Chapter 24

Emma dialed the number on the peice of paper, listening to the other line ring. She waited for someone to pick up, before speaking. "Hello, this is Emma Thompson, is Savannah Birks there?"

"This is her." The woman on the other line smiled through the phone.

"Oh." Emma laughed. "My husband, Ash, spoke to your husband. I used to be...a mermaid and apparently so did you."

"Oh, husband was telling me."

"Yeah, do you know anyone else who's a mermaid?"

"My friend also was, but she lost the powers when she became pregnant, as well as me."

"Same, but my two girlfriends also became pregnant and didn't lose the powers, but we all had triplets at the same time and our children don't have the powers." Emma explained, leaning back against the couch and straightening her right leg.

"That's so weird. My kids don't have the powers either. I never understood why it happened to me and I thought I was the only one."

"I know. I don't know what to make of it."

"How are you feeling? My husband told me what happened."

"Much better. I actually got off the crutches and have a bendable brace. They gave me another surgery to help with my knee and I'm working through the pain. It's kind of hard to be on crutches with triplets." She laughed, glancing over at the babies crawling on the floor.

"That's good. How old?"

"Almost seven months." Emma replied, waving to her daughter who was staring at her.


"Yup, everyday's an adventure."

"Tell me about it, I have four girls. A nine-year-old, a three-year-old, and two, nine-month-olds." Savannah laughed, glancing at her watch, which read five.

"Awe. I've got a boy and two girls, but they're excellent."

"Same here. I couldn't ask for any better kids." She smiled. "Hey, maybe we should get together soon."

"That sounds great. When?"


"You could come over tonight if you like, my two girlfriends are coming over for dinner at six thirty and maybe if your friend isn't busy she could come over too." Emma offered, pushing her haird behind her ears.

"I'd love to, but are you sure it's not to much work?"

"Of course not. We already have people coming over, what's the difference if more people are coming over."

it was a few hours before everyone arrived- Emmaand Ash's parents Savannah and her family, Rikki, and Cleo. Everyone sat down at the table, breaking into conversation, and playing with the babies. Dinner was served and conversations about mermaids were spoken. Another friend was added to the trio. The babies were happy and healthy and so were their parents. Everything was perfect…

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