Warning! Contains some mature situations, content, places, etc. (mostly in later chapters. COUGHyaoiCOUGH). Don't say I didn't warn you...

Annnnd... I believe this is the first yaoi story I've put up! :D YEY FER ME.

This fic started off as a craaazy dream that showed Deidara lying on the bed all smexy-like with Tobi's reaction to it... (I dont even know how a brothel got thrown in there, but it did, so MEH.)


Chapter 1: Last Door on the Left

Deidara walked through the streets of a neighboring village, running his hand through his blond hair nervously as men around him were seeking pleasurable desire.

What am I even doing here? Deidara thought as someone walked gleefully into a brothel, money in hand, a stuporous look on his face. I can't believe I'm actually doing this... The blond looked away at this, feeling his face redden and thinking that he too would be doing the same thing for reasons not yet known.

Deidara thought back to the scene before he came here.

"Deidara-sempai, we have to get going soon..." Tobi, Deidara's partner in the Akatsuki whined while flapping his arms urgently. He started at his sempai through his orange mask questionably as Deidara stared into the village below. "we finished the mission and if we don't report back soon, Leader-sama's going to be-"

"I know, un." Deidara grouched, turning back around to face his partner, already knowing that Pein-sama would be angry. "I just have something that I need to do. Leave without me."

Tobi was shocked. Did Deidara really want him to leave him here? All alone? During the night? The orange-masked man shook the thoughts out of his head.

"I'm not gonna leave you here sempai, uh-huh!" Tobi crossed his arms stubbornly. A vein twitched in Deidara's head irritably.

"It'll just be for tonight..." Deidara tried to reason when a sudden thought popped into his mind. "It's a secret mission that Leader-sama wanted me to follow alone," Deidara lied. He just didn't want to be accompanied on this one. "Just leave, brat."

Tobi huffed loudly at being called a brat.

"Fine! Tobi doesn't even CARE if Deidara doesn't come back!" Tobi turned on his heel abruptly turning away from his partner without a second look. "Good. Bye." Tobi stormed away, enunciating every word harshly.

What Tobi didn't see was Deidara's face, open-mouthed in shock as his eyes followed the retreating back of his immature partner.

Deidara shivered, remembering the harsh words that Tobi had spoken earlier that night. Did he even mean what he said? Or had he just said that in his anger? Deidara looked down sadly, hugging himself while gripping his left arm tightly. How could he-

Someone tapping on Deidara's arm brought him out of his thoughts suddenly. He turned angrily to look at the man who had dared to touch him, clearly on edge from being in a place like this. The man was short and stout wearing fine robe as he looked around hastily, seeing if anyone was overhearing.

"Sorry to bother you, but you must know..." The man leaned in, quieting his voice so that only the two of them could hear. "Women aren't usually ALLOWED in this part of town..." He whispered in Deidara's ear, hoping that no one had overheard him trying to kick someone out of the red-light district.

Deidara's face turned a soft pink from the man's straightforwardness, but then it immediately turned sour soon after. He tisked, aggravated as he looked left then right to see who would witness. The streets were too full to blow the man up, and besides, Deidara didn't want to risk blowing his cover up with it. Instead, Deidara sighed with a twitch, trying so hard not to bring out the detonating clay in his bag as he forced a smile on his face.

"About that... Y'see..." he swallowed his pride heavily, "I'm a man, un."

The man was shocked, having misinterpreted Deidara's true gender. He laughed nervously.

"O-Oh... A man, huh?" He scratched his head sheepishly. "Sorry bout that..." The man immediately took a 180 turn in personality, clasping his hands like a businessman instead of the cautious man Deidara had seen before. "So what can I do for you on a night like tonight?" He smiled at Deidara, rubbing his hands together greedily. Deidara blinked once, then twice, looking at the strange man and trying to figure out where the original mood went. He slowly reached into his back pants pocket for his money.

"Could you show me to the nearest... um..." Deidara hesitated, not really wanting to say what he needed to say. He could just blow the man up and walk right out without taking this embarrassment.

