other person?...' Sakura thought worriedly.

"It's just shadow clones jutsus! Gee, it's common sense ya know?" Suigetsu exclaimed from behind them all.

"Wait! The a thousand group disappeared!" Karin muttered getting confused . Sasuke halted to a stop, 'It must be Naruto, but who is the other chakra?' The rest of Team Hebi halt to a stop also,

"What happened?" Suigetsu asked.

"Juugo come here, I need to work something out on the map with you, Suigetsu, Karin, Sakura.. Go rest.. I guess we'll have an extra early lunch break..."

Karin sat down sighing as she gazed at Sasuke form behind him. Suigetsu shrugged and walked to a river that was near them to refill his canteen bottle... Sasuke and Juugo begun talking about their plans as Sakura's posture weakened.

'I want to see Naruto's stupid face again...Sai's annoying fake smile.. Kakashi's stupid mask..Ino's annoying rambling...And Tsuande-sama's drunkness..Should I run away from Team Hebi? A mean, the search party from Konoha... They wouldn't ever give up since Naruto is there...I need space to think...' Sakura walked among the trees into an open big grassfield with lots of flowers. There were hills, windmills... And birds flying together, Sakura smiled.. The scene looked so beautiful.

She sat down on the green grass and laid on it, her back touching it... She looked up to the sky and saw that there were pretty clouds. She just peacefully watched the clouds, making animals out of them in her mind...Man this really reminded the times she spent with Shikamaru, watching the clouds lazily... She saw a dragon that was breathing fire, sheep jumping over a fence, cats sleeping curled up in a ball... Sakura's eyes then widened.. 'Shiru and Kiru!' She quickly did a series of handsigns and bit her finger and slammed her right hand on the ground, a poof radiated as Sakura took a few steps back. The smoke disappeared as a human sized Katsuyu appeared.

"Sakura-san! I was beginning to wonder if you ever were going to summon me back..!" Katsuyu said quietly as she ducked her head down revealing Shiru and Kiru, Sakura gasped and quickly grabbed her two kittens, hugging them close to her chest, she received weak purrs from them. Sakura's gaze then saddened,

"Gomen, I guess I'll explain it to you now..." And so, Sakura explained her whole situation to Katsuyu.."...So that's why I'm not in Konoha.. I just don't know if I should go back or not, because... I really.. Want to be with Sasuke..." Sakura whispered as the wind danced with her long pink hair...

"Sakura-san, you must understand that the people back in Konoha miss you all very much, especially Naruto and Tsunade-sama..." Katsuyu said in her usual calm tone. Sakura put Shiru and Kiru within her black cloak, resting them on her shoulders. She sat down and hugged her knees, digging her face into them.

"I'm just so lost.. I want to be with Sasuke, but at the same time I want to be with the people back in Konoha..." She breathed out as she brang her head up staring at the flowers that were moving due to the wind,"What should I do?... Katsuyu.."

"Well, I guess it is your choice if you should stay with Sasuke-san or not.. After all, it is your life..." Katsuyu replied.

"Would you... Would you tell Tsunade-sama about what happened with me?.." Sakura asked,

"Yes, but if you don't wish for me to, I will not,"

"I just really want to meet Naruto, Tsunade-sama, and all the other people... I just miss them so much..." Sakura whispered as she layed on her back, careful not to squish her kittens. She looked up to the blue and cloudy sky. She sighed as she closed her eyes, she could feel tears coming...She started to sob as she got up,

"The others would wonder where I had been all this time..I.. I better go off now Katsuyu," Sakura stated gloomily dusting the grass off of her.

"Do you wish for me not to tell Tsunade-sama?" Katsuyu asked, Sakura walked away...

"No, at least not yet... I just need time to make the decision... Arigatou Katsuyu, you are dismissed..." Sakura whispered not looking back,

"Goodbye..Sakura-san..." Katsuyu said poofing away.

With Sasuke and Suigetsu, 15 mintues earlier...

"...And that is where Itachi might be.. He spends the whole day there every time there is a full moon..And tonight is going to be a full moon... The Uchiha Hideout..." Sasuke explained to Juugo, and Suigetsu who joined in. Sasuke pointed to a spot on the marking map and stood up.

