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Italics are Shadow's thoughts.

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It had been nearly a year since Sonic's death, and Shadow had been locked up in his apartment since then, not wanting to see or talk to anyone. Hell, he hadn't even told Sonic's friends about his death, nor did he want to. He didn't tell anyone.

He wanted to deal with this on his own. He couldn't. He tried to move on. He couldn't.

Up until 8 months ago, he'd either have nightmares where Sonic blamed him for his death, or he'd have flashback dreams to the good times he had with Sonic. Either way, he always ended up waking up alone in his bed.

He couldn't take the dreams anymore, so he stopped sleeping. He hadn't eaten since his love's death.

Even though he had been created to last months without food or rest, even he had his limits. He didn't care. Didn't care that his body was deteriorating, wasting away due to lack of nutrition. Didn't care that his once sleek, soft fur was now disheveled and matted.

He was too lost in his grief to care.

His tears were long gone, and his eyes held no expression, no spark.

He'd lost the will to live.


He tried many times to reunite himself with his lover, but it seems there was another downside to being immortal. Age couldn't kill him, and neither can suicide.

He kept trying, though, hoping that if his body was weak enough, then his next attempt would work.

I need you with me…

No one knew that Shadow had secretly cremated Sonic, and kept the ashes in a blue vase, which he always had clutched in his arms like a small child would their stuffed animal whenever they were afraid or sad.

For a short time, he wondered if he was going insane, as he had, on more than one occasion, actually talked to the vase, thinking that Sonic would somehow answer from the grave.

He couldn't take it anymore. He just couldn't.

Why won't you come back? I miss you…

Setting the vase down for the first time since he put Sonic's ashes into it, he walked into the small kitchen and pulled out a knife, then walked into the bathroom.

If anyone was going to see his broken heart, then he'd make sure they saw it.

He knew that while Chaos Energy could heal any wound, it couldn't regrow organs. He was planning to use that to his advantage.

Pressing the blade against his chest, he made a deep incision around the white tuft of fur on his chest.

Using a finger as a pen, he wrote a message on the wall using his own blood.

To anyone who finds this,

I am now dead. I chose to kill myself to be with the most important person in my life- Sonic the Hedgehog. That's right. He's dead. He died about a year ago. I couldn't handle my grief. I loved Sonic, and he loved me back, but we kept our relationship a secret because we didn't want the press finding out. He fought a good fight, but his recklessness is what got him killed. Or so he said. I was there when he died, and to this day, I wish there was something I could've done. Should've done. I thought everyone would blame me for it if they knew, that's why I didn't say anything. I just hope I end up at the same place he is.

Sayonara from Shadow the Hedgehog.

Putting the knife down, he inserted his hand into the hole where his chest fluff was a few minutes ago, and ripped out his heart.

While this would've killed anyone else rapidly, Shadow was able to feel his still-beating heart for a few seconds, before finally collapsing on the floor, dead.

His last thoughts were,

I'll be with you soon, my love.

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