"Oh? You mean one of our brothels...?"

Deidara could feel his face start to heat up, so he lowered his head quickly and hoped that no one coud see his reaction. Slowly, the blond nodded.

"Right this way then."

"Do you have it all now?" The red-haired woman dressed in a vivacious bunny costume looked at Deidara sweetly, her hand on her hip."You want a host and not a hostess, correct?"

The blond nodded slowly at the busty woman's question as he looked at his surroundings while following behind the woman. The events after he arrived in the weird building went by in a blur, and before he knew it, Deidara was being led down a candle-lit hallway towards a room where he was going to be pleasured. As to why Deidara wanted a man and not a woman... He didn't think his pride could take going to a woman for his problem.

Deidara nodded vaguely at the question asked and continued to look at the tan walls and the brown doors that lined the hallways. He looked away from a particular door when he heard audible moans and thumps coming from inside, wishing in his mind that it would be so simple to turn off one's hearing. It also sickened him to think that he was half-expecting Tobi to burst out one of the rooms trying to scare him, which was one of the many little pranks his partner tried to pull on him. There was no way Tobi would be coming out of THESE rooms.

"Here we are. Last door on the left."

The blond was brought out of his thoughts hastily when the woman stopped in front of the sliding door, turning around to smile kindly at Deidara. He couldn't help but to fidget under her gaze. She wouldn't stop staring and was saying nothing. Finally, Deidara cleared his throat with a cough.


He reached into his back pocket, figuring that he was suppose to pay her now. When she saw the money, she stepped forward to take it, eyes on him the whole time.

"You nervous?" She asked him finally as she folded her hair behind her ear, her green right eye showing behind red locks. "you look pretty young..."

Deidara frowned at the question asked, scoffing afterward as he placed the wad of bills in the palm of her hand. Who was she to judge anyone that came in here?

"Hell no."

She smiled at the response.

"Good answer."

When the bunny woman was done counting the money, she handed ten-thousand yen (roughly $100) out to Deidara. He took it slowly, confused.

"For being such a cutie," she explained, winking cutely.

"...Thanks, un" he grunted, putting the money back in his pocket. He half-expected the woman to make a move towards the door again, but she didn't. What was she waiting for?

"...So are you going to take it like a man and try him out?"

Deidara snapped his head back up to look at the woman who now wore a mischievous smile on her face. He glared, pissed at the question asked. How DARE she joke about his manliness? He was VERY manly, thank you very much! A vein throbbed in the blonde's head as he answered angrily.

"Well, yeah woman, un," he said matter-o-factly. She giggled at this, finally turning towards the door. Deidara's heart jumped in his chest when she placed her hands on the end of the door in means of sliding it open.

"Call me Vivianne."


Both Deidara and Vivianne looked at the door as a curse came from inside, the woman's hand sliding off the door handle. A few clinks of glass was heard and Vivianne thought that that was her cue to leave.

"Good. Now that that's taken care of..." She turned to leave. "Just walk right in. He's waiting for you."

Before Deidara could stop her, she started walking away.

"Buh-bye, Big boy," She blew Deidara a kiss. "Have fun!"


She kept walking until she turned the corner and was gone from Deidara's sight. He was about to follow her until he heard rustling from inside the room. Curiosity that killed the cat with an ice cream truck* got the better of Deidara as he leaned into the door, trying to hear what was happening inside. His acute ninja hearing could hear a ruffle of clothing as the person bended down to pick something up, and clinks of glass was heard soon after. Because Deidara heard a thunk of what appeared to be a side table and curses coming out soon after, Deidara inferred that the person inside had tried to get something out of the drawer of the side table, making something that was glass on top fall over and shatter, then stubbed his toe trying to pick the glass up.

"Come in. Don't mind me," the voice strained slightly.