"Hai," Juugo and Suigetsu chorused together. Juugo took the marking map and rolled it up into a scroll, he put it into his backpack and stood up as well,

"I just want to have a little time with my friends...I'll be back shortly" He said referring to the animals in the forest, he walked away leaving tracks of his big footprints.

"Where did Sakura go?" Suigetsu asked looking at all directions, he dumped his sword and backpack down on the tree branch. Sasuke did the same, but a little more gentle. He walked away to the direction Sakura went to, of where he saw her go previously. He turned his head back waiting for Suigetsu to come, Suigetsu looked at his belongings which were on the tree branch.

"Who's going to look after our things?" He asked,

"Karin, come up here," Sasuke demanded to Karin who was gazing dreamily at Sasuke on the forest floor. She snapped out of her gaze as she jumped up latching onto his arm. Sasuke stepped back a little,

"Look after our things," He ordered, Karin ignored him as she then latched her legs onto his legs, Sasuke twitched,

"Karin! Get off me!" Sasuke muttered, Sugietsu rolled his eyes as he shoved Karin off of Sasuke,

"Come on cow, look after our things while we go look for Sakura," Suigetsu begged. Karin then thought of a plan as she silently walked to Suigetsu's and Sasuke's things,

"Kay," She said a little too sweet. Suigetsu shrugged as he and Sasuke continued to walk.

Karin smirked, 'Let's see what Sasukle-kun has in his bag...Kukukuku...' She chuckled mentally.

"...Yes, but if you don't wish for me to, I will not," Sasuke and Suigetsu heard a different voice that was Sakura..

"I just really want to meet Naruto, Tsunade-sama, and all the other people... I just miss them so much..." They heard Sakura whisper. There was a pause as they heard a quiet sob. Sasuke felt a pang of guilt creep up inside his heart..As his gaze hardened...

"The others would wonder where I had been all this time..I.. I better go off now Katsuyu," Sakura's voice whispered. Sasuke and Suigetsu looked at each other,

"Is..Is she planning something with an enemy?" Suigtsu whispered quietly. Sasuke shrugged slightly as the two saw Sakura and a human sized white and blue slug.

"Do you wish for me not to tell Tsunade-sama?" The slug said. They saw Sakura walking away towards their direction, so they jumped up high into the trees and concealed their chakra.

"No, at least not yet... I just need time to make the decision... Arigatou Katsuyu, you are dismissed..." Sakura whisperd not looking back.

"Goodbye..Sakura-san..." The slug said poofing away. Sasuke activated his Sharingan in the shadows and his eyes slightly widened at the sight of seeing Sakura's tears, 'Is.. Is Sakura crying?...Because she is not with Konoha?' He then saw the retreating back of Sakura...He felt very guilty now, he didn't really care much about the fact that she might have been giving information to one of their current enemies.

"We need to go back Sasuke! We can't let Sakura know that we saw her spilling information out to our enemy!" Suigetsu exclaimed jumping on the trees back to their place.

"Aa," Sasuke replied following pursuit. They reached back to where the were in time before Sakura arrived there. They saw Karin standing on the tree branch meditating and Juugo coming back from his talk with his animal friends.

"We should get going," Sasuke stated as he saw Sakura come back. Sakura gasped as she quickly rubbed away her tears, Sasuke stared at her nodding, in silent language, Sakura knew that he was asking her, 'Are you alright?', she nodded back.

And so, they departed for the Uchiha Hideout altogether, Sasuke leading, and the rest behind him. A few hours passed as the clouds disappeared, the bright sunny sun shining down on the Earth... Suigetsu began to dehydrate as he slowed down, being the last in the lead...

"Sasuke..." He took a breath to breathe,"Where is the Uchiha Hideout again? I'm.. Getting really tired and thirsty..." He shouted, Sakura got out her canteen bottle and wordlessly passed it behind her, Sugietsu caught it with ease and gulped it down quickly,

"Arigatou, though I'm still tired!..." He breathed out,

"It's your damned sword! Why do you even bother with it?!" Karin snorted, Suigetsu scowled as he picked up his pace. Sakura saw an old looking building in the middle of nowhere,

"Is that the Uchiha Hideout?" She asked,

"Aa," He stopped in front of the old building and faced them, "You guys wait out here until I give you the signal," The rest of Team Hebi nodded and they watched Sasuke enter the building...

