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I race across the land, the thunder crackling off my fur.

Faster, faster! I urge my paws on. They blur, barely skimming the ground beneath me. My heartbeat goes faster, like a hammer in my chest. Thump. Thump. Thump.

Thunder strikes inches in front of me. I rear up, skidding to a halt, my paws leaving smoking tracks because of the friction. I had lost control of my thunder again.

A rustle of bushes sound to my right. I whirl around, hackles rising, a low growl ripping from my throat. Who are you, human? Why have you intruded my privacy? I hear your hasty apology. Grudgingly I accept it, I am in no mood to argue with humans today. I flick my tail towards the forest where you came, signaling for you to leave.

You back away, but then stop. I raise my eyebrow questioningly.

Why do you question my mood? It is not your problem if I am depressed. Nor is it your problem if I look that way. You point to the tracks seared into the ground by my paws. Come to think of it, they hurt.

You somehow correctly deduce that I had been running at high speeds. You approach, hand outstretched, seemingly wanting to help. I growl and move away, but not before you grab my paw and spray a mysterious potion on it. I snarled, bounding away a few paces. Strangely my paw feels better. I look down to see the burn marks gone. You smile, shaking the bottle of mysterious potion. "Burn Heal" you call it.

I look warily at you, yet I don't feel as hostile as when we first set eyes on each other. You keep smiling gently, backing away, expressing concern.

Somehow...you remind me of Suicune…

I glance at the lush forest to my right, my head drooping. I remember the last time I visited Suicune. I wanted to sneak up on her, but accidentally smashed into a tree and scared the life out of the surrounding Pokemon. Suicune had been angry.

"Don't come back until you can walk like me," she had said. "Don't come back until you can show some decency in navigating." And Suicune had stalked away. Her paws barely touched the ground, her fur only lightly brushing the tightly packed tree trunks.

Her grace, her agility…is unmatchable. I was a fool for trying to copy Suicune. I sigh in defeat, resigned to admire the Wolfess of the water from afar for the rest of my days…

Could I really stand being away from Suicune for the rest of my life? After all the rest of my life is eternity, and eternity is a very long time… Suicune had been my friend for as long as I can remember. I even remember playing near the river with her as a Jolteon, splashing water at each other… sometimes I even wonder to myself if Suicune really is just a friend…

I couldn't think of life without Suicune. Her gentle smile, her witty comments…especially her kind heart below that reserved exterior of hers.

I look back to see you still here, and seeming interested in my story. I have nothing to do now, nothing to hide anyway…do you seriously wish to know?

We first met in our past lives. Suicune's mother was my mother's best friend, so we met when we were very little, still in our kithood. We played together near the streams around our burrows, splashing at each other. Once she even pulled me into the water to catch baby Magikarp with her.

Upon maturing we met another young Eevee that migrated from lands far from our birthplace. He was later resurrected as the lord of Volcanoes, Entei. The three of us trained together, hard. We found our evolutionary stones together, just lying there but the river, the water lapping at them gently but not washing them away. In a perfect set of three: Fire, Water, Thunder. Instantly we knew what we were going to be. It was as if the gods wanted us to evolve this way.

Maybe Arceus had predicted this long ago. Maybe he did want us to evolve into Flareon, Jolteon and Vaporeon.

With her evolution, Vaporeon's kindness grew. She used her new abilities with the water to save Pokemon in need, Pokemon trapped by the brutal traps of primitive man, Pokemon hunted by others for food. I found myself watching her, helping her at times, as the days went by.

Her paws, swift and strong went it came to battle training with us, were soft and gentle with injured Pokemon. Water can heal, and Vaporeon used that to her advantage, almost setting up a hospital in her burrow. Her parents didn't know whether to be proud of her kind acts or ticked off by the hoards of Pokemon trooping into their burrow. I would venture over regularly to help, but somehow, my actions did more harm than good, my touch paralyzing rather than healing. I contented myself with watching from the sidelines.

Finally, we decided to visit the Brass Tower and it set fire. I don't remember much of the details except that there was fire…fire everywhere… even Vaporeon's water couldn't put out the intense heat, the hatred of the fire, searing through every fiber of my being…

If you ever want to kill yourself, don't do it by burning. It hurts a lot.

My voice was tinged with emotion, unusual for a legendary like me. I hardly noticed the mysterious "Burn Heal" thing being sprayed on my other paws, worn from overwork. You edge closer, I growl in discomfort but make no movement. The impression you give me was that of a seemingly harmless trainer. You haven't taken out a Master Ball yet, or any ball for that matter…

Suicune was then made the Spirit of the North Winds, sometimes referred to as the Lady of the Northern Lights. Entei was slightly jealous at her getting all the 'spiffy tittles' as he called it, but we laughed it off together before parting ways to roam around Johto.

I haven't seen Suicune since…until a few days ago.

