A/N: Well, it's 10pm at night, and to avoid doing an assignment due tomorrow, I decided to write a chapter for a different story I'm writing. That didn't work, but instead, this little fic was born. It's random, I know, but I think it sums up Josh and Grace's relationship nicely... Ummm... if you squint, spoilers for 1x10.

Please, Please let me know what you think... Even if you think it's crap. All I want, is to be able to improve my writing. I'm looking forward to the new season, and to see what the character will be like. But, no matter what, Grace will never be forgotten.

It wasn't that words meant nothing. Words meant a lot, and counted for a lot, but it was more that between the two of them, they did not need words.

Just by a simple look, the two could tell if the other was in pain, or if they were lying about anything. They could tell what the other was thinking. They could, essentially, have conversations, without words.

But it wasn't as if there entire conversation was made up around these looks, although, if you asked anyone around them whether it was they might tell you yes. No, there relationship was based around more then that. It was based around a connection the two had. Being able to talk, without saying words, being able to understand the other, being able, to tell how they were feeling. It was based on an emotion. And that emotion; was love.

The two loved each other, and always had, although, they never said nor did anything with these feelings, until recently. They started out as friends, but eventually, it grew to become more.

And what led them to where they were today, was three little words, muttered between the two, after an incident where she had almost died.

"I love you," he had whispered holding her close.

Yes, there relationship was not purely based on the looks and the silent conversations, but words as well.