Sam woke to find Jack petting her hair.

"Morning, sorry if I woke you."

He had a strange look on his face.

"How do you feel?" she asked him.

"Numb, how bout you?"

She just nodded.

"Can you take the day off and we just go fishing?" Sam could see the pleading look in his eyes but she had a duty to uphold.

"I'm sorry but I'm late for a meeting as it is"

Jack's face was blank as he nodded.

As Sam was walking down the corridor she wondered just how much more she'd have to give up for Atlantis. Distracted she bumped into Rodney making him drop a ton of papers.

"Watch were you're going much?"

Sam realized that this was a turning point in her life. This stop right here would decide her and Jack's fate.

"Rodney, you run the scientist meeting. You're in charge."

Rodney could only gape as Sam ran back down the corridor.

When Sam made it outside she could see her husband fishing. Since there was no seat next to him she decided to just plop in his lap.

His surprised face alone was worth ditching the meeting. It was a rare chance that she got to really shock him.

"Whatcha doin?"

"Playing hookie and fishing with my husband."as she leaned in to cuddle.


Sam turned to stare into his eyes"How do you feel?"

"Happy" Jack smiled

Sam wasn't sure why but she asked, "Just happy?"
"No, hopeful too."

And Sam realized she felt the same way