Chapter Three – We All Live In A Pokemon World

Summery: It's one of THOSE stories, you know, boy falls into Pokemon and destroys the world... Ok, so she doesn't destroy the world, but she does have a great adventure.

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3) Please note that the crystal hall is a theme that runs in all of my 'I fell into another world' type of fics. If something happens in the crystal hall that you want more detail on, just know that it isn't really relevant to the fic. I'm only writing things in this fic that have to do with it, if you want information on the crystal hall, read the second chapter to 'My Life In One Piece'. It all about the crystal hall and the things in this story that seem random were caused by what happened in that fic, so it's not really all that related to this fic and is just in here because I felt like having the two events happen at the same time..




Pain. Glorious and unbearable pain. That was the first thing that Alex felt when she finally started regaining consciousness, even if she was being forced to do so against her own will. Every time she tried to go back to sleep, or rather every time she tried to cling to her unconsciousness, something would start nudging her, forcing her back to reality and away from her land of dreams. It was as if that something was fully determined to get her out of bed just to annoy her.

"Ung-" She grumbled groggily, rolling over onto her side while trying to ignore whoever, or whatever, it was that was nudging her.. "Go'way"

-Nudge- The thing tried again, determinedly trying to get her to get up.

"Hm... Stop it." she grunted, still trying to hold onto the last bit of sleep, though she still somehow managed to try to bat the nudging thing away with her right hand while not opening her eyes or waking up..

After several minutes of being nudged, in which whoever it was that was nudging her had tapped just about every bruise on her back, side, legs, and arms, she finally gave in and woke up, growling in annoyance as she did so.

"Ug." she groaned for the third time in less then twenty four hours, rolling onto her back and rubbing the sleep out of her eyes."I thought dreams weren't supposed to hurt..." she said weakly, letting out a small yawn as she stretched out her arms and opened her eyes, only to freeze in horror a second later.

When she had opened her eyes, she had been fully expecting to see ceiling of her room, or at least the tiled ceiling of the hospital, but what she saw didn't even come close to either of those things. Heck, she would have been happy if she if she had at least seen the inside of an ambulance or something, but what she did see was something very, very different.

She wasn't in his house.

And she wasn't in the hospital,

And it definitely wasn't the inside of an ambulance.

She was in a forest.

A really, really big and incredibly thick, green forest that seemed to be almost as tall as the sky itself.

"Oh shit." she said in a horrified sounding voice, shooting up into a siting position and looking in every direction possible, only to realize that 'shit' didn't quite cover it.

The moment she sat up, pain shot through her body, telling her that she wasn't dreaming. When you dream, you don't feel pain, or anything else for that matter, and that made the scene in front of her eyes that much more impossible. There wasn't even a small park near her house, sure, there were some parks, but all of them were at least a fifteen minute drive away, if not more, and the only forest that was anywhere near it was over four hours away, so there couldn't be any one hundred foot tall trees around her.

It's completely impossible.

Staring at the huge, hundred foot tall trees that were standing around her, she quickly started rubbing at her eyes a few times before looking around at them again, hoping that clearly the sleep out of them would change what she was seeing.

It didn't.

When she looked at her surroundings again, there were still hundreds, if not thousands trees all around her, and almost all of them seemed seemed to be impossibly tall. Some of the trees she recognized, such as the evergreens and the great Oaks, but some of them were trees she had never seen before, and that's saying something. Her mother worked at the botanical garden all her life, so she was relatively familiar with most plants, making the fact that she didn't recognize some of them just that much weirder, and the trees weren't the only things she was having trouble identifying. There were also a bunch of bushes as well, some of which were bigger then she was and most of which she had never even seen before. Then there were the odd plants that seemed to be all over the place. Most of them were just a little taller then she was, but seemed even leafier then the bushes were, and one of which even had some really large and incredibly weird looking fruit growing on it.

Putting the fact that she was having trouble identifying most of the plants aside, something that in and of itself meant that she was a lot farther from home then she had ever been before, the fact that everything, save for the dead twigs and leafs on the ground and the huge and weird fruits in trees, was green made it that much more obvious that she was completely lost. The only place she had every seen that was even close to being this green was her mom's work, and she was definitely not in the Botanical garner.

It was definitely a forest she was sitting in it.

