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Xemnas walks into the office to go get zexions homework and spots the principle.

"um principle?"

"hello who are you?"

"im zexions forster dad, and I need to talk to you about zexion wanting to go back to school."

"oh well does he want to come back?"

"he did but then he changed his mind and decided he didn't want to"


"because now that people know what happens at home people will misunderstand and treat him differently"

"hmmm….. well I have these cards that people made for him that knows him there from the faculty and students that know and seen what happens at school. Want me to go get them for you?"

"yeah that might help encourage him"

"alright be right back"

Principle comes back a few minutes later with two bug stacks in her hand

"alright this is the cards and this is his homework and classwork for the week"

"thank you bye"

"tell zexion that we really want him back and so does his friends"

"okay bye"


A few minutes later xemnas comes home with the two stacks in his hands

"zexion im home!"

"okay"zexion said coming down the grand staircase "did you get my homework?"

"yes and the principle wants me to give these to you there letters for you from faculty and students that know you and want you to come back she wants you to read them and see if they will change your mind."

"alright, I'll be in my room"

"okay bye

Closes door

"the first one is from the councilor"

Message reads: zexion I really miss you coming in to talk to me about your problems, please come back I REALLY miss you

3 councilor

"… is from the assistant principle"

It reads:

Dear zexion,

I miss you coming into my office, I miss you always getting in trouble, and most of all I miss your quiet self not speaking to anyone about anything. Im sorry about what happened before you left your right I shouldn't treat others the way I did to you just because they aren't jocks. And I punished that jock that beat you up that day even more he is not allowed to play in any games for the rest of the year he will be sitting on the bench during games. Come back soon I miss you!

3 assistant principle

"like he really means that they don't miss me they just want me back so they can watch me take up room and get beat up then do nothing about it"

Zexion comes down stairs and sees xemnas the one he was looking for

"hey so what do you think? Change your mind?"

"yes I'll try to go to school tomorrow but if I get out of control then im allowed to go home right?"

"yes the principle said that you can just come to her when you feel like your going to blow kay?"

"yeah, can you tell me when the rest of them comes home?"

"yes of course, and I'll wake you up tomorrow kay."

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