Story never been told2

Chapter 2

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Days past easily. Tomorrow would be the day. The so-called official day.


March 27 – Sunday, the calendar read

But a certain person wasn't really happy with it, as she take a look at the cheerful girl, at the garden picking flowers with a certain someone, from the window.



"Hey I told you I don't need those things" he stated annoyed, though in a calm manner

"Demo Sasuke-kun!" she whined

"You heard me, I don't like repeating myself"

"But I just wanted to repay you!" she pouted ~cutely if I may add~

He winced. He hated that look, especially when it makes him not to say no.

"Sakura…." He said in a warning tone

"No, no, no, and no! Whether you like it or not I'll go pick these flowers, put it in a vase, and place it in your room. Period" she stated as if scolding a child ~though they are still a child^^;~

"Sakura I know you know very well that I hate flowers"

"But I just want to beautify your room… "

"I'm fine with the way my room is"

"But still I'll put these flowers in it!"

"Stop being annoying"

"-hmmp!- I will not stop until you let me!" she retorted "and again I just want to repay you for that hanky"

With that she received a raised brow

"What?" she asked, confuse

"You still remember that" he emphasized

"Well of course! Why wouldn't I? To tell you the truth you're the only person who showed me such kindness…well except my kaasan of course" she stated proudly

If you'll look at his current state, he may look like it's nothing. But Sakura knew better….he's obviously blushing inside because of embarrassment

"Hn, forget it let's go, they'll be looking for us anytime soon" with that, he turn around and proceeded inside as Sakura followed close behind



She sighed as she look away from the window.

"She won't like this"

"Don't worry I already explained it to her"

"But it's just that….for kami's sake, she's still young" she explained "Are you sure you don't want to accept my offer"

"Hai" she answered back "Don't worry I think she'll get use to it"

Seeing this that she'll never accept her offer, she sighed "Well I think I can't force you then"

"She's a tough girl, I know she can handle it"

"Also, she has this kind mother that'll guide her, right?" she added

She blushed at that compliment "H-hai….I'll do my best…"

She smiled at her

She smiled back

"If that's all, I'll be on my way then madam" she said as she bowed her head down politely, then went for the exit

"Oh and before I forgot!" she said as she turn to look at her again "I want to apologies for that-"

"I told you it's already fine, so don't worry" she said as she cut her off


"That vase was supposed to be donated anyways, so don't worry yourself 'bout it anymore, ok?"

"H-hai" she answered back as she motioned to the door knob again "and for the last time!..."


She smiled "It's nothing"

She smiled back, then proceeded out of the door again, this time for sure

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