A Pokemon legend on the earlier days of the Pokemon World. In one of my other fics I mentioned 'Shaymin's Giant Juice Blender', so I thought I'd write something about it. In Arceus's POV.


Good day, young mortal. What brings you to my humble abode atop the Spear Pillar?

So you question my name, if I am truly the first Pokemon, the Creator of the world. Yes, I am. My name is Arceus.

What's that? You wish to hear my story? Oh right then, if you promise not to disturb its other occupants. Settle down, don't mess up anything, and don't throw a Pokeball anywhere, Diagla and Palkia aren't happy that you're here. Listen carefully, for I shall say this only once. I do not care to repeat myself to mortals such as you. Count yourself lucky that I'm telling you this in the first place.

Many years ago, I was born from the void that was the universe. One can only guess how I, the first Pokemon, came about. I remember spending my earliest days floating around in space as a hatchling, observing how the other planets in the universe formed, how stars alighted themselves and moons set themselves into orbit. It was rather boring.

Finally I decided that I needed a home, somewhere to firmly set my four paws upon. So I created this planet, and set it somewhere near a star to ensure it had the right amount of warmth and light to sustain life. I felt lonely, so I created the Second Pokemon, the ancestor of all others: Mew. It was agreed between the kitten Pokemon and I that I was to deal with the geological aspects of this planet, and Mew to deal with the biological.

I created the vast blue-green seas, made mountains and landmasses rise out of it and blanketed the whole thing with a layer of breathable air. Mew wanted guardians for the land, sea and air, and so created the three titans of the region you call Hoenn: Groudon, Kyogre and Rayquaza. Mew carpeted the land with greenery, leaving a few bare spots where mountains rose out of the ground. Groudon and Kyogre were always fighting, and at great expense we managed to send them where they would never meet: Groudon to the deepest pits of the earth, Kyogre to the furthest depths of the ocean. Rayquaza retreated to the clouds.

Mew then went on to create the lesser species of life: normal Pokemon. The first few she created included Areodactyl and Kabutops. The weather on this planet was hectic; the Pokemon Mew created having to have strong resolve and exceptional fitness to survive. Snowstorms in mid-year, droughts followed by flash floods and hoards of thunderstorms. We then created the three birds to help control the weather: Zapdos, Moltres and Articuno. They were always fighting, so Lugia and Ho-oh came to be; Lugia to keep the three from arguing, and Ho-oh to oversee the planet I had created, and bring joy to its creatures.

Groudon's occasional unrest caused magma to constantly flow out of some mountains, ones you humans call volcanoes. Kyogre's stirs caused tsunamis and hurricanes. Mysteriously, Lugia's perch, the Brass Tower, was burnt. The two took off in shock, but are now safely relocated. "To where?" I hear you ask. That is a secret for me to keep, and for those of pure heart to find out.

Mew, devastated at the burning of the Brass Tower, was even more horrified to hear that three of her descendants died in the ravaging fire. She persuaded Ho-oh to breathe the flames of life into them, and thus the three legendaries of Johto rose from the dead: Entei, who we bestowed, the power to control the eruption of volcanoes. Raikou, who we merged with part of a thundercloud upon his rebirth, allowed him power over the storm and the ability to create thunderstorms as he wishes. And last but not least, Suicune, who Mew and I dubbed 'the spirit of the north wind'. Racing with the winds he could purify water with a single touch, and calm the angry winds with his very presence. The world became a more stable place with these additions to the legendary family.

Slowly, as more problems arouse, more legendaries were created. The legendary which made the deepest impression with me would be Shaymin. You want to know more, young trainer? Alright then…

Shaymin was never the intimidating sort. Small, furry and looking like a green furry Cynaquil, she endeared herself to us all with her funny antics. Ho-oh adored her, Lugia would always laugh a throaty roar of a laugh whenever she joked, and even a reluctant smile could be forced out of Darkrai. Shaymin was the guardian of greenery from what I could gather about her, I mean, she had a bushon her back and a flower in her hair! Greenery could equal trees, and certain trees, with the help of maybe some Pidgey or a Butterfree, would equal fruit. And Shaymin loved her fruit.

