Summary: Takes place after the beginning of eclipse. Jake is tired of Bella and her stupid letters. He starts to hang out with Leah they become friends. One day they get drunk and decide to go to Vegas.

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My head is killing me. What time is it? Ugh let my check my clock.

What the hell. I turn over to check my clock but instead I find a very naked Jacob Black! Think Leah think what did you do last night (Jacob black that's for sure). Wait a minute were the hell am I. Ugh I can't even remember.

"Leah?" oh god he woke up.

"Yea" wow could I sound any lamer.

"Don't take this the wrong way but why are in my b-"

I cut him off "Jake were not in your bed I don't even know where we are"

"Oh" That's when he started to get up but realized he was completely naked.

"Leah we didn't did we?"

"I think so" I wish I could remember though. You see after me and Jake started spending more time together I kind of developed a want for him if you know what I mean.

"But Leah what happened last night"

"I don't know Jake"


Ok so I woke up found Leah in the same bed as me naked we don't know where we are or what happened. That's a great way to start the day. Not. Jake just think. Ok let's start with what happened. God I can't even remember. Wow I finally have sex and with Leah freaking Clearwater of all people and I can't even remember!

That's when something caught my eye.

"Leah what is that on finger"

"Jake what are you talk- "that's she look down and say the wedding ring on her finger.

"Jake did we get married?"

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