heyy its ne! havent updated for a while but im back...hope you enjoy this is a story about abuse, and leaving your family hope you enjoy review please!



"okay, see you after lunch"

"hey zexy come sit with us!" axel screamed across the lunch room

Sits down

"so…. How was dinner last night with your dad and ienzo?" marluxia asked


"oh okay well want a muffin?"

"no im fine"

Starts reading

"hey zexion come with me to go get some lunch" marluxia asked

"im not hungry"

"well just come with me"





Comes back from lunch line

"hey emo kid" some jock said standing up with the tray in his hand

"what so you want now?"

"wheres your lunch?"

"im not…" the jock interrupted him from slamming the lunch tray with all the food on it in his face

"theres your lunch EMO"

"shut up and stop calling me that!"zexy yelled punching him in the face

"you better run you little piece of crap"

Jock punches him in the face and zexy falls down and the jock jumps on him while punching him

"you two break it up come on" the principle said pulling jock off of him "in my office now!"

" I cant believe you to who started it?"

"umm… well zexion did he punched me first"

"well since I came in there and I saw you punching him then you will run laps during practice for a week

"what your not going to give him a detention or anything!" zexy yelled

"well its worse for you since you started it"

"so what just because im not a jock your going to punish me but not him!"

"I never said that"

"it sure sounded like it to me!" zexy yelled standing up and punching the principle in the face then the jock picking him up and holding him back while the principle gets up

"that's it that went to far you are serving out of school suspension until tomarro so you can come back tomarro now good bye get out of my office"

"fine good by"

-an hour later-

Knock knock

"come in" principle yells

"um sir.." the secretary said "theres a boy on top of the roof and he threatened to jump"


-in the court yard-

"zexion get down!"


"get down"


Police comes out and grabs him and tackles him to the ground and the principle comes and talks to him

"what was with that?"

"nothing just leave me alone"

"no tell me"

"fine okay I did it because I was mad at you and my mom"

"why were you mad at your mom"

"because okay she abused me more than she ever has today"

"what… did you just say your being abused?"


"call 9-1-1"

"no don't!"

"hello yes I have a boy here at my high school and he just informed me that he was being abused…yes….well he tried to commit suicide…. Okay thank you"

Hangs up

"they'll be here in a minute with your parents"

"why did you do that why cant you guys just keep a secret just for once!"

"zexion I had to it was for your safety"

"why does everyone care about my safety and feelings right now no one cared before!"


"umm they are here" the secretary said

"okay thank you lets go zexion"
"can you lift up your shirt?"


Examines his stomach

"okay thank you" police said handcuffing his mom and dad

"wait!"zexy yelled


"don't take my dad"

"was he abusing you?"

"no he was never home"

"alright if you say so here"

Drives off

"I think you should have him stay at home for a while"principle declared

"yeah that would be good come on zexion get in the car"

Drives home

"okay well im going to bed"zexy mumbled

"alright I'll be out here if you need anything"


sorry for the short story i will try and update soon ive been caught up in school to update... next chapter is about how zexions dad thinks he shouldnt live in the house anymore and leave the abusing and stuff in the past and then he goes for adoption but who decides to adopt him? will he like the family of12?