Diana smiled lazily as she turned and kept walking down the street. It was wonderful to see Lily after so long, and wasn't it funny that both her son, and Diana's daughter was born on the same day?

She absently shifted Argenta even as she thought this, moving her to her other side. The little one year old just mumbled and snuggled closer, still sound asleep.

The witch paused and looked around her. What on earth are so many muggle children doing out so late? She wondered absently to herself. She had never studied muggles, personally: she had thought it was a waste of time. And even though she did not think that any more, it was too late to change her ways.

She was so absorbed that she jumped when one of the children spoke to her.

"Happy Halloween! I dina think that grownups dressed up, but I like you're costume." He had shrugged and run off by the time she noticed, and she stared after his retreating form, completely baffled. She froze.

Green light was shining from where Lily's hidden house lay. Deadly green light. She had seen enough Death Eaters at work to know the signs of the Unforgivables.

Diana bolted back the way she had come, running as fast as she possibly could. The charm protecting the Potters prevented her from apparating in, a fact she cursed as she ran. Please, please let her be in time.

She was too late.

She had been so close when she arrived, just in time to see the house practically fall apart. So close, but so far; wasn't that the saying?

Looking around warily, wand at the ready, she slipped into the house as she charm failed.

She swore and covered her baby's eyes a second later, kneeling by the body of James Potter. After a long moment she regained her feet and headed for the stairs. She could guess what had happened, and she knew that Lily would be up here.

Diana walked into the nursery, the room the worst off, and promptly burst into tears. She collapsed by Lily's side and cried. One day. Not even, that was all she had gotten since school had let out, so many years before. It hurt.

A cry interrupted her in the middle of her tears.

Diana froze, then whipped around to she the baby's body.

He was crying, crawling towards her, and her heart almost stopped.

He. Was. Alive.

She glanced at Lily, thought of James, and began to understand.

Harry cried again, and was answered by another cry.

Diana glanced between Harry and Argenta. They both had matching black hair, the same skin tone, and even looked quite a bit alike. The main difference was their eyes, but then, Argenta's father had had green eyes. She could always work things out later.

She thought quickly; there were only moments left before people began to come.

Giving Lily an agonized glance, she came to a decision. Bending over Lily, she kissed her gently on the forehead.

"I'll keep him safe, I promise." She murmured to her friend's body.

She got to her feet, staggering slightly. She raced over to Harry and started to scoop him up. After a split second she put him back down, and used her wand to sweep all the clothes she could see, all the photos, and personal objects into a bag, which she slung over her shoulder before snatching up Harry. She promptly turned on the spot, vanishing from the ruined house.

Less than a minute later, Hagrid appeared, with orders form Dumbledore to collect Harry. With him was Sirius Black, former Secret Keeper for the Potters, and Godfather to the orphaned baby boy. Too bad the baby boy in question was already gone.