Do It For Tobi
By: Whitebengal14

Tobi/Dei (yaoi~)

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Chapter 2:

Deidara shifted in his seat nervously as the man's gaze bore into him, awaiting the answer to his question asked. The blond swallowed thickly, his voice coming out slightly strained from anxiety.

"What kinda guy is... Tobi?" The bomber-nin asked dumbly, still obviously panicky about the whole situation. Here he was, in the red-light district, at a brothel and sitting next to a man who did sex for a living. Of course he was nervous. Especially nervous about what he had just asked the man to do. He shifted in his place on the floor, the tatami mat underneath creaking from his movement. "What do you wanna know, un?" Deidara grunted, facing the man with integrity and even a hint of fortitude.

"I don't know. Anything you'd want to tell me about."

The black-haired man exhaled the smoke out of his mouth from his cigarette in a long stream, the cancer stick resting comfortably in between slender fingers as he did so. His raven hair fell forward when he leaned into the cigarette, taking another drag from it and blowing out another stream of smoke.

"Maybe the reason why you like him?" He stated, making it obvious that he knew nothing of the man that the blond was talking about.

"Why I like him...?" Deidara echoed, looking at the man with a steady gaze. He swallowed profoundly when the man looked back, expectant. The blond ran his gloved hand quickly through his hair, thinking about how he should explain things to the man. Where should he even start? Oh yeah, Tobi and I are both in an outlawed Ninja assassin group and we execute people for a living. that would be an conversation that wouldn't go over too well.

The ninja sighed, thinking about his dilemma as he rested his head on his gloved hand, the mouths underneath not liking the material covering them one bit. It would've been difficult for Deidara to come to this place without some sort of disguise to hide the fact that he was ninja, hence the gloves covering the fact that he had mouths on his palms. The clothing he wore was natural for a normal person in a village like this one and he had his hair down for a change, probably the reason why he almost got kicked out of the Red Light District for looking like a woman. In any case, he hoped that the man wouldn't discover his big secret.

When Deidara cleared his throat and began explaining why he liked Tobi, starting off by telling the man quirks that he found annoying, which ended up being a longer list than anything else, the man listened contently, continuing to smoke his cigarette as he did. He found the blond interesting and couldn't help but to chuckle when the blond gave great detail of the time when he had hilariously abused Tobi.

"In any case, un," Deidara huffed after he explained the most of it, crossing his arms and trying to change the subject when it got uncomfortable. "If it wasn't for that stupid job we got, none of this bullshit would've happened," Deidara griped, obviously referring to where he was right now. "I wouldn't be here right now and I certainly wouldn't be learning to... appease the annoying bastard."

From out of the corner of his eye, Deidara could see the man raise an eyebrow, a motion that made the blond even more uncomfortable, despite the fact that the man was looking at him with even more curiosity now.

"'Stupid job?'" The man inquired, tilting his head and cocking his thin eyebrow. "Care to elaborate?"

Deidara huffed irritably, knowing that he had the man's full, undivided attention now since he opened his big mouth.

"It happened about a week ago," Deidara started, reminiscing about the past. "We were out on a job that involved an important business transaction for our boss. We were supposed to find the client, inform him of his debt and get the money from him, but Tobi insisted we use another method. He refused to listen to my opinions and instead took the matter into his own damn hands, which he thought would be the better option, un." Deidara snorted in spite of him.

"When we found the guy, Tobi said that I should wait outside while he, a minor might I add, would be the one doing the questioning. Unfortunately, when I tried to tell him otherwise, the client came out and I was forced to stay quiet. What really pissed me off was that the client liked Tobi and even INVITED HIM INSIDE FOR TEA AND CAKE."

The blond shook his head, ill at ease by what he had to put up with. "I refused to go inside with the happy bunch, so I stayed outside. Of course it started to rain and I got so sick with a bad fever that we couldn't even travel back to tell the boss about the transaction, which was made by the way." Deidara took a deep breath, hoping that he could tell the rest without messing it up and that his face wasn't going red.

"Even still, he... Refused to go back until my fever was gone. He stayed up all night with me and made sure that I was okay... It was at that moment that I... fell for him."

There. He said it.

Deidara closed his eyes after the statement, waiting for the man's response. When the pleasurer shifted in his seat, the blond opened his eyes and an immediate blush spread over his cheeks at the man's sudden closeness. Warm puffs of air from the man's slightly parted lips made Deidara fidget in his seat, unconsciously leaning backwards.

"And?" The man asked, looking at the younger man with a fixed gaze.

"A-And what?" Deidara responded shakily, slightly deterred by the man's close proximity. "That's it..."

The two stared at each other for a while until Deidara broke the eye contact, looking away uncomfortably. At that the man sighed, leaning back and running his hands tiredly through his hair.

"Am I going to fuck you or not?"