Sasuke entered and observed the building, there were spider webs, the walls were dusted, there wasn't much light as the sunlight only came in from the entrance. The building was completely sealed... Sasuke stood still, activating his Sharingan.. Making it easier to see in the dark. He saw nothing that resembled Itachi... He flickered his chakra giving his signal to his teammates. Karin, Sakura, Juugo and Suigetsu appeared suddenly behind Sasuke,

"Sasuke-kun, I don't feel any chakra at all in this building besides ours... Itachi isn't here..." Karin stated. Sasuke narrowed his eyes, 'I don't get it, what is so important that Itachi hasn't come to the Uchiha Hideout?!' Sasuke had a pissed expression on his face, he turned around walking out the building angrily, the rest knew to follow him so they did.

"Everybody split up and gain information of Itachi again... And use these to stay in touch, if you see Itachi, flicker your chakra as wide as you can," Sasuke ordered tossing radio earpieces to each of them, they all caught them and put them on around their necks. Sasuke disappeared in a whirl of wind followed by Karin and Juugo, Suigetsu disappeared in water as Sakura just stayed still..She took a step forward about to head off, but she looked back at the Uchiha Hideout, she had a gut feeling that something bad was going to happen. She shook her head, what could be so bad?

She disappeared in a whirl of cherry blossoms leaving no trace of ever being there.

She reappeared in the middle of the forest on a gigantic grey boulder. She jumped up high into the trees and jumped from tree to tree at a stable pace with a determined face on show. 'I will help Sasuke complete his goal of killing his brother whom murdered the whole Uchiha clan...I will...' She thought determinedly. She sped up her speed and her eyes widened as she sensed Nauto's familiar chakra come into her range from the East. She jumped from tree to tree at full speed East and looked high and low.

"Naruto? Naruto!" She called out, she then spotted an orange and black figure laying on the dirt ground. She quickly jumped down and knelt down to Naruto shaking his shoulders gently as she saw his eyes closed,

"Naruto! Naruto!" She cried, her heart was beating quickly , 'Wh-What happened?!' She felt Naruto's chakra as her eyes slightly widened,' His chakra is disturbed... That means a genjutsu...'

"Kai!" She said as she put her hands together. She tapped her index and middle finger on Naruto's neck and waited for a response. As there was none, she got confused, 'It's a genjutsu isn't it? Why isn't he waking up then?' then her eyes widened once more, 'If this.. C-Could it be It-'

"Haruno Sakura," She heard behind her, she gasped as she was frozen to her spot. Her heart felt like it was going to burst out, she span around and jumped back a few meters looking at her opponents feet,

"A smart kunoichi," Itachi stated emotionlessly. Sakura gritted her teeth as she positioned herself in an offensive stance.

"What did you do with Naruto?!" Sakura demanded,

"He is in my world of Tsukuyomi,"Itachi said standing still.

"Take him out of it! Now!" Sakura exclaimed taking out her kunai from her kunai holster.

"You will have to beat me first.. Haruno,"

Sakura frowned as she threw her kunai at invisible speed aiming at Itachi's heart. Itachi jumped out of the way and with lightning speed, appeared behind Sakura, Sakura's eyes widened as she saw Itachi coming straight towards her with his leg ready for a round house kick. Sakura knew that she had no time to jump away so she crossed her arms blocking the kick, but from the impact, she flew back a few meters landing with a crouch on her two legs. Sakura charged at Itachi and brought chakra forth to her fist, Itachi 'hn'ed, 'How foolish, charging straight on to her opponent...' His eyes then narrowed as she did not intend to hit him, but the ground. As she did, she quickly jumped onto a tree branch and jumped up higher getting a bird's eye view of the dust and rocks flying up. She spotted Itachi and jumped in mid-air to the middle and attached explosive tags to her kunai and threw it in the clouds of dust.

