Far Away:

A Third Watch Fan-Fic.

Officer Maurice Boscorelli has always been the tough, not so serious, joker. His care-free attitude and his 'super-cop' ego has always chased girls away from him. Until, that is, he met Danielle Nash. – Bosco/OC

Chapter 1

March 23rd, 1999 -

I never thought I would leave my hometown of Middleton, Massachusetts to live in New York City; the largest city in the country. For what reason, you ask? To fulfill my dream of becoming a Paramedic. Okay – that's a lie… sort-of. In reality, I really am already a Paramedic.

My life here Middleton is amazing. My family is here, my friends are here, and of course my best friends, Jeff and Ashley are here. I also have my job, which I've worked my whole life for. All of this, and yet still… I feel trapped.

Most of my life I had spent living with just my Mom. You see, my Dad bailed on us when I was just three years old. I honestly don't even remember him, except from a few wrinkled up pictures. But that's okay; Mom and I did just fine on our own. Through high school, I had a few boyfriends… none of them really lasted though. Most of them were pigs, just wanting things that I didn't necessarily want to give them. There was only one time in my life when I had suffered a serious heart break. You see, I was just sixteen years old, and I had found out from a friend, who heard from a friend, who was friends with a girl that claimed to be sleeping with him. Confusing, eh? Ha, yeah. That's high school for ya…

Since high school graduation, and now, I've had one boyfriend. That one didn't really work out too well either…considering I found him sleeping with my best friend, Jamie. Although you could safely say that she was my best friend. Since then, I've been single, and have come to realize that the only person I can trust in my life is my self, and no one else.

So is this why I feel trapped? Well, no. Not the main reason anyway. My city's population is the small number of just 7,744 people, which makes my job… very, very slow. My EMS partner and I get about one to three calls a day (95% of the time it is an elderly person, who is having difficulty breathing and such). In result, we spend most of the work day watching TV, or sleeping until we eventually get a call to help someone in need of medical treatment.

"Alright, well why move to New York City?" you ask? Well, in all honesty, even though it is very relaxing at times to be able to sit back and relax all day – that's not me. I'm the kind of girl who likes to get up and go – and keep on going until it's time to go home. Plus – I figured getting a job down in New York would be relatively easy. My grandmother works at the 55th Police Prescient as a desk clerk, you know, answering the phones and stuff... Gran says that the cops and firefighters/EMS have a pretty good relationship. The firehouse is just across the street from the police station as a matter of fact. She has lived in New York City since she was 20 years old. She lived here in Middleton with her parents before then as a Sherriff for the county. She insists that the Big Apple has a lot more action than our silly little town does. So – that's why I'm going. Being 20 years old myself, not married, no kids, no fiancé or boyfriend to keep me here, what the heck, right? Why not take that leap of faith, and try out something new and exciting?

I sighed as I gripped the steering wheel of my '97 Ford F-250 even tighter, as I nervously crossed the border line of Jersey City into my new home-town… New York City. I had driven down to Jersey to see my Uncle for a few hours before going to the Big Apple. I nervously traveled through the city traffic, which I certainly was not used to, all the way until 148th street – where my new home was. Well, technically it was an apartment, but you get the point.

The bed of my truck had five boxes, and a couple of duffle bags full of clothes. The boxes were stuffed full of pictures, and all of my medical books. I pulled into an empty parking spot against the curb, and shifted the gear into park. I took a step out and looked up at the tall buildings surrounding me… I was definitely not in Middleton anymore.