I decided to take time off my OC journey story to try my hand at a two-shot. A friend asked for me to write a story revolving around Misty, May and Dawn trying to get an unseen Ash's attention in devious ways. I hope I did the characters justice and that you enjoy! Thanks to the user Vivronkasaur for telling me to post it :D.

The pecking order

Part 1: Under the same roof!

"Are you okay up there misty?" May shouted as she held the wobbling ladder the Cerulean Gym leader had climbed with all her might "Maybe it's not too late to get Brock to-"

"No! Don't" Misty shouted below, barely able to keep her balance "I just have to nail in one more…" she lined up the hammer in her hand with a loose nail and slammed it against the lax metal with authority, ending their two hour chore once and for all. "Perfect!"

Misty climbed down the ladder in one piece, much to May's relief, and the two girls took several steps back to admire their work. High above the Cerulean City Gym, sprawling across the arched back of the building's Dewgong painting, sat the words 'Congratulations Ash!' in various, glossy colors that blended wonderfully with the gym's orange and pink dome top. Every so often the sun would shine on the words, revealing shimmering replicas of the Kanto, Orange Island, Johto and Sinnoh badges that Ash had earned throughout his years as a Pokémon trainer.

"That looks great!" a voice called from behind the girls, taking their attention away from their masterpiece. Misty and May turned to see a rather fashionable, blue haired girl with two suitcases in her hand and a small, cute Piplup by her side, who struggled with a small suitcase of its own.

"Dawn!" May exclaimed, rushing over to the girl and swooping her up in a friendly hug, unintentionally causing her luggage to drop out of her hands and crash down on Piplup. "It's been years! Since the 2rd Wallace cup!"

"Which you dominated!" Dawn squealed, hugging her friend with enough force to crush a Steelix. As the girls continued to shrill in delight, Piplup made its way from under the mountain of suitcases dazed and unable to stand on both feet. It wobbled around the girls confused for a bit before falling against the soft hands of a kneeling Misty.

"Now what kind of Pokémon are you?" Misty smiled, causing Piplup to hop up and regain it composure. The penguin Pokémon beat its chest manly to signify that it was grateful for the help, but strong again. Misty chuckled at its reply.

"You must be Misty!" Dawn said, outstretching her hand to Misty. The orange haired girl took it with a smile. "I've heard so much about you from Ash, May and Brock!" She said as she helped the Cerulean Gym leader to her feet.

"Yea, I've heard a lot about you too, Dawn. I've seen your contests too; great to finally meet you! "The two girls laughed nervously at each other before smiling in the awkward way that two possible friends do. Piplup caught wind of the mood and hopped into Misty's arms.

"Piplup!" it exclaimed, drawing a bit of genuine laughter from the tree girls.

"This is Piplup." Dawn said, taking her Pokémon from Misty's arms. "He likes you already!" she chuckled, making Piplup blush as May and Misty laughed.

The girls were too occupied to notice three figures slowly approaching them. In fact, they weren't aware of the presence of Daisy, Violet and Lily until the sensational sisters were hovering over them close enough to block out their sunlight.

"This is wonderful!" Lily exclaimed dramatically as she took May, Misty and Dawn in a bear hug individually.

"Totally amazing!" Daisy said in awe before taking them all in a group hug "They aren't even, like, battling each other!"

"All three of Ash's beauties under the same roof celebrating his completion of a foreign Pokémon league!" Violet added "Each vying for his attention and love! This should totally be our next water ballet!"

"IT'S NOT LIKE THAT!" Misty, May and Dawn screamed in unison, each becoming flushed at the comments they were receiving. The girls broke free of Daisy grasps before pointing shaking fingers at Misty's sisters.

"Y- You've got it all wrong!" May stuttered, looking to Misty and Dawn for support.

"Y-Yea!" Dawn agreed, holding Piplup to her face to stop the sensational sister from reading her expression "We're all, just, you know! Ash's old traveling friends!"

