Nitrea shook in Gaara's arms. He held her as close as he could to him, keeping her from squishing her.

Naruto glared at the two of them. The look of hatred blazed in his eyes, but if Gaara had of looked closer into the blonde's eyes, he would of seen the hidden pain and love.

"Why are you here?" Naruto said, coldly.

"Naruto…" Garaa growled. "You need to get over yourself! You're giving up what is right in front of you! You've abused the love of a small child! And what for? Because the dad that you didn't know all of your younger life came back, somehow and then died peacefully. In his sleep. Of natural causes."

Naruto looked shocked but hid it well.

"At least I didn't tell my kid that everything would be fine and then get them taken away from me." He responded angrily.

Gaara calmly walked over to the light purple couch to the side of the room and gently set Nitrea down on it. He got her comfortable, then, faster than most eyes could follow, flew at Naruto.

He grabbed the man's neck, shoving his straight into the white walls.

"Shut the hell up. You know nothing about what happened then. You don't know how it feels to have a kid, your kid, taken from you." Gaara said, his face getting dangerously close to the other man's face.

"…" Naruto opened his mouth to say something, but then shut it, not able to say anything about it.


"I don't want to be here with you any more, and I'm taking Takashi with me!" Alys said.

"Alys, please don't take him, he's the only one close to me. Please." Gaara begged

"I thought I was the most important thing to you, or did you just use me to get a child. Pregnant me up, then steal the child later. It's not going to happen because we are through and I'm leaving with Takashi." She yelled at him.

She yanked the wedding band off her finger and trough the piece of gold at the man, standing dumbly in front of her. The pain made him jump back into reality.

"NO! Alys, please! Don't do this! You can't mean this! I don't want either of you to leave! We can work this out! PLEASE just give this a chance! Give US a second chance." He said to her, begging like a blind peasant.

She pushed him away from her, leaving their room. She walked through the small house to their son's bedroom. He followed her, pleading with her not to leave, the whole way.

She didn't listen.

Alys barged into her son's room, flinging open the door. Takashi opened his eyes and popped up quickly to a sitting position. He looked straight at his parents.

"Wha's goin' on?" The 4-year-old, his speech slurring from sleep.

"Takashi, You and I are leaving, and we're not taking anything from this place to remind us of it." She said going to the bed and harshly picking the boy up.

Takashi yelped in pain and Gaara bounded forward, trying to stop his now ex-wife from hurting their son.

"DAD!" He yelled out, looking straight into his eyes. "You said everything would be all right! But what's going to happen to me now?" Takashi said.

The boy's light turquoise eyes suddenly seeming like dagger's, slamming into him and piercing his soul with the icy pieces. Falling to the floor with helplessness as the she took his one and only son away from him.

Guilt pierced his body as he sat against the wall. His hands were like ropes, that wanted to take him by his neck and hang him. His eyes were blurred from the tears hanging in them, and he felt like the ropes held his throat so tight, he could barely breath.

It was fine with him. He didn't want to breath. He didn't want to live. He was hoping to die. His reason for living was once again being taken away from him, and he was once again powerless to stop it. His son, his only reason for living, had practically blamed him for all this. His chance was once again lost. But this was the last chance, and he let it slip away into the cold darkness of the night.

Nothing would ever help again.

-end of the flashback-

"You're lucky Naruto." Gaara whispered into Naruto's ear quietly.

The man gave the other one last push into the wall by his neck then let him go, watching him flop onto the floor, shock filling his faded blue eyes.

"If you want to get yourself right with Nitrea, She'll be staying at my place."

Gaara looked down at the man on the in disgust before turning and walking back over to the girl on the couch. She was watching them, her eyes wide in amazement, or disbelief.

She looked as though in a trance. Her eyes were half lidded, staring at the wall where Naruto had been a second ago with Gaara holding him there. The usual electric, sparkling blue eyes, were clouded with gray and white thunderstorms of thoughts. He couldn't see any expression other than the laziness that surrounded her.

Before anyone of the occupants could blink, the girl fell unconscious. Her eyes fully closed and she fell off the couch from her sitting position, to the floor with a soft thump. Both, Gaara and Naruto, jumped up and ran to the girl with a cry filling the air. It was a combination of both their voices to the Lord knows where.

They couldn't get close enough to her. They had to stop around 5½ feet away from her. They couldn't move. Something was swirling and moving around them.


I woke up and saw Uncle Gaara holding Dad by his neck against the wall. I wanted to call out to them and tell them that they shouldn't fight over something like me. My brain told me that I shouldn't of, but I had already forgiven my father. He was my dad, and even if he didn't care for me in the last half a year, he's still the only real dad that I got, and I'll love him.

Something inside of me was pulling at me, and I didn't want to leave the control of my body. I saw my uncle push dad against the wall and let go. I saw my dad flop bonelessly to the ground. I saw my uncle turn to me. But everything that was suppose to be in my hearing was gone.

I felt to weak. My body was going limp from the force of the pull on my body. Finally I couldn't take it any more and I let it take me deep, deep into my mind.


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I woke up again on soft grass. Trees surrounded the clearing, covering it loosely on one side, showing the other clearing. The other side had the trees packed tightly together showing a dark, damp landscape. Animals were rotting on the pathways, skeletons of other ones and even a few human children ones. It led to a dark cave where a steady drip of water was heard. I wasn't scared of the cave, but I was freaked out by the stench of death filling the air around it.

I took off and sprinted through the trees into the meadow on the other side, not even wanting to stop when the stench was gone from the air. I kept running and didn't look back. Tears were sliding out of my eyes making me sob with horror while I was running.

I didn't want to stop, but, unfortunately, I slammed into something. I fell backwards onto my butt, tears now coming down in hiccuped sobs.

My eyes moved upwards, wanting to see what my body hit. A lady was standing there, looking very pretty and nice. She looked down at me smiling, and I tried to hold in my sobs. She just watched me for a second, then opened her arms. I jumped straight into them and sobbed horribly into her shoulder. When my tears finally came to a stop, I yawned.

The pretty lady laughed at my drowsiness. I pouted and got comfortable in her arms. She let me, and I rested my head against her shoulder. I yawned again, wondering why I was so tired.

I brushed all the thoughts out of my mind and went to sleep, the smell of blue and purple roses filling my nose.

-The Pretty Lady-

I watched as the girl fell asleep in my arms. I laid against the grass, getting my chakra ready for my task. The man I was going to see was going to be very hurt if I did this right. But if I didn't then I could very well be trapped in here for eternity. Well! It never hurt before to try!

"Concentrate." I told myself harshly.

The next thing I knew, something had sucked me up through a tube and spit me out. I fell into the space before getting up slowly, aware that I now saw two very shocked men in front of me, and that I was much shorter than usual.

"HI!" I said, making both of them promptly faint.

"Well, that was rude." I huffed out to the passed out men in front of me.

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