A Chance of Redemption

Chapter one

Sometimes, death is inevitable. It's seen, it's known, and it's only a matter of time. It can come with peace and tranquility, happiness and fulfillment, rest and redemption. A time to move on to the other side, to say final goodbyes to loved ones and move on to a friendlier sky.

But for three unlucky men, it was none of the above. For them it was a sudden burst, a broken heart, oozing and bleeding with the remnants of a love that could never be. They were forced into hell by the wicked deeds that had encased their lives. These acts were not committed purposefully but in fact were the tragic remnants of geniuses, doomed by their own loneliness and suffering, forced to scramble the monotony of living day to day in solitude.

They were the stuff of stories. The fictional remnants of a book, a movie, a play. Forgotten in the strange vortex of parallel dimensions. They were Erik. Each in a different sense, each in a different place, each with a different story. But they were essentially all the same.

All they needed was a chance. A revival in a place where they could be accepted and maybe even loved for the beautiful people they were behind the scarred twisted flesh.

And we were going to give them that chance.

There were three of us in all. Mary. Caroline. Catherine. We were chosen to bring them to our world, a world of progress and triumph which they would otherwise never see. A world that would accept them for who they were. The 21st century.

Essentially, our mission was simple:

Give them hope.

Give them strength.

Give them dignity.

We were carefully selected on our qualities. Our values. Our strengths. Our Morals. Each one of us was different. But each one of us was the same. We each wanted to help.

Okay. For anyone wondering this is based off of a dream I had involving me and two friends. If you think I should continue this, please review. Or else it won't be updated. I don't own Phantom of the Opera, Lon Cheney, Gaston Leroux, or Andrew Lloyd Webber I don't own Mary or Caroline either. But I do own myelf. I hope. Enjoy the story :)