'OK, dreams don't hurt, and I'm in pain. That means this isn't a dream.' she realized, horror washing over her at the realization that she was very much awake and was really lost deep within a forest she had never seen before.

Unfortunately, while her mother was an insanely strong person, Alex was only half like her mother. Her breaking point was halfway between the zero that her father's was, which made him freak out over just about anything, and the hundred that her mother's was, which kept her from ever freaking out, which gave Alex herself a breaking point of about fifty on her bad days and a fifty two on her good days. Unfortunately, waking up wet and covered in bruises in a forest she had never seen before and knowing that she was probably a good seven or eight days of walking away from St. Louis reached about a sixty seven on her 'panic-meter', which meant only one thing.

Time to freak out.

"This is impossible." She said in a desperate voice, starting her two hour long panic attack that would leave her tired and able to think straight once it was over.

She had been in her house one moment, and in a forest the next, and that was just impossible. There was absolutely no way that she could have gotten to a forest from her house like that. It was just impossible! If she was hurt in the quake, then her parents would have taken her to a hospital, and even if they hadn't, there was absolutely no way they would take her to a forest and leave her there to die, they just wouldn't. Her mother had nearly beaten the crap out of some crazy lady that had left her baby in a car last week, there's no way she would abandon her, and her father wasn't exactly known for being able to cut the umbilical-cord. He was always afraid that she would get hurt walking to the mall on her own, which is why she usually had to have her mom distract him for her, so it would probably kill him to even consider to leave her somewhere where he couldn't get to her if she needed help.

To busy with her panic attack and trying not to actually have a heart attack, which, knowing she was definitely her fathers daughter, was incredibly possible, Alex failed to realize that something was nudging her bruised side. In a normal situation, she probably would have noticed it almost instantly, especially since it was her hurt side that was being nudged and bumped, which was causing her quite a bit of pain each time it happened, but as it was, nothing about her situation was normal, so she was to busy freaking out to even notice.

After several minutes of her completely ignoring whatever it was that was nudging her in favor of freaking out, the thing finally started resorting to full on headbutting against her side, desperate to get her attention. Normally she would have noticed something as painful as getting headbutted, but for some stranger reason, she didn't notice it at all and just continued having her panic attack.

"Where the hell am I?!" She finally shouted, still to shocked, horrified, and confused to stand up or notice that her side was being rammed into by something that shouldn't exist.

Her shout seemed to surprise the fuzzy animal like creature slightly because it suddenly stopped ramming its head into her side and instead just sat there, staring at her with a look of curiosity plastered across its furry little face.

It couldn't understand why the strange human was freaking out, though it had freaked out a little as well when she had suddenly appeared out of nowhere, falling from the sky and landing on it's poor little head.

It wasn't every day that a human fell from the sky and landed on your head, now was it?

Once it had finally gotten out from under her, which had taken a while, it had then started trying to wake the weird human up, only for the human to completely ignore it, even after it finally woke her up. After falling onto it's head, you would think that the least the human could do was play with it, but nope, she wasn't even paying attention to it.


It took Alex almost two hours to finally stop freaking out, in which time the little creature that was trying to get her attention had stopped its headbutting and had started using a move that it wasn't even sure how to really use yet: Body slam, which Alex, once again, was completely unfazed by, making the little creature wander what level she was.

Maybe she wasn't actually a human, maybe she was actually a flying type or something...

After about six minutes of taking deep, calming breaths, Alex finally started calming down, her rush of adrenaline and the panic she had felt slowly washing away with each breath. It wasn't that she was really over waking up in a forest that she had never seen before, it was just that she was pretty sure that having a heart attack in the middle of a forest where no one could help her would be very, very bad.

Not to mention stupid if it was from her freaking out, she gave her father enough crap about always panicking as it was, so dying that way was just out of the question.

It was as she started to stand up that the aches and pains in her body suddenly came back to her in full force now that the adrenaline was gone. Unfortunately, pain wasn't the only thing she was suddenly noticed. As soon as her body started telling her that she was in pain,f it also informed her that something else was happening to her.

-really bad attempt at a body slam-

To say that her heart nearly popped out of her ass would have been an understatement. The sudden impact on her side scared her so much that she was on her feet in less then half a second, looking around for whatever nudged her. She was still a little jumpy from her panic attack, and that made her already injured head more then prepared to go back into panic mode, which is almost what happened when she saw what it was that had slammed into her.

