This is all my leftover notes that I sent to someone in a PM not to long not a chapter, its more of the kind of stuff you expect from a Notice. So Sorry read on if your interested in what I had been THINKING of when I made this story.

shame i never posted the art I had for Last Lagaan...

Was planning to introduce Viral (from gurren lagan) as an actual character after I saw THIS picture.

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Then again,i was also planning to go back and do a rewrite where Tidus loses his sword when hes sucked up into Sin,but inside Sin he finds a Coredrill still on its necklace. It would later become a gauntlet over his hand letting him use Gurren Lagaan moves like forming a drill.

Viral himself,was suppose to appear at Kilika...INSIDE the Lord Ochu. Apparently his stasis pod would have been in the building on Sin's head. When Sin makes landfall,the shock and the windsheer manages to rip the pod loose and it was thrown into the forest...where Ochu ATE it... Needless to say...halfway through beating Ochu up,Viral would suddenly rip his way out with a grenade. I figured he would be a recurring character up until the Thunder Plains, using various TAMED fiends over and over in encounters, until finally at the thunderplains he tames one of those enemies known as Varuna.

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He would then use a rigjob Coredrill he made from salvaged technology he managed to retrieve from Sin when it made landfall back during Operation Mihen(Yes he is insane enough to swim up close and climb onto it...) He would use the rigjob Coredrill to turn Varuna into a Lazengan armor...Tidus would have to step up his game. After Thunderplains, Viral would join the crew. It would only get a hellva lot better when later just before obtaining shiva, Tidus's coredrill absorbs the near defeated machine on the lake surface and gains the ability to use full form Gurren Lagaan. This wouldn't see action much except against foes like Evoret(stopping the wedding) and later on, Seymour on top of the mountain,and lastly against Lady Yunalesca. When they go to fight Sin, Gurren Lagaan would upgrade into Super Gurren Lagaan by merging with the airship. It battles against Sin and final it would battle Tidus's father,absorbing all those moving Ruins you were in just before hand. A fist to fist fight with the final Aeon using the form of Super Galaxy Gurren lagaan. They would then face Yu Yevon..who would glow angry and launch them OUT of Sin...who would then launch a tendril downward and absorb Vegnagun from beneath the city...Sin would shapeshift to similar to the final Aeon ,but with Vegnaguns face in its chest, an armored body, and Vegnagun's wings...Cue Tidus calling on the power of every person in Spira and now we have ALOT of people piloting. Upgrade to Tenga Toppa Gurren Lagaan. A AWESOME fight ensues between two titans of EQUAL size.( Super gurren lagaan was the size of sin's they are equal in size even with Sin's fusion.) This would go on til about halfway through the fight...where Sin would suddenly begin absorbing ALL Fiends across the planet, and becoming an eldritch horror essentially. And big surprise moment as they are being pushed to desperation...Suddenly Jecht shows up in farplane form...and says he brought EVERYONE for the final Entire Farplane. Even that ass Seymour is helping. End Result...Super Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagaan. Just Imagine Asura from Asura's Wrath...his 6 armed planetary size form. but make it into pure energy and flaming badass like the Gurren Lagaan movie's super and the Aeons all merged with it as well in order to give it this six armed godly form...

This final battle determines everything...I just have no idea how I would go with this one...What I do know,is at the end, when Sin is beaten..when Yu Yevon is beaten...the Gurren Lagaan would send everyone to the Calmlands,including Cids ship. and the two titans would begins dissolving in gold and light green above Spira...before erupting into light like Sin in the final fantasy X ending,becoming just raw magic in the air,(So no macalania woods disappearing..and things may actually get more interesting in some places.)

When Tidus seems to be disappearing...he would get a surprise as the coredrill around his neck would crack...and turn into energy,which would flow into him,making his body solid...So yes,HE LIVVVVVES!

Also, was thinking of doing this as Tidus x Yuna x Rikku, Lulu x Wakka , Paine x Viral.(yup,i was bringing her into this.)

And that's pretty much ALL my notes I had wrote down for this series...

feel free to copy,paste ALL of that and hand it to someone who wants to try going for it.


but yeah,thats what I WANTED to write...but I suck at writing. Ideas as u can see,^ , I do VERY good with...its just writing that's my major problem.

This whole thing popped into my head when oneday replaying I heard Seymour say that Sin was the neverending SPIRAL of death in spira.

I thought about when Tengen Toppa and Grand Zamboa clashed drills...and then THIS popped into my head.

Peace Out people.