Deidara's head snapped up, looking at the man in dismay at what was said.


"That's what you do in the Red Light District, don't you? Otherwise, why would you come here? For a psychiatrist? Not a chance." The man sighed irritably, resting his head on a single finger, his elbow resting on his knee. "You've paid for me already, haven't you?"

When the blond nodded slowly, still uneasy about the whole situation, the man smirked and suddenly, a hand shot out and grabbed Deidara's arm. Almost immediately, Deidara's opposite hand reached out to detain the man, but thought against it based on what happened next.

"Then that means I still get to fuck you."

The prostitute was over him in seconds, holding him to the ground with a strong grip and keeping him from moving. When Deidara made means of struggling, the man frowned, moving his hands so that they kept Deidara's wrists to the floor, body placed in between the blond's legs.

"What? You change your mind about this, kid?"

The blond immediately scowled darkly at the remark, glaring malevolently at the man above him.

"I'm not. A fucking. Kid," He spat, seeing the man raise his eyebrow minutely. "I'm seventeen years old." And I could kill you easily with a single, effortless twitch of the fingers. The blond thought, obviously pissed at the man who technically called him a child. Instead of quarreling, the man chuckled at the younger man underneath him, loving the way the blond squirmed under his gaze. He smiled, drinking in the blond's body language and the body that just begged to be touched.

"You're not a kid, hmmm?" The man chided, leaning in closer to Deidara's face and loving how the blond blushed deliciously. Deidara couldn't help but to notice the nasal grunt that resembled his own. "Tell me, blondie..."

The bomber-nin frowned at the nickname in spite of the embarrassment on his cheeks, shifting his hands so that they rested beside his body, yet away from the man's touch.

"Don't call me-"

A thumb stroking the blond's cheek made Deidara clamp his mouth shut, cheeks reddening in embarrassment. The bomber-nin almost missed it when gentle fingers cupped his face and then when lips were suddenly pressed to his own. The prostitute's mouth moving softly, gently against his made Deidara sharply suck in air through his nose, eyes widening from the sudden, affectionate contact. By the time the blond got his mind to work again, he realized that the man was murmuring something to him.

"Move your lips against mine."

A groan passed Deidara's mouth when the man's hands lowered, fingers slipping under his shirt, palming his fishnet-covered stomach. That sure wasn't expected. The gentle touch continued, the hand moving side to side on Deidara's abdominal muscles while the man's lips moved sensually along his. The bomber-nin made a noise in the back of his throat when the man's tongue poked out and started to trace his lower lip before sliding inside, rubbing the wet appendage on the roof of Deidara's mouth, encouraging him to play. The blond's eyes widened when he realized that the man's saliva tasted somewhat like gunpowder, probably from the cigarettes he smoked earlier, and the musky taste ended up turning him on considerably.

Deidara sat up at this, pushing the man back by his shoulders and placing his gloved hand on the man's cheek. He tried his very best to deepen the kiss with his tongue, taking the initiative this time. The pleasurer suddenly broke contact, hand sliding out from underneath Deidara's shirt as he leaned back, smiling at the fact that the younger man seemed to be out of breath. Cocky bastard.

"Was that your first kiss?" The man asked simply, chuckling when Deidara looked away with a huff.

"So what, un," He replied stubbornly, looking at the man from out of the corner of his eye. His chest rose as he took a deep, shaky breath at the sight before him. The man's gray Yukata was opened wider from the previous kiss, showing a bit of his undergarments and a smooth-looking chest and making Deidara take a gulp of air when he realized he was staring.

There was a rustle of clothing as the man moved over him once again, Deidara leaning forward to meet him when the man offered a second kiss, which was slower and deeper. The younger man's motions were awkward yet sincere as he led the kiss with his tongue this time, brows furrowed in a determination of sorts. Even though the second kiss lasted much longer than Deidara's first kiss, both men had to breathe sometime and when the black-haired man pulled away, the blond tisked, breathing heavier than when they started.

"Why'd you stop...?" Deidara breathlessly asked, glaring at the man above him. His question was left unanswered when the man-whore slipped both hands under his shirt, tugging it upwards in means of taking it off. Before Deidara could protest, his body was lifted up by very strong hands and the shirt was tugged over his head, his fishnet shirt underneath going with it. The blond's eyes narrowed as the man's eyes widened, looking at the stitched up skin right over his heart. Deidara sighed, running his hand through his hair as he sat on the man's lap, watching the prostitute's reaction to the sewn up part of the biggest art he could make...

"How did you... What happened?" The pleasurer asked, eying the stitches cautiously. Deidara shook his head, wriggling a bit on the man's lap when a hand ghosted up his thigh and to his chest.