She wouldn't have been nearly as surprised if it was her father backing the car up into her or something, because with the way things in her life usually went, that would be pretty normal for her, but the thing that hit her definitely wasn't a car. It wasn't even a bike either. It was something she had only ever seen when she was watching one of her favorite anime or playing one of her favorite games. It was supposed to be a completely fictional creature and therefor it should have been impossible for her to ever actually see one in real life. Just as she was about to assume that it was merely some strange animal that just happened to resemble the creature from the anime and games, it did the unthinkable, something that instantly confirmed what it really was.

It said it's name.


The moment the little Pokemon said it's name like how all Pokemon always did, Alex did something not so surprising in return.

"AH!" She shouted in horror, going right back into panic mode almost instantly, falling over and scooting back away from the little raccoon like Pokemon as fast as she could, staring at it with a horrified expression on her face. "A-a-a-a-" she stuttered over and over again, unable to actually finish her sentence at first, only finally managing it when her mind finally started working again. "A-a- A Pokemon!"

It must have been that her brain was getting tired of having panic attacks after having the two hour long one that she had just recovered from because this time her panic attack only lasted about forty minutes, in which time the little tan and brown Pokemon just sat there and stared at her, turning its head from side to side in curiosity. It had seen many humans in it's life, but none of them had ever had that kind of a reaction to him. Whenever they saw him or another of his kind, they usually just chased after him and played with him, tossing balls to him and having their Pokemon play tag with him until they got tired and left. (A/N: Yeah, in case some of you haven't figured it out, it isn't actually ball or tag they were doing with him... but this Zigzagoon isn't the world's smartest Pokemon...)

Maybe she'd play with him if he just sat and waited a little while...

"It's a Pokemon..." Alex said again with her eyes still frozen in their saucer shaped surprise. "But-! They don't exist! What the heck is going?!"

For several minutes she simply continued freaking out, unable to believe that she was really looking at a living, breathing Pokemon. Like most fans of the anime, she had always daydreamed about being in the Pokemon world, but to actually have it happen... It's just impossible, not to mention freaky as hell. When her brain finally started working again, after forty five minutes as said before, she started thinking about it rationally.

"Ok, it's not really a Pokemon, I just hit my head on something in the basement when the floor collapsed and I'm just seeing things. Yeah, that's it. These aren't really trees, they're just pipes that my injured brain is turning into trees in my head. And that wasn't a wall of water back there that hit me, it was just a wall of junk falling over onto me or something." She said in a falsely calm voice, trying to get her pounding heart to stop trying to break its way out through her chest.

Taking a deep breath, Alex closed her eyes and tried to drive all the weird and impossible things she had just seen out of her mind, fully convinced that once she was finished she would be able to see her basement around her. When she finally did open her eyes again, all she saw were two really big brown eyes staring back into her light green ones.

"AH!" She yelled in surprise, causing the Zigzagoon to jump slightly and run a short distance away from her before turning to look at her again, which instantly caused her jaw to drop in horror.

The Zigzagoon in and of itself wasn't that horrifying, but the fact that it was hold a little green object in its mouth, a little green object that was still open and had two small blinking screens on it, was.

"Teleportation completed, have a nice day." The little machine said before the two little blinking screens suddenly clicked off and went blank.

"Te-te-te-tel-tela-port?!" Alex stuttered out in horror, her brain suddenly deciding that it could now work a mile a minute without a problem. "Wait, that thing just said 'Teleport complete'," She said, her brain working through all the information that had slowly been piling up ever since she had found the little thing in the first place. "That means, wait... That thing-... It... Teleport..." She stuttered, finally realize that, if she wasn't dream, the little green machine must have had something to do with her getting stuck in this weird forest with a little creature that should exist in it.

Unfortunately, at the exact moment that she realized that she needed to get the little machine back if she ever wanted to get home, the Zigzagoon realized that she was now going to try and 'play tag' with it, which meant that it promptly took of into the forest, taking the little green machine with it.

"WAIT! GET BACK HERE!" Alex shouted in what could only be called the voice of death and she jumped up and took off after the little tan and brown Pokemon, determined to get the machine back from it. "Get back here you little thief! I need that to get home!" She added desperately, trying to ignore the fact that her legs were so bruised that it hurt to even walk.