Deidara jumped, startled by the man's low voice. His heart beat faster, intrigued by the sultry voice that had just called out to him from inside the room. He wanted to slide the door open to see the body that was attached to the voice. Deidara bit his lip as he paused before the sliding door. What should I do...?

Suddenly, the sliding door opened and Deidara looked up, startled, almost falling inside. A man as tall as his partner Tobi was standing just inches away from him, his long black hair slung shoulder-length casually over his shoulders, with a lean figure and kind eyes to boot. He looked very handsome, and Deidara could even call him beautiful. Even in his Yukata that just happened to be half-open and a lit cigarette resting lazily in between those pink lips... A blush stained Deidara's cheeks when he realized he was staring.

"Come in, Come in. Don't just stand there," The man chuckled, taking his cigarette out of his mouth with one hand, then using the other to bring Deidara's hand to his mouth, kissing it slowly and looking at Deidara's flushed reaction. Before Deidara could protest, the man had already lead him inside the dark room and shut the door behind him, setting his cigarette on the table, careful of the glass. The man slid his hand delicately in the flap of his gray Yukata, opening it slightly as he ruffled his hair a bit with his other hand, making it more wild.

"Lets' get this over with, shall we?"

Deidara slowly backed up towards the sliding door, unsettled by the man's actions. When the man turned around from the silence and saw Deidara backing up, he looked at Deidara curiously.

"You okay?" He asked, taking a slow step towards Deidara. "This your first time?"

When Deidara didn't answer, the man quickly cornered Deidara against the door, placing both hands on either side of Deidara's head. Deidara's heart raced when he felt the man's body heat against his. Why.. is he so close..,? He shifted uncomfortably as he felt the man's breath on him. Don't want him this close...Deidara closed his eyes when the man leaned into him, feeling lips brush the shell of his ear.

"A man, huh?" The man's lips brushed Deidara's ears as he spoke, a finger tracing Deidara's hard chest lazily. "I didn't know I had to do guys too. Oh well..."

"W-Wait, un."

Deidara placed his hands against the man's chest as the man leaned in for the kiss to the mouth. His eyes widened as he violently pushed back against the man's shoulder's, making him stumble back.

"I said wait, un," Deidara said, feeling the need to cover himself up as the man glared back at him, his heart starting to beat normally again.

"The hell was that for?" The man retorted, running his hand through his hair angrily. Deidara took a deep breath, knowing that he should explain himself now.

"Um... I just want to ask you something, un," Deidara fingered his ponytail nervously.

Taken back by Deidara's timidness, the man paused briefly, slightly confused as he looked at Deidara curiously.


Deidara walked to the middle of the room, sitting down on the only futon, trying not to imply anything as he felt uncomfortable. The man watched Deidara carefully, seeing when to make a move.

"There's something.. I'd like to ask you about, un," Deidara repeated as he sat on his legs, clinching his fists on his thighs.

The man sighed, taking his cigarette from the tray he had set it on and after a nod from Deidara in approval, he smoked it.

"I'm all ears," He said as he cautiously sat next to Deidara, not too close. Deidara took a deep breath to tell the man so graciously that,

"There's someone that I want... to show love to..." Deidara paused, feeling the blush creep onto his face once again as he closed his eyes. "And I was wondering if..." he fidgeted "If you could help me, un."

The man was silent, and Deidara peeked over to look at him. The man had his eyes closed, letting out a strew of smoke from his mouth. Deidara was worried. Maybe this was a stupid idea...

"Y'mean a guy?"

Deidara nodded slowly, having figured out what the man meant.

"Y-Yeah, un."

The pleasurer paused, standing up and walking over to the table with glass in front of it. Burning out his cigarette on the plate resting on the side table, he let out a long drag of smoke from his mouth.

"Haven't done it with a guy in a long time..." When he turned back and saw Deidara's shocked look, he scoffed. "Why're you so surprised? You just said you wanted to be better for this guy, right?" He walked back over to Deidara, leaning down to stare into his eyes. "What kinda guy is he?"

Deidara blushed, trying to remember traits about Tobi.

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