"It's nothing," Deidara mumbled, not wanting to have to go into detail about what it was actually for. Quickly, he thought up an excuse. "Just a job that went wrong, that's all..." When the man's brows furrowed, probably thinking about what kind of job the blond had to get injuries like that, Deidara scoffed, tisking. "It happened years ago. I'm fine now."

Before the prostitute could respond, Deidara silenced his suspicions with another kiss, wrapping his arms around the prostitute's neck. Either the man gave up or he just didn't care, Deidara didn't know, but he found himself yet again lowered to the floor. He moaned when the man's hand started to roam again, idly thinking that those hands were intoxicating as they went lower and lower... Until one hand slipped into his draw-string pants.

"Tell me, blondie..." the man took advantage to ask again while Deidara was left speechless due to the sudden change of heart. "What do they call you?"

Deidara's head turned to the side, away from the man's gaze and a blush on his face as he took a deep breath when the man's fingers started stroking his left hip. His brain was a bit fuzzy from the sensual ministrations on his lower body, a feeling slightly uncomfortable but surely not unwelcome.

"What... they call me?"

Now that was something to think about. If somehow his real name could be linked back to the Akatsuki, or even the land he grew up it, it could prove to be disastrous. Especially since he was undercover, Deidara thought quickly as to what fake name he should tell the man.

"My name..."

The blond closed his eyes, sighing. His thoughts immediately turned to the land he grew up, the kids on the street who would always run from him, calling him a monster. The man above him waited patiently for him to continue, his fingers now running over the abdominal muscles of the blond's stomach. Deidara took a deep, unnoticed breath to calm his nerves.

"I-It's *Okamoto," The blond stuttered out. He cleared his throat awkwardly when the man resting above him smiled, leaning his face closer to Deidara's and rested his forehead against the blond's. In response, Deidara closed his eyes, feeling his face start to heat up. Which was really getting irritating.

When he felt a gentle hand reach behind his head, however, Deidara's eyes opened slowly, eyebrows furrowing at the loving contact as the man stroked his hair back and away from his face. The two stared at each for a while before the man chuckled, beginning to speak.

"Before I tell you my name, Okamoto..." He started, smiling at Deidara and leaning in to rest his head against the blond's shoulder; soft, black hair tickling the younger male's neck. Deidara felt a warm tongue trace the shell of his ear, and he shivered, waiting for the man to continue.

"I'll tell you the first thing you should know about having sex..."

Deidara's eyes widened, totally caught off guard from the embarrassing statement made. What the hell? Was that necessary?

"Oka, your hair is as beautiful as a woman's..."

With that one little phrase whispered seductively in the bomber-nin's ear, the mood in the room instantly took a turn for the worse, Deidara biting his lip to hold himself in check as much as possible.

"Rule number one..." He pushed against a surprised prostitute's shoulder, moving the man off of him so he could sit up as he continued his lesson. "If you want to continue living as you are now, you will never EVER compare me to a woman again. EVER."

At first the man just stared, disbelief present on his handsomely, gorgeous face as Deidara glared malevolently below him. When the man chuckled, closing his eyes to laugh out loud, this caught the blond off guard yet again. That sure was happening a lot recently...

"W-What the hell's so funny?" Deidara asked, shifting his body so that his legs were bent, resting on either side of the man's hips in a tight embrace. He gulped when he realized that he was starting to like the man's laugh, a powerful and deep sound.

"See there?" The prosty started, still chuckling deep in his throat. "Giving you that nickname like I did, calling you in that way made you give me an angry reaction. I'm guessing you're not fond of nicknames?"

The man chuckled again when Deidara looked away, pissed over what the man said; He was right.

"But if I do this..."

When the man shifted in between his legs, rubbing against his thigh, Deidara looked down, startled; The man was moving down his chest, kneeling down towards his abdomen. Hot breaths were felt on Deidara's stomach, making his muscles jump when a tongue slowly poked out of the man's mouth, pressing against the contours of the younger man's stomach.

"Mmm... Oka-chan..."

From hearing the sultry groan that vibrated against his stomach, Deidara's hips automatically grinded upwards when the wet appendage dove seductively into his bellybutton hole, a moan passed the bomber-nin's lips, wanting more of the pleasant sensation...


"See? Same word, different reactions. Are you learning anything yet?"

The man leaned in again smugly, capturing Deidara's lips this time with another kiss, their tongues immediately starting to dance sensually. When air became necessary, the two parted, breaths intermingling and lust pooling in their bodies. It had been a long night and Deidara was sure he didn't have much more time until it was time for him to go.

"My name is Shotaro, by the way. But you can call me Sho, or Shota."

Deidara warily opened his eyes from the new information given and he couldn't help but to smile, wanting to try the prostitute's name out for himself.


His lips were captured with yet another kiss and he was completely lost in pleasure when the man's hands started to roam freely now.

The orange-masked Akatsuki stomped quite heavily down the hallways of the hideout, furious by what his partner had