Zigzagoon didn't listen to her at all and instead choose to continue running off ahead, stopping every few seconds to look behind it to make sure she was still following. Once it was sure she was still chasing at it, it would then turn around and take off again, making sure to stay just out of reach.

Alex continued chasing the little Pokemon for what felt like hours, even though it was really only for ten minutes. She was having trouble keeping up with it at all, owing both to the fact that it was just incredibly fast for a little raccoon like animal and to the fact that she was still incredibly injured and running was making her feel every single bruise she had. It also didn't help that Zigzagoon wasn't really bothered by bushes or trees and was running through as many of them as he could, meaning that Alex continued got smacked on her arms, body, legs and face by branches, bushes, sticks, and just about every other things that she was forced to walk past.

There was also another downside to the path that Zigzagoon was taking her through. Every time she got smacked in the face with a branch or had to dunk under one, her view was momentarily obscured, which is why she didn't see that there was someone else walking through the forest until it was too late.

"Umf!" Alex and the unknown person grunted as they collided with each other, both of them hitting the ground a second later.

Knowing that she didn't have time to spare, Alex looked down at whatever, or rather whoever it was that she had smashed into as she stood up, only to pause when she saw that it was a person.

"Huh? Who are you?" She said in surprise, making the guy glare at her slightly in annoyance.

"Could ask you the same thing." He said angrily, only to pause a second later when he heard a Pokemon calling out.

"Zigzagoon!" Zigzagoon called, causing both people to look over at him, with Alex also jumping to her feet as well.

"Sorry, but I have to go." she said quickly as she jumped to her feet and started running after the little raccoon Pokemon, vaguely registering some where in the back of her head the fact that the guy had green hair while completely oblivious to the fact that he was now chasing after her, wanting to know why the heck she had knocked him over and wanting a full apology as well.

'Duh, there's a Pokemon here.' she thought in exasperation as she continued running after the little zigzagged colored Pokemon, berating herself for being so surprised at seeing someone in the forest and for being so surprised by his hair color. 'If this is the Pokemon world, then of course there would be trainers with green hair here.'

After freaking out for two hours when she woke up in a forest she had never seen before, then freaking out for another forty five minutes at seeing a real life Pokemon, her ability to freak out over things was kind of dried up. After almost three hours of freaking out, she was more then willing to believe that she was in an impossible place and also willing to believe that there were people with green hair.

That's just the way that most Haze women were. If the did ever freak out, which was almost never, as soon as they were done freaking out, they would get over whatever it was they were freaking out over and would just except it or try to figure out another explanation. Well, as there wasn't another explanation for her seeing a Pokemon, apart from maybe being crazy, which she wasn't quite ready to believe, excepting the possibility that a crazy little machine had somehow transported her to the Pokemon world was the best she could do.

And since she was going to be forced to except that little fact, then she might as well get over the weirdness of anything else that she might see. The anime and the games had always had a huge collection of weird moments in them, so there was probably going to be a lot of weirdness for her to deal with, it would just be better if she got over them now and just tried to figure out how to get home, though she was pretty sure she already knew how to get home.


Easy, if the little green thing had brought her to the Pokemon world, then it was probably the only thing that could get her home again, and if that was the case, then she really needed to catch the little thief that had taken off with it.

"Hey! Get back here!" She heard someone yelling from somewhere behind her, causing her to glance over her shoulder for a split second, only to see that it was the same green haired guy that she had knocked over, who just happened to look as though he was going to kill her. "Hay! What's the big idea of knocking me over and leaving me back there?!"

Knowing that she would probably trip over something or loose site of the little raccoon Pokemon, Alex turned her attention back to Zigzagoon.

"That Zigzagoon has something of mine and I really need to get it back." She called over her shoulder, hoping he would just except her answer and leave it at that.

"Oh-" her said in surprise, comprehension slowly making its way across his face as he caught up to her and started running after the little raccoon like Pokemon as fast as he could as well, deciding to help her out now that he knew what was going on.

For the next fifteen minutes, the two of them continued chasing the little Pokemon all through the forest, with Alex being the only one that kept tripping over everything. Apparently, the green haired guy, being form the Pokemon world, was used to walking on twigs, half broken branches, and rocks while trying to dodge boulders, hanging branches, and other random objects that could blind you or injure you if you ran into them. Unfortunately, as Alex was only used to walking on cement and tar, she somehow managed to become very familiar with each and every single branch, rock, and twig in the forest, and they didn't even have the nerve to offer her dinner first.