Suicune had changed. Bound by her duty to protect the Pokemon of the World, she drove me away when I crashed into a tree trying to get to her…in her eyes, the Pokemon come first.

In forests like those, I blunder like a blinded tauros. My clawed paws are made from ripping and long distance runs across barren land, or climbing jagged cliffs, but definitely not navigating through delicate forests like her. We're worlds apart. Maybe I really am not worthy to be her friend…maybe I'm not worth her company…

Frantic rustling reached my ears from the forest. My head snaps up, so do yours. A growl escapes my throat.


Suicune's POV

My paws worked their way through the damp forest floor. My vision is blurred, my breath coming in short gasps, but I cannot stop. I can hear the sound of the Team Rocket grunts crashing through the undergrowth. They came prepared. They came at me repeatedly, weakening me…and now they hunt me. With a Master Ball.

I let instinct guide my paws, racing through the forest, darting between trees and clearing bushes in an effort to lose them. It is fruitless, they are drawn to my legendary essence itself, something I cannot disguise.

I saw light ahead. I accelerate, wind streaking through my fur. Maybe I could reach help from there…or maybe the open space will allow Team Rocket to be able to capture me. I look down at myself; the numerous cuts scarring my fur, from the low hanging branches and thorns of bushes tearing at me as I fled past. I couldn't keep running forever.

It was double or nothing.

With a flying leap I crashed though the last of the fronds. The sun's rays hit me square on the face, I flinched away panting. I glanced ahead again and my heart leaped ; Raikou was here! Help was here!

"Team…Rocket…help…"I mumble. Raikou jumps to his feet immediately as I stumbled towards him. I collapsed to the ground as the Team Rocket Grunts hack away the last of the blocking greenery. There was another figure next to Raikou, but I couldn't see him or her clearly as my vision blurred from exhaustion.

One of the Team Rocket Grunts throws something at me. I know it is a Master Ball-what else would the Grunts use to ensure I was captured? My paws scrabbled weakly at the earth, but I was too weak to get a grip, too weak to get to my feet. I shut my eyes, expecting the worst.

The worst never came. I heard two cries of 'no'; one from Raikou, the other I couldn't recognize. It sounded like that of a trainer. I felt something whistle past my fur, almost touching it. I opened one eye-it was another Master Ball.

The phrase 'fighting fire with fire' came into my mind.

But at the same time Raikou roared and leapt in front of me. What happened next was out of my line of vision, but I heard a 'clack' of two balls knocking together. Raikou howled, but was suddenly cut off.

My heart ached as I assumed the worst. Raikou was captured…Raikou was caught… I scrabbled to my feet, ignoring the protests from my body. I turned; indeed, Raikou was gone, in his place a still Master Ball. Beside it, another Master Ball, knocked off course. Empty.

I howled out the sorrow in my heart. Raikou, even though he could be a show-off at times, was one of my childhood friends, whom I had known even in my past life. To see him being captured like this, so suddenly, and what's worse, for me… I continued howling, wracked with inaudible sobs, collapsing next to the Master Ball which held my friend.

I looked towards the trainer who had thrown the Master Ball. Seems like a rather decent battler…the trainer was fending off the Grunts with rather powerful-looking Pokemon. The last of the Grunts retreated into the forest. The trainer recalled their Pokemon, and ran over to me. My paws were feeling weak. The trainer tentatively stroked my fur and I snapped back, flinching as my head dizzied from the sudden movement.

"Are you alright?"

"…fine…" I growled, edging away from the trainer. This was the person who had caught Raikou…what would this trainer do to me?

The trainer let go and dug into their bag. Pulling out a mysterious bottle of potion the trainer sprayed it onto me. Where the liquid touched, I felt refreshed and better. Looking down I saw that most of my minor cuts had healed. I didn't know what to think now.

The trainer let out Raikou. I raised my head, vision blurry-this time from the transparent tears that gathered in my eyes. The Thunder Legendary stretched blinked, and looked around. Upon seeing me he nosed my headcrest in concern.

"Raikou…" I choked "I thought…you were going to be taken away…forever…"

Raikou snorted, but I could see his white cheeks turning a very light shade of pink. "I'd like to see the kid try…don't think e' will. Didn't know you cared either."

"Of course I care, Raikou…" I whispered, my voice hoarse from howling just now. "You're the friend I've had for the longest, along with Entei. I won't just forget what we've done together."

Raikou's cheeks turned visibly pink now. He crouched, and helped me to my paws. I looked from trainer to Pokemon and Pokemon to trainer again, wondering what would ultimately happen to Raikou.

"I'm sorry for accidentally capturing Raikou…if you want, I could set you free…" the trainer suggested turning to Raikou. I did a mental double-take. Since when did trainers become so nice? The thunder legendary seemed to ponder over the choice for a while.

Finally, Raikou made his choice.

Somehow, I wasn't surprised.

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