Whispers in the dark.

Emptiness. Dark. Pitch Black.


Naruto reached his hand out to try to grab something to stop the falling, but his hand found nothing. Thus, still falling into the darkness. He soon removed his hand to wipe away the tears that had gathered in his blue eyes. He was alone. No one to keep him company or to tell him it would be alright… no one. Naruto he reached his hand back out to the dark air around him.

"Please… Anyone." He whispered out into the blackness. Naruto widened his eyes as he felt the warmth of someone's hand holding onto his. A dark haired figure stood with his hand still outstretched to the blonds.

"Sasuke?" Naruto choked out. The figure didn't answer but pulled Naruto closer to him, embracing the blond, sharing his warmth. Naruto glanced up at the figure, and confirmed that it was the Uchiha.

"You'll never be alone. I'll always hold you close at heart." The raven whispered as he broke the embrace and was starting to be pulled away in an opposite direction of the endless falling. Sasuke reached his hand out to the blond, but the Uchiha soon faded away.

Naruto quickly sat up in a dimly lit room. It was just a dream.

"Sasuke," He said under his breath as he wiped his tears.

Sasuke quickly turned off his Sharingan, as he finished looking at Naruto's dream. The raven sighed as he looked at his old team 7 pictures from long ago.

"Naruto, I meant it, but you should just forget about me. It would do you better," He said to himself, as he walked on his never ending road of loneliness.

Lol I wonder how many of you I got confused =) basically at the beginning Naruto was falling in a never ending darkness. He was sad and scared since he was all alone. (I gave him monophobia lol) But Sasuke appears and tells him hell never be alone. It was a dream. And later on it's a cut scene Where Sasuke appeared in Naruto's dream to tell him that and he thinks Naruto would do better to forget him.

Yes I was listening to Skillet.


You'll never be alone

When darkness comes

Ill light the night with stars

In the whispers in the dark

Whispers in the Dark by Skillet