In fact, Shaymin loved her fruit so much that she went and made herself a Giant Juice Blender. With help from Palkia, the spatial expert. Palkia would later go on to invent the world's first Giant Coffee Machine, but that's another story.

Before I continue, let me ask you a question. Do you think that the markings on Groudon, Kyogre and Rayquaza were always there? You think so? Well let me tell you, they weren't always there. There was a time, very much long ago, when Rayquaza was a beautiful emerald green, Kyogre had a smooth skin of uninterrupted sapphire, and Groudon's ruby and brown scales had not so much as a scratch, let alone that strange unknown pattern.

How do you think the three got their 'stripes', so to speak? It was Shaymin's Giant Juice Blender.

Once upon a time-hmm, I think that's the wrong phrase to use. Let's restart. A long time ago, way before you humans appeared, Shaymin built herself a Giant Juice Blender. It was the first modern invention we had ever seen. Uxie, Mespirt and Azelf would circle around it in awe, Suicune would tentatively poke it once in a while, and Zapdos would try perching on it. Shaymin would then jokingly wave everyone away from the machine before explaining what it did, which was make berry juice. What no one realized was that Shaymin didn't make juice out of only one type of berry. She made juice out of multiple berries.

The three legendaries of Hoenn didn't realize this either. Rayquaza would silently watch from the skies as Shaymin scurried into the berry laden forests with either Jirachi, Celebi or Mew, coming out with a whole mountain of multicolored berries each time. Kyogre would sometimes offer to make it drizzle in order to stop the sun from drying out the berries, and Groudon would halt his earthquakes for Shaymin to pass unharmed.

Why? You ask. You're quite curious, eh? It was because the three legendaries wanted some of Shaymin's juice. They were curious as to what it tasted like. The other legendaries were curious too, but they were too cautious to try the juice. What if they grew another tail after drinking it, or suffered a drastic personality change? Like Mew becoming a drunken mass-murderer, or Darkrai turning into a happy-go-lucky savior of the world?

The three were the only ones brave enough to try. So one day, they approached Shaymin and her Giant Juice Blender. I was there, Shaymin was supposed to give me a report on how she was managing the greenery on this planet, and if she needed help.

"Hello Shaymin…good morning sir Arceus…" Kyogre began uncertainly.

"What my blue fishy friend, with a fishy stink to match, was trying to say just now was that-" Groudon's words were interrupted by an enraged Kyogre.

"Hey! How dare you call me fishy when you're covered in so much rocks it's a wonder you can even move! Maybe your brain is made out of rock too!"

"Fish face!"
"Rock Brain!"

"Stop it, you two. We wish to taste some of your juice, Shaymin, and find out if it really is as magnificent as the other legendaries put it." Rayquaza said, pushing the other two apart with his remarkably strong arms. Which looked rather skinny. I don't know what got into Mew when Rayquaza was created.

"The other legendaries think my juice is great?" Shaymin inquired politely, tilting her head to the side cutely. I raised an eyebrow at the three legendaries, as I knew that no one other than Shaymin had tasted the juice from her Giant Juice Blender. How could they know the taste if they haven't drunk it yet?

"Yeah. Suicune was nudging Cresselia, urging her to try it the other day. Said some crap about the juice being 'the most succulent blend of wonderful tastes that will surely be the best you have ever tasted'." Groudon piped up.

"I heard Moltres telling Diagla to try it, too! Moltres was squawking something about 'that juice is simply so wonderful, you can't find a word to describe it. Go on, try the juice, it won't mutate you or anything!' Very confusing." Kyogre added.