It was just after one of her more spectacular falls that the Zigzagoon finally decided to stop running. The clearing it stopped in wasn't very large. It was only about twenty feet in diameter and had a huge deep crack in the center of it that was a good six inches wide, making it look as though the ground itself was being ripped apart by something. While most of the little clearing was covered in grass, even though the sun was completely blocked by all the trees, the ground around the giant crack was completely covered in dry, almost rock like dirt.

Apart from the giant crack in the center of the clearing, there was also a small cliff on the far side of it, and though it was impossible to see just how far down it suddenly dropped, it was definitely to high for the little raccoon Pokemon to jump down it and left only the other three side of the clearing to be filled with trees.

The moment the little raccoon like Pokemon was in the clearing, it trotted over to the other side, stopping when it came to a large crack in the ground. Making their way out into the clearing, Alex and the green haired guy were just in time to see the little Zigzagoon turned around, sit back on it's hind legs like a dog, and spit the little green machine out on the ground in front of it before it started blinking at them happily. Apparently it had really enjoyed it's little game of tag and had decided to declare itself the winner since they hadn't been able to keep up with it.

"Is that the thing you needed to get back?" The green haired guy asked Alex, sounding very out of breath.

Apparently, he wasn't nearly as used to running after things as Alex had thought.

"Yeah, it is." Alex answered simply, already inching her way over to the little green machine in front of the Zigzagoon, moving only a few inches every few seconds.

If she moved to quickly, then the Zigzagoon would probably pick the little machine up and run off again, and she really didn't want that to happen. Her legs were hurting so much from running through the forest that she was pretty sure sh would never be able to catch up to the little thing again if it took off a second time. Her only hope was that it wouldn't realize what she was doing until she had a chance to get to the machine. If it did figure it out, then she didn't stand a chance of ever getting it back.

'OK, keep your eyes on my eyes and don't pay attention to what I'm doing.' she thought hopefully, praying that the little Zigzagoon wouldn't notice her trying to get the little machine away from her.

When her hand was about half a foot away from the green Nintendo DS lite like machine, Zigzagoon seemed to realize what she was doing and tackled her in the stomach, making her fall over backwards in the process.

"Umf!" She grunted as she hit the ground with the crazy Pokemon sitting on her stomach.

"Zigzagoon!" it said happily, closing its and giving her two eye smiles.

The entire time Alex was struggling to get the Pokemon off of her, the green haired guy just sat there and watched, completely unfazed by the Pokemon's actions. He had seen read that Zigzagoons like to tackle there trainers in some book he had gotten from the library back in his home town, so it didn't really surprise him all that much.

Growling angrily at getting tackled to the ground by a creature that shouldn't exist, Alex finally managed to push Zigzagoon of of her, though the little creature didn't seem at all to think that she was really annoyed with him. In fact, from the way Zigzagoon was looking at her, it seemed to think that she was trying to play yet another game with it.

"Huh, you're Pokemon isn't that bright." The green haired guy said after a moment, realizing that Zigzagoon thought she was playing with him. "Most Pokemon can understand people well enough, but that one doesn't seem to get it... maybe it has a naive personality or something. "

"More like a crazy type." Alex corrected, rolling her eyes at the loony little Pokemon as it continued to eye smile up at her as she stood up.

Sighing heavily and fully convinced that the Zigzagoon wasn't going to run off with the little green machine again, Alex made her way over to it and bent over to pick it up, only to get hit by an angry flash of white a second before her hand touched the little green machine.

"Pelipper!" The giant mass of white feathers shouted angrily, using a wing attack on her and causing her to fall back in surprise and pain once more.

"Hey! Pidgey-GO!" the green haired guy shouted, tossing a Pokeball through the air and releasing the Pokemon in side it in an attempt to help get the large, white and blue pelican like flying Pokemon off of her.

When the Pokeball released the Pokemon inside it, a bright red light appeared, forming into a small, brown and tan bird, with it's underside and half of the outer parts of it's wings being the tan parts. It also had three crested fathers on top of it's head, with the two outer ones being tan as well. It also had a large black streak of feathers coming from the bottom of it's eyes down to about where it's neck was. As for its beak and its two legs and feet, they were all dark pink in color.

