This was my first ever GA fanfic, I wrote this because I was pissed at Derek after kissing Rose. It start just before.

Disclaimer: I do not own Grey's Anatomy, or its characters, they belong to Shonda Rhimes and ABC, if I did own it, Meredith and Derek would live happily ever after, no Rose in sight.

Meredith is walking down the hallway, she needs to tell him that she loves him, she realises how close she is to losing Derek once and for all. He was in surgery, she saw the scrub nurses leaving the scrub room.

"Hey" she said stopping one of them "Has Dr Shepherd come out yet," she asked. "No" the scrub nurse replies.

"Thanks". She goes to open the door, and her heartbreaks, she sees him and some nurse kissing. They stop…Derek sees her, she run; he runs after her.

"Mer stop" she hears him yelling. She keeps running until she is out of the hospital, she jumps in her cars and drives off.

In that moment he has completely broke her, she needs tequila, she stops at some bar, and orders tequila and to keep them coming. As she is drinking her fifth or sixth one, she realised that she can't keep doing this. She loves him so much but after all of his promises, and that she is the love of his life, he does this to her. He cheats on her, or that is what it feels like. Now, she knows how Addison felt when they did it to her at prom. She can't go home because he will be there waiting for her, she can't face him, not after this. She makes her choice, she has to leave, she has to sort herself out before he breaks her completely and she will never recover.

She gets her phone out and notices that she has a lot of missed calls, most of which are from Derek and a few from Cristina. She dials Cris's number

"Hey...Just listen to me, no questions, can you go home and get me some clothes please, when you have got them and get in your car, call me. Also if you see Derek don't say anything to him about me, thanks" she asked before hanging up.

45 minutes later, her phone rings, and this time it Cris, Derek keeps calling her and leaving messages, she can't deal with him right now.

"Meet me at Seattle-Tacoma Airport" she says into the phone, Cris answers

"why the airport",

"No questions I said Cris" Mer replies and hangs up.

An hour later Mer sees Cristina pull up to the airport,

"Hey, where are you going" Cris asks,

"I don't know, I have to get out of here Cris" Mer says.

"What did Mcdreamy do this time, it always has to do with him" Cristina asked.

"Please not now Cris, my flight is boarding in 30 minutes and I don't want to talk about Derek, right now" Mer pleads with her.

"Okay" Cris replies.