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Yori sighed as she walked out of her class to see and hear stupid fan girls screaming with all their might at the Night Class students, especially Aido.

IDOL! IDOL! Please accept my—NO, accept MY gift!

This is so idiotic, why can't they just go up to him like normal people instead of screaming his stupid name? What's so good about him anyways? Sure, He has good looks and is rich but other than that, he's spoiled, inconsiderate, lazy, stupid and a playboy! These girls are headed for heartbreak.Yori thought and laughed quietly at herself for acting like such a granny at the last sentence as she walked to the library.

Aido's POV

As Aido walked out of the Moon Dormitory he couldn't help but notice a girl who was intensely glaring at him-of course he was used to glares from, well from everyone in the Night Class-but this girl's was so scary but funny at the same time. She had short brown hair with brown, hazel eyes that stood out of her face. She looked normal and cute but she wasn't screaming for anybody so he knew she was special.

Then she laughed, nobody heard her over the screaming girls but he was a vampire of course and could hear anything he wanted to hear. Her laugh was so velvety and soft he wondered what it was about but as she looked at him she had that menacing glare again. She didn't look like the one to get mad easily so he followed her as wondered what she was so mad about.

She looks oddly familiar… he thought as he walked into the library after her.

Whatever, I'll just woo her with my charm and then leave before Kaname-sempai kills me for being late at class again.

Yori's POV

Yori had the feeling that somebody was following her but shrugged it off and thought it was just her mind. She got a book in the fantasy section, a book about vampires. She didn't know why she took it; it was pulling her towards it. As she opened the book, she found herself staring at horrifying pictures of vampires killing, hunting and drinking.

What if vampires actually existed she shuddered at the thought. It was almost curfew hours but as she got up to leave and take the book home (It was really interesting) she couldn't help but think she was being followed again so she walked faster pulling her uniform tighter around her as she walked to the dorm.

Aido's POV

Aido knew this was now or never so he breathed heavily and ran up to her. "Hi" he said as he smiled a gorgeous grin that would have melted any girl but not this one.

What is wrong with this girl, doesn't she see how beautiful I am? Aido wondered. He also wondered why he froze up when he was near this girl. Then she spoke but what she said surprised him so much he almost fell over.

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