Admiring from Afar

I see you talking with your friends

When I speak to you I always act like I hate you, but

In reality, I don't

I wish I could tell what I feel, but

What would I say to Shika, my girlfriend?

Every time we meet or run into each other, I know

That you feel the same, you're always blushing,

Stuttering over your words, falling in my presence

But that's what makes you you Ran…

You know, forget it, I'll tell you the next time

I see you

I see you walking towards me and I hear you say my name

I find us walking to the park fountain

We stop and I pull out two pieces of Yen

I watch as you silently make your wish and throw your coin into the fountain

Now it's my turn, I secretly make my wish for you to accept me

I ask you what your wish was and you flick my nose

Saying that you're not supposed to tell

I grab you by your shoulders and place a passionate

Kiss on your lips

I pull out and see that you're blushing like mad

I love you Ran…I have ever since you stole my bag

All the times you laughed everything…

I feel you wrap your arms around my middle I feel my shirt

Becoming soaked with tears and I hear you mumble

I love you too Rei

That was the same wish that I had

I feel you place a kiss on my lips this time

I deepen it as the sky begins to turn pinks, oranges, and purples

I silently pray and hope that everything will

Be just as good as this moment

I hope we'll always be together, forever