There was a loud explosive sound. Sakura landed on a tree branch and observed the battle area, Itachi was in the middle, but he seemed to be not affected by the explosive at all, Sakura grumbled as she breathed in and out slowly, 'I don't have any plans! What do I do?'

"Hmm.. Foolish," Came a voice behind her, on instinct, her head snapped backwards looking into the eyes of the enemy.


Sakura gasped and then snapped her eyes shut remembering that she would be stuck in his genjutsu if she did look into her eyes... She slowly opened her eyes and saw that Itachi wasn't there, she sighed in relief but her heart froze when the sky turned red and the surrounds turn black and white...She then found herself on a cross, arms strapped tight. She looked down at where Itachi was,

"You are now in my world of Tsukuyomi... You will endure 3 days of torturing.. But not much since I will need you alive for my plans...Though, since you have already encountered my Sharingan, you will die after these three days are after since you are not a Sharingan user." Itachi said, Sakura could only hear fading voices of his as he had a katana in his hand. He sliced her arm first, then neck.. Then stomach, but he did not stab, as he needed her alive,

'He isn't stabbing me on purpose in my vital organs because he needs me alive... This is exactly a torture that is meant for a slow killing...'

Itachi did not slice her skin quickly and painlessly, but instead, slowly and more painful... Sakura wanted to scream out loud, it hurt so much.. But she bit her lips as she did not want to show Itachi her pain.

Itachi kept on cutting..and cutting.. Sakura opened her eyes slowly, her vision was very blurry... Her eyes were dropped, lifelessly looking at Itachi who was emotionless...

"J-Just what do you intend to d-do with me..?" Sakura whispered painfully.

"I will explain... But not now," Itachi replied.

As 3 days past in the Tsukuyomi world, Sakura was still alive, though only barely... She just stared at the ground miserably; she was going to die even though she endured the torturing... Just what could she do? There was nothing she could do... She closed her eyes, then pictures of Naruto's smiling face..And Sasuke's emotionless face popped up... She opened her eyes in determination,

"Itachi... You're messing with the wrong person... " She smirked as her bangs covered her eyes. Itachi narrowed his eyes,

"This is my world, I control it however I lik-"

"SHANNARO!" Came a dominant voice from behind Sakura's cross. Itachi stepped back as he saw a gigantic replica of Sakura, but the only difference was that it had 'Inner Sakura' written on it's forehead.

"What is that.." Itachi whispered. Inner Sakura grabbed hold of Itachi in her hands and squeezed him.

"You! You better get us out of here, or you're going to die, IN YOUR OWN WORLD!" Inner Sakura exclaimed.

"Two souls? Impossible..."Itachi muttered. The real Sakura gritted her teeth as she was bleeding a little too much... She felt pain all over her body...'Is three days in Itachi's dimension only going to be not even less than a second in the real world?..' She thought wincing.

"GET US OUT OF HERE," Inner Sakura screamed, tightening her grip on Itachi, making his airway blocked. Itachi frowned as he did not want to be beaten in his own world, he struggled at the slightest but knew that it would not work, he had no choice but to dispel the genjutsu,

'Either way if I dispel the jutsu, she will die because she doesn't have Sharingan trained eyes...' Itachi thought.

Sakura slowly saw the world changing back to the normal one.. She quickly crouched down and grabbed hold of her arm's cut. She looked at all the injuries she had on her body, only cuts... But there were so many...Then, she suddenly felt very weak and dead as her body fell backwards, since she was high up in the trees, she knew that it'd be the end for her. Her body was.. Dead, she couldn't feel it anymore due to the blood gushing out too much...

She knew that she needed to at least tell Sasuke that Itachi was here before she died... She pressed the button on her earpiece,

"Sas...Sasuke... Itachi is at where I am... When you come here.. I won't be.. No more... The world of Tsukuyomi was jus..t too much... Goodbye Sasuke.. See you.. In the next life..." She whispered into her earpiece...

"What?! Itac- What was no more?! Tsy?! Did yo-" Sasuke got cut off from the earpiece...

"Goodbye Sasuke," She repeated. She used the last of her chakra and spreaded it out as far as she could... She could see the ground coming... She was accepting death...





Signed, your author,