It was a warm summers day in Halloweentown and Serena a very powerful witch was stuck in class at her all girls school. Why her parents and baby brother were in the mortal realm visiting the cromwells. She wasn't allowed to go because her school didn't break up for another month and she'd been begging for more trust and respect and to stay at her friends Mina's.

A knock on her mental walls broke her out of her daydream she lowered her mental shields and started talking mentally ' what's up girls?' her friends Ami,Lita and Mina replied 'are we going to the crown after school for milkshakes and also so we can flirt with the guys?' Serena frowned and quickly checked where her teacher was and saw she wasn't listening to there conversation because she was at her desk having her own mental conversation so she replied 'yeah but we have to pick Raye up at her music school first'. Serena than broke the connection and tried to go back to her daydream but she couldn't so she decided to finish her essay on shakesphere.

Across town at his all boys college Darien was having a mental conversation with his friends Zoicite,Nephrite,Malacite and Jedite why waiting for the bell to ring 'so any idea what the girls are up to after school yet guys' 'Yeah I listened in on their mental conversaition and there going to the crown after picking Raye up from her school to flirt with us' replied Jedite.