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Four months later

Finally the day of the wedding arrives; it turns out to be a gorgeous sunny day in Seattle, which is lucky since the wedding is outside. Derek spent the night before at Mark's while Meredith stayed at the house with Lucy and Sophie. Derek's mom and sisters, Kathleen, Nancy, Amy and Suzie arrived the day before; they were staying at the Archfield, cause Derek didn't want Meredith getting stressed out to much. Derek had Leon with him for the night, so Meredith could get some rest. It was Meredith first night away from Leon since he had been born, at first she didn't want to let him take him, but she could see Derek's point.

This was the day that he had been waiting for since the first moment he met her, if he hadn't screwed up 7 years ago, they would have been married a long time ago. He felt very different about this wedding unlike his first wedding, he wasn't nervous; he didn't want to run away, this felt like forever this time. It couldn't wait for her to become his wife. He picked up his phone and sent her a text, just has Leon started to cry, ready for his feed. They had just started him on solids, so Derek gave him a bottle, before feeding him mashed banana, which seemed to be his favourite.

Meredith woke up that morning to an empty and cold bed, she missed Derek last night, it was her first night away from him in 3 years and she missed waking up in his arms. She looked over at her dress, and couldn't believe that after all these years, she was about to marry the love her life. She thought back to that day, when she ran and wished that she had heard him out, that they could have been married a long time ago. She couldn't wait to become his wife; she couldn't wait to see him standing at the bottom of that aisle waiting for her. She heard her phone beep with a text; it was from Derek I miss you…can't wait for you to become my wife. I love you.

It made her smile, she was just about to reply went Sophie came in.

"mommy, mommy" she said excitedly.

"Hey sweetheart" Meredith says has Sophie give her mother a hug.

"Good morning Mer" Lucy says bring her breakfast in bed.

"Lucy, you didn't…" Mer started before Sophie put her hand over her mother mouth.

"Mommy, be quiet. Eat breakfast, and I'm running you a bath" Sophie says leaving her mother gob smacked, as she runs into the bathroom. Lucy laughs, just has the doorbell rings, she sets the tray down next to Meredith while she answers the door.

Meredith finishes her breakfast, Sophie comes back into the bedroom from the bathroom.

"Come mommy" she says, pulling her mother out of bed into the bathroom. Meredith was surprised when she got into the bathroom; Sophie had run her a bubble bath.

"Ah sweetie, you didn't have to do that" Mer said to her.

"I wanted too mommy, you have your bath" Sophie said, leaving her in the bathroom. An hour later Meredith got out of the bath, and put on her robe, she walk into their bedroom, and saw Suzie, Derek's younger sister, who was a hairdresser.

"Hey Mer, I'm going to do your hair for today" Suzie said giving Mer a smile.

It is now 12 pm, the wedding starts in an hour, Derek has just pulled up to the guest house, the wedding starts at 1 pm. His mother and sister except for Suzie, is waiting for him, one by one he gives them all a hug, so does Mark, who is Derek's best man.

"How's Meredith?" he asks his mother.

"I haven't seen her, Derek, but I'm sure she is fine. Who is walking her down the aisle?" she asks him.

"She is walking herself mom" Derek tells her. Mark comes over to Derek.

"Are you ready to go" he asks him.

"Yes, let's go" he says, he goes and picks up Leon, and the guests are starting to arrive. It only a small wedding, just friends and family, Bailey is the first to arrive with her husband Tucker, with their two children, than Izzie, Alex and the twins arrives. Cristina and Joshua, Lexie and George, Molly and her husband with Laura and Mark's wife Erica with Timmy, and of course Derek's mom and sisters with their husbands and kids.

Derek is stood up front with Mark, he can't wait to see Meredith in her dress, Izzie is holding Leon
the wedding march starts playing, Lucy comes down first, with Sophie behind her. Derek smiles at his daughter, can't believe how beautiful she looks.

Then he sees Meredith, she takes his breathe away. Meredith had never felt so sure of herself, has she was in that moment. Has she turned to walk down the aisle, she saw him there waiting her. it felt like time stopped, he looked so handsome in his tuxedo, she smiles at him, has she reached the end of the aisle, and took his hand, she felt electricity, that after 8 long years she was exactly where she meant to be, side by side with him, the love of her life.