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ALW Erik:

Anna led the newest phantom into the room. From a first glance he seemed rather different than the other three. His hair was curly and light brown, and his ¾ mask was a tan color. He seemed overall gentler than my tall companion and I yet he carried himself with a more dignified air than the younger, less disfigured phantom.

"Gentlemen, I would like you to meet another reincarnation of yourselves. Meet Dance Erik. You may find his personality to be a bit different than your own, but I implore you to treat him as an equal."

The newest phantom smiled at us, "Hello. I hope I will not cause you too much trouble and perhaps we can find something in common. I look forward to speaking with you all."

Well at least he was hospitable. He didn't really seem like a phantom though. He seemed to extroverted and friendly to live the life of a ghost. I absentmindedly wondered what he looked like underneath the mask. I deduced that it must be quite horrible, as in my opinion nothing less could keep this seemingly sociable man away from the pleasures of the outside world.

The menacing man in the black mask stood up slowly. He menacingly approached the newest arrival. The new arrival seemed unfazed by the intimidation and extended his hand warmly.

"Hello sir. It is a pleasure to meet you. My name is Erik, and I have been told that I am officially to be known as "Dance" Erik."

The man in black looked at the extended hand questioningly, and slowly took it and shook politely.

"It is a pleasure. I am the original Erik. You may call me Leroux Erik if you wish."

I stood, mouth slightly agape. He was being… polite to this man? Why I could hardly consider this "Dance" Erik a phantom at all, and yet my companion seems to be reacting warmly to him.

"Dance" Erik smiled at the reception "And who are these other two gentlemen?"

Leroux Erik turned to look at me and the weepy phantom and motioned both of us forward. "This is film Erik, you may call him Gerik if you wish, and this man is musical Erik, you may call him ALW Erik if you wish."



As Anna exited the room leaving the four Eriks to talk, I noticed that she had not introduced Caroline, Mary, and I to the new Erik's host. I was excited to meet the newest member of our team. I just hoped that she was cordial and sweet, but with Dance Erik as her ward, that was almost a necessity. I looked at Anna questioningly "So who's his guide?"

"What do you mean?"

"Dance Erik, who is going to introduce him to this time period?"

Anna looked at me, eyes widened. "Oh God, I forgot to find someone."

Mary looked confused, "Then how did you get him here?"

"I brought him here myself. It was very easy, he seemed very willing to come after I explained to him that people wouldn't judge him for his looks in the modern era."

"We have to get him a guide, he can't just run around here all by himself, whether or not he may be the most mentally stable of the four phantoms."

Anna sat down in her rolling chair as she continued to observe the phantoms through the one way mirror, "Would one of you care to take on a second phantom?"

Mary sighed "I'm not sure that my Erik would be able to handle that. He's really overwhelmed already, and I think he's somewhat afraid of his fellow opera ghosts. It would probably be better if he just stayed with me."

Anna turned towards Caroline and I "And you two? How would either of you feel about it?"

"I think it just depends on how the Erik's get along" Caroline said as I shook my head in agreement "We can't have two phantoms that can't stand each other living in the same space."

I definitely agreed with Caroline. The Erik I was charged with could be prone to extreme violence, and I certainly wouldn't want him to harm Dance Erik.

Anna sighed "I suppose we should just observe them and see which Erik gets along best with Dance Erik.

We observed the Eriks in question for a few minutes. It was very entertaining watching the four converse, the interaction really seemed to bring out the harsh differences between each reincarnation. It was almost comical to watch the youngest Erik timidly introduce himself to the newcomer, and shrink away at the hand offered to him, as though he expected to be slapped. At the end of the short observational period, it was more than clear who would take Dance Erik.

Anna turned to me with a smile on her face "Congratulations Catherine, you have been selected as the guide for Dance Erik."


Dance Erik

My fellow phantoms were extraordinarily interesting people. I simply wanted to introduce myself, but it seemed as though my best intentions had been misinterpreted. Luckily, the kind Leroux Erik was able to mediate the discussion without too much of a fuss.

One of the other phantoms was quite sullen and did not react much to my attempts to introduce myself. Perhaps he is just shy. I hope I didn't offend him in any way.

The young man, Gerik I believe, was rather afraid of me at first. Oh dear, I didn't wish to make that kind of impression! I simply wanted to make friends and already people were shying away. I really do try, you know, to make friends. But everyone always seems to hate me. But perhaps in this new century it will be different. Anyways, this Gerik fellow luckily began to warm up to me, and eventually he even began to answer my questions about how he liked this century so far. He seems to enjoy it, and apparently he already has a female companion!

I questioned the others about this and they said that indeed they all had female companions. They explained to me that these women, though sometimes irritating, would be helpful in understanding the things that have happened in the past century and assimilate me into the culture. I frowned at this. I don't believe I could find a single flaw in any woman so kind as to help acquaint me with a strange time.

I watched that sweet woman, Anna I believe was her name, enter the room, followed by three girls. Each phantom acknowledged a girl, and I assumed these to be their respective companions. My anticipation was growing at the thought of meeting my guide.

Anna cleared her throat and looked at me apologetically "Now Dance Erik, unfortunately you do not have a companion, as I seem to have somehow forgotten to find a suitable assistant for you. However, Catherine has volunteered to work with you even though she already is assisting Leroux Erik."

The shortest of the three girls waved at me and smiled. She seemed like quite a friendly young lady.

"Now Leroux Erik" Anna looked pointedly at the black masked man "Are you okay with these arrangements"

The phantom looked at her and then looked at me "Yes that will be fine with me."

Anna looked again at me "And you? Do you feel comfortable with these arrangements?

I smiled "Yes I am, thank you. I appreciate this very much."

Anna clapped her hands together and smiled "I'm glad this has all been worked out! Now girls, its time to introduce your phantoms to their new homes!"

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