The three sisters rubbed their chins in unison and eyed the girls suspiciously.

"That'll, like, totally change when Ash gets here!" Violet spoke as Lily and Daisy nodded their heads in agreement.

"We so heard all about the times Ash got stuck on shopping trips with you Dawn." Lily grinned, tapping the Sinnoh native on the nose "Total points for that."

Daisy huffed at the comment "What about the ribbon that Ash and May broke in half! Totally a love token if you ask-"

"ENOUGH!" Misty yelled, startling her sisters so much that they jumped back. "Why aren't you three doing something productive!? Go make sure Brock and Tracey are okay inside with the food!" she pointed towards the Cerulean Gym.

"B-but we can't cook-"Daisy began "Besides, they wanted to be-"

"GO!" Misty yelled, causing her sisters to flee to the safety of the Cerulean Gym. When they were gone, she rubbed her temple in agitation "Honestly, what do those three think sometimes."

"F-Forget about it Misty." May said, still red from the conversation that just took place "Let's show Dawn and Piplup the room." Misty nodded and, taking one of Dawn's fallen bags, turned towards the direction of the Gym. May followed suit.

"You coming Dawn?" Misty turned to the blue haired girl that appeared to be petrified. "I hope my sisters didn't-"

"N-no" Dawn began, regaining some mobility "It's just… May… I remember hearing that Drew-"

The shriek that released from May's lips had so much force that Dawn, Misty and Piplup were sent crashing to the ground. When they regained their balance, they found May curled up in a ball nearby, devoid of all her color.

"Don't…" she mumbled "Don't mention that name."

"Oh God." Misty looked horrified before shouting "BROCK!"

When Misty May and Dawn finally made their way into the Cerulean Gym, they arranged for Dawn to share a room with May during her visit. As they helped Dawn unpack, the girls couldn't help but feel the words of the sensational sisters hanging over them. Although they rarely expressed it to anyone, save their Pokémon, they each had developed a certain…fondness for Ash Ketchum during the many adventures they shared with him. Despite the various males they had found themselves having contact with when they each left their homes, Ash's ambitious mood, that rarely faltered, became a source of comfort and determination for the girls throughout their long journeys. As such, they each couldn't help but feel…drawn to his personality and, well, person. A certain inclination that wasn't exactly love, but wasn't anything less…

"Piplup!" The Penguin called to the girls as it looked outside from a windowsill. The Pokémon frantically pointed outside where a lot of commotion appeared to be taking place. Dawn curiously made her way to the window and gasped at what she saw, causing Misty and May to hurry over intrigued.

"Are- Are they all here to celebrate Ash conquering that foreign league!?" Dawn asked as the girls watched tens of people make their way to the Cerulean City Gym "There's so many of them!"

"Just about." Misty smiled as she watched the familiar faces of Todd Snap, May's sibling Max and Delia Ketchum approach the gym. "It's just the result of travelling for years."

"There's Zoe! I can't believe it!" Dawn exclaimed before racing to her suitcase and tossing piles of clothes out "We have to hurry and get dressed before they have all the fun without us!" She held up a skirt to the light before tossing it to the ground and moving on to her second suitcase.

"I'm going to change too; I'll see you both down there!" Misty waved to them, hurrying out the room. She found it hard to believe how worked up Ash's arrival was making her as she tossed around several outfits in her room. "Am I usually this fashion conscious?" She frowned, holding up a shirt to her body in the mirror. She hurled the top into the air and tugged her hair in frustration "Uggh, stupid Ash!"

To be continued in part 2: The claws come out.

Sooo, what do you think? I've never wrote a story around girls in love before *gasp*! I'd appreciate any form of comments, thank you very much! And while you're reading I might as well tell people that I'm seeking OCs for my other story. Yes, I should be ashamed for mentioning that :D. Farewell for now!

P.S- This was fun actually, so I left a hint in the story about the next couple I'll do a two-shot about. They have nothing up about them in FF!