Disclaimer: C&H + other related characters belong to Mr. Watterson. C'mon, you've seen enough of these to know that.

The Magical Toy

1 In the shadows, there's a boy

Who has a very lucky toy

He plays with him and shares his life

He has faith as sharp as a knife

Calvin's his name, a happy young fellow

His tiger friend is covered in yellow

They're friends, not foes, though they may fight

But they work together to escape the plight

They come together and live through life

The tiger helps him overcome strifes

Calvin sees him real; he's always true to him

But in life they seem to come too close to the rim

Is it dangerous that he lives with Hobbes?

Shall he grow up in life where he lives and robbes?


For the tiger is his real true friend

He'll be with him 'till the end