In the anime, Pidgey were usually almost the same size as human head, if not bigger, but this little thing... it was only about half that size. Either some of the sizes of the Pokemon were way off in the anime, or the green haired guy's Pidgey was just plain puny, which was proven a minute later when the large, white and blue Pelipper opened it's mouth while not letting up on it's attack on Alex, and snapped up the little flying Pokemon without a problem.

"AH! Pidgey!" The guy shouted in horror at seeing the Pelipper actually trying to eat his Pokemon.

Luckily, though his Pidgey was small, it wasn't at all stupid. Almost as soon as the Pelipper's beak slammed shut on it, it instantly started using what had to be a gust attack, causing the large flying Pokemon some damage from inside its own mouth.

While all of this was happening, Zigzagoon had been laying on the ground, slightly dazed from getting thrown back by Pelipper's origianl attack. While it had actually only hit Alex with it's wing attacks, when it had sent Alex flying onto her back, it had also sent Zigzagoon, who had been near Alex at the time, flying back into a tree. For about half a minute after that, while the green haired guys Pidgey was sent out to fight, all Zigzagoon had been able to do was just sit there with his eyes whirling away, luckily though, his daze had finally warn off and now he was going to get a little payback on the big mean feathered Pokemon for slamming him into a tree.

"ZIG!" he shouted angrily, hopping onto his four little feet and bending his head down, lowering it into the perfect headbutting position.

At the exact same time that the Pelipper started to choke on the Pidgey, who was using gust attack over and over again on it from inside it's beak, Zigzagoon rushed forward and unleashed his attack, slamming his head into its stomach and causing it to spit out the little flying Pokemon as well as sending it flying back and onto the ground.

"Now that's an combo!" the green haired guy cheered, confusing Alex slightly on why he was so excited about seeing to Pokemon attacking one at the same time.

'What ever, at least that things off of me now.' she thought tiredly, just happy that she was no longer getting hit by it's wing attacks, which had actually really hurt a lot. 'Great, now my bruises have bruises.' she added when she sat up, instantly realizing that moving was a very stupid thing to do.

"I think I might have broke something." She said painfully as she slowly stood up, feeling each and every one of her muscle protesting at her movement.

Just as the green haired guy opened his mouth to say something, the Pelipper straightened up as well, clearly not as hurt as they had thought that it was. The moment it was up again, both Alex and the green haired guy turned their attention back to it, along with the other two Pokemon in the clearing as well. Fortunately for them, the Pelipper didn't seem at all interested in fighting them again and instead turned its attention to something else and, much to Alex's horror, promptly picked that something else up with it's beak, turned around, and took off into the forest to their right. So what was that something else that it decided to take off with?

The little machine.

The same little machine that Alex needed to get back if she ever wanted to get home.


"No! Get back here!" Alex shouted in horror, having a mild moment of deja-vu about running after a thieving Pokemon while in an extreme amount of pain.

"Ag, not again!" The green haired guy shouted as he summoned back his Pidgey and started running after her, wandering if running after thieving Pokemon was normal for the brunet.

The two of them continued running for several minutes, with Zigzagoon following just behind them. It was hard to see the Pelipper through the thick mass of tree branches that hung over their heads, but they somehow managed to do it, spotting it's white feathers every now and then. Sadly, even though they were somehow managing to see it every now and then, flying Pokemon tend to be a lot faster then land Pokemon and people were, which made it almost impossible for them to keep up with it. The trees that stood in its way did manage to slow it down a bit, but that didn't last long.

Everyone had been running for only a few minutes when suddenly, out of nowhere, the forest disappeared and opened up onto a small cliff that stood several feet above a grassy plain with a small town off in the distance and the ocean just on the other side of that. If it wasn't for her current situation, Alex probably would have thought it was beautiful, but as it was, all she could do was stair off at the sky in horror as the Pelipper flew away.

"Ah!" she yelled shortly, staring off at it in horror as it flew away while somehow managing to keep herself from running straight off the cliff she suddenly found herself standing on.

Realizing that she had probably just lost her last hope at ever getting home, Alex sank to her knees and just stared unseeingly off into the horizon.

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