I'm stuck at home, stuck in bed. So let me tell you about my life.

My name is Bella Swan, I'm 17 years old and currently living in the rainiest place of all, Forks Washington. I live with my dad, Charlie, who happens to be the chief of police here. I go to the local High school. well when I can get there that is.

At school I don't have very many friends. There is Angela, she is one of the most kind hearted people you will ever meet, and her boyfriend Ben. They are usually nice to me, but I tend to keep my distance from people. Then there is Jessica, shes nice as long as Lauren isn't around. Lauren on the other hand is as mean as can be for a high school student. She take every opportunity she can to push me down or belittle me in front of everyone. I try to ignore her. She just picks on me because I'm different. There is Mike, I think he likes me, but I cant let anyone that close to me. He seems nice though.

Then there is this family of kids. Three boys and two girls. The Cullen Family, though I think that two of them are Hales. They were all adopted by Doctor and Mrs. Cullen, and moved down here from Alaska a few years ago. They dint talk to anyone besides their family. There are three seniors, Rosalie, who is so beautiful I'm sure she will be a supermodel when done school. Her twin brother Jasper, I dint know much about him, hes very quiet, but oh so very cute. and Her boyfriend Emmett. Hes scary looking. Hes so huge. Then there are the two juniors, like me, Alice, who is kinda small but always seems to know whats up, and her boyfriend Edward. Hes quiet but seems like hes always thinking. I don't usually pay attention to gossip, especially since its mostly about me, but that family has had their share. Two couples living under the same roof as teenagers. Poor Dr and Mrs. Cullen and Jasper.

Lately though, whenever I look up, I seem to see one or more of the Cullens watching me, very odd looks on their faces. Do they know?, no they possibly cant know. I mean most people guess that I'm sick, but no one knows the real story.

I miss a lot of school, but my grades are good and I keep up so the teachers don't complain. They think that I'm brave, being able to complete all my assignments while under the weather all the time.

I wonder what they think I have. I've heard everything from AIDS to cancer to being pregnant and going as far as to only having a month to live.

I'm going to be honest here, well as long as you can keep a secret. I'm not sick, well not in that way. I'm usually in pain, but I can manage it. The reason I miss a lot of school, and am always quiet is the the same underlying cause as to why I'm stuck in bed today.

You see, last night, Charlie forgot to un-cuff me from the bed, after he beat and raped me.