Disclaimer: I own nothing, I'm simply tapping into the brilliance and fun of Stargate SG1.

Author's note: I tend to have interesting dreams, and my life, well quite often truth is stranger than fiction. At one point in trying to explain something to my therapist I came up with the following. I think in these parts it's known as a drable or some such? I was wrestling with some things and because my Therapist was also a die hard SG1 fan I painted it this way. She thought it was great and captured the characters well. Since I'm working on a full story, I thought I'd get my feet wet with this. I'm doing it as more screenplay format right now because that's the way I captured it in my journal. I don't know if this is against the guideline, I hope not, if so, I can re-write it.


Blast door to the gateroom opens and in walks SG-1 Standing a the foot of the ramp left to right we have Carter, Jack, T, and Daniel.

Jack to T: "T, You've got that look . . ."

T to Jack: "To which look are you referring O'Neill?

Daniel; deadpans: "The one that says I have misgivings about the mission but deep down I know we are doing the right thing?"

Jack to Daniel: "No, the other one."

Daniel: "Oh . . ."

Off screen; Hammond: "SG-1, Godspeed"

(Gate starts to spin and the first chevron lights up)

Off screen; Walter: "Chevron one engaged"