"Ryohei's Thought Process Cannot Be Breached" – Kiba Inubake

You know it, I know it... Every person who even knows about Ryohei knows it. His thought process is so advanced, normal un-extreme people can't even comprehend it.

By the way, this is a spoof, so please don't take this chapter and the next too seriously.

Chapter 1: "Goku Do Good?"

Ryohei Sasagawa was taking a morning jog. Panting, he said to himself, "This is a good pace, but I need to go faster. Time for...extreme dashing!" Ryohei took off like a bullet down the street.

Meanwhile, Hayato Gokudera was setting up an explosive trap. Concealed by leaves, a pitfall failed to be disclosed as it quietly hid underneath. At the bottom of the seemingly never-ending pit were dozens of dynamite sticks scattered around the base, which measured about ten feet in diameter.

"This is very extreme! But not as extreme as RAPID CHANTING!" Ryohei began to chant, "Kyokogen, kyokogen, kyokogen," and it…kind of just went on like that.

Ryohei had run so far, he was down by Tsuna's place. "Kyokogen, kyokog-AAH!"

The Italian explosives expert had left to go inside Tsuna's house to bring him out, and when he came out he noticed someone had fallen into his trap. "Hey Boss, it worked! Mr. Nezu actually fell into it!"

"Wait, did you just say Mr. Nezu?" Tsuna asked, confused.

"Yeah, that teacher who tricked the principle!" Gokudera replied cheerfully. "I warned him he wouldn't get away with insulting Vongola X, remember? Now it's time for him to pay!"

"How do you know it's Mr. Nezu who's in there, though?" Tsuna questioned.

"I told him to come over anonymously, masking my voice," he explained in an evil tone.

"But that doesn't necessarily mean—"

"Ready? It's time to get back at the old asshole!" That said, Gokudera threw a lit cigar into the pit. "Stand back!" In an instant, the pit below erupted. The ground shook, smoke filled the vicinity, and most of all, Gokudera was happy. He looked at the boy whom he considered his savior and leader. "Goku do good?" he cutely asked.

Once the smoke cleared, they realized that the man they believed to be Mr. Nezu…was not the same old bastard. For behind them was just that man, squinting through his windshield, trying to see what was going on. And when Gokudera and Tsuna looked behind them…they realized they had murdered Kyoko Sasagawa's extreme brother.

No one ever found Ryohei Sasagawa. They believed him to have gone missing. But now, legends say that on a crisp Spring morning, you can still hear the chanting of "kyokogen" deep down inside the pit. –End of Chapter!

I love Ryohei too, but I needed him to die just this once. XD And knowing Ryohei...he probably didn't even die. He's most likely extremely digging his way out. Rate and review, please!