Shaymin grinned innocently. She scurried over to a big red button, and jumped on it with all her might. The Giant Juice Blender 'BEEPed', and the clear liquid inside started spinning. A soft whirling noise filled the air, and the three legends of Hoenn watched on in awe. I stared at the contraption as well, wondering what would happen next.

There was a loud "Ding" and the Blender stopped spinning. Shaymin flounced to the top of the machine and kicked the red lid. It flew open and to the ground, hitting Groudon in the face. Kyogre laughed, Groudon smacked the sea basin Pokemon's face with his tail.

Shaymin scooped out three cups of juice from the blender with cups made of waterproof leaves, and handed them to Groudon, Kyogre and Rayquaza. She turned to me and asked if I wanted a taste. I politely shook my head, I was curious but not that curious. Nor was I a grass type, which the juice might be specially suited for. The three legends sipped their drinks at the same time. Their eyes took on a blank stare for a full 10 seconds. I frowned and glanced at Shaymin. She shrugged back.

With a earth shaking howl Rayquaza reared up, eyes wide and bloodshot. Groudon followed with a similar roar and a smack to the ground with his tail, and Kyogre turned backflips in the ocean. I rounded on Shaymin. "What exactly is that juice made off?"

"Oh, it's my special Oran-Pecha-Leppa-Rawst-Cheri-Magost-Kelpsy-Aspear berry juice! The juice gives me the sugar rush I need to turn into my Sky Forme!" Shaymin explained with a happy grinning, scooping up another cup from the blender. She sipped it as the three legendaries flailed around, oblivious to their plight. Shaymin bubbled with delight as she turned into her Sky Forme.

I sighed, understanding an important point. Shaymin could somehow convert the energy given from the "super-drink" (and somehow stand its horrible taste) into energy needed for her transformation into Sky Forme. Rayquaza, Groudon and Kyogre had nothing to convert that energy to (I didn't think they could stand that taste either). And so…

The ground shook, jolting me out of my thoughts. Rayquaza was clutching the nearest tree and banging his head on it, Groudon was frantically stamping the ground. Kyogre was stirring up a lot of tsunamis. A chorus of loud 'BANG's could be heard as the three legendaries hyperventilated. Slowly, markings on Rayquaza's forehead and body appeared where he'd hit it repeatedly, Groudon's bulky arms, which he had frantically dug the ground with, were crisscrossed with lines. Kyogre probably swam around with his eyes closed and hit a rock or something, as when he resurfaced, seemingly unconscious, there were markings on his head and fins.

I snorted. The three legendaries had knocked themselves unconscious. I padded over and peered at them. Yep, unconscious. Shaymin was hovering overhead, staring down in concern. "Arceus, do you think I should give them a little juice to wake them up?"

I shrugged. It seemed like a good idea, but it had its risks. Skaymin flew towards the Giant Juice machine and TIPPED IT OVER. The disgustingly purple-green juice flooded the whole place, washing over the three collapsed legendaries. I spluttered in surprise and stumbled away, my paws becoming sticky with juice. Rayquaza jerked horribly and then reared up, pencil striaght, with a strangled squeaking noise. Groudon flipped and got to his feet, his face dripping with a layer of the juice, his features scrunched up in a disgusted expression. Kyogre burst out of the water in an awesome leap, fins flailing in mid air as if trying to stop its owner from falling back into the juice-polluted water.

I raised my eyebrow at the innocent-looking Shaymin.

And now I raise my eyebrow at you, young trainer, for I see that Master Ball you're holding. Do you really intend to catch me with that? That Master Ball…giving you a hundred percent chance of catching any Pokemon…it's kind of unfair, isn't it?

If you truly wish to capture me, Arceus the Creator, prove yourself worthy. Prove that your training and upbringing of your Pokemon have paid off. Put away that Master Ball, child, and face up to my upcoming wrath with courage. If you have true power, even with a normal Pokeball, success will be yours.

Summon your Pokemon, young trainer. I will not hold back.


Verdict: It sucked. Bleah. I don't know what genre to put this story in now…