Chapter 1- One In A Million

It was negative. Again. All four tests were lying there with their minus sign. Emma stared at them once more. She then threw them in the garbage, where the 162 tests she took in the previous five years, had gone. She took a deep breath in and held back her tears. She suddenly jumped as the phone rang throughout the house. She shut the lights and ran into her bedroom. "Hello?"

"Hi, it's Cleo. Guess what?"


"I'm pregnant again!"

"Oh that's great." Emma tried her best to sound happy, but her voice cracking, hinted something was wrong.

"Is something wrong?"

"No, no, I'm fine." She tried to hide her feelings, hoping to start a new discussion. "Did you tell Lewis?"

"No, You're the first to know, besides me. Hold on, Emma." Cleo said. There was a pause before she spoke again. "Sorry Linda Kate couldn't pull this toy apart and she screams."

"She's crazy." Emma let out a little laugh. "She's nine months today, right?"


"And how's Izzie doing?"

"Good. She's actually at work with Lewis. For some reason she wanted to go, so he said he'd take her in." Cleo replied. "How are you doing?"

"Ok, I guess."

"How'd the fertility appointment go?" Cleo hesitated to ask, knowing it was a rough topic for Emma.

"Useless. The pregnancy tests were negative." Emma choked down her tears, sitting down on her bed.

"It'll happen. Listen I got to go, Linda Kate's screaming again, but I'll talk to you soon and we'll get together. Bye."

"Bye." Emma softly said, before hanging up the phone. She lay back on the bed and was greeted by a lick from her dog. "Hi S'mores." She stroked the tiny Boston terrier, who was now leaning his head on her legs. The dog's collar jingled as he perked his head up, at the sound of the garage.

Emma lifted her body up and glanced at the clock. "Crap! It's five and I haven't started dinner." She ran downstairs and opened a cabinet in the kitchen. She pulled out a box of pasta, before pulling out two pots. She filled one pot with water and put it on the now warm stove. She pulled a container full of sauce out of the freezer and poured it into the other pot.

Warm, large arms soon wrapped around her waist, before she felt a comforting kiss on her cheek. "How's my favorite girl?"

"…Ok." She hesitated, biting down on her lower lip.

"No you're not." Ash denied. "Something's bothering you."

"The tests were negative, again." Emma erupted into tears.

Ash felt his heart shatter. He was losing hope in having a baby. "Maybe we should try adoption again."

"Why? So we can fly into another state and come back home without a baby? I can't do this anymore! I just can't! Cleo is going to have a third baby! I'm sure Rikki will have no trouble having a baby! Everyone we know our age is having kids! We've tried everything! I'm tired of living like this! I just want a baby! Is that too much to ask for!" Emma threw her hands in the air, while tears drowned her face.

"Emma, it's going to happen soon…"

"I've heard that for the past five years! We don't have a baby right now!" She closed her eyes and calmed herself down. "I'm sorry. I'm not yelling at you. I'm just…depressed."

Depressed was a powerful word. Ash wanted to deny her emotion, but he knew it was true and he knew he was feeling the same way. "Look, Emma…Oh my gosh! The food is exploding!"

She immediately turned around, to find herself standing in sauce, mixed with water. She turned off the stove and broke into tears, again. Her day was not going as planned. "Does anything ever go right?"

"It's ok." Ash pulled her into a hug, while rubbing her back. She sobbed into his chest, feeling so much pain in her heart. They stood there for a few more minutes before she pulled away.

"Emma, we're going to the doctor tomorrow. I'm making an appointment and we're trying In Vitro again."

"Why? The first two times it didn't work and the third time I miscarried. I don't want to waist money."

"We won't! We have plenty of money. If we need more, we'll sell the house and move into a smaller house." Ash reassured, handing Emma a roll of paper towels, so she could clean up the mess.

"Well, when we bought the house, we thought we would soon have children running around in it."

"I'm calling the doctor and we are going to do this."

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Emma is 28 years old and Ash is 29 years old and they have been married for eight years. They currently have no children, but have been trying to get pregnant/adopt for five years and nothing is working. Ash is a vet, which only works on weekdays from seven to five. Emma used to be a neonatal nurse, but got laid off when the hospital burned into flames. Cleo is 28 years old and Lewis is 28 years old and they have been married for seven years. Lewis is a scientist. Cleo used to be a nurse, but quit her job to stay home with the kids. They currently have two children. They have a nine-month-old baby named Linda Kate and a three-year-old girl named Isabella (Izzie). Rikki is 29 years old and got married about five months ago to Zane, who is 29 years old. They currently have no children, but are planning on having some. Zane is an Elementary school principal and Rikki is a kindergarten teacher at the same school. They have changed a lot. The girls are still mermaids and nobody knows, except their family members (Parents included). The story is starting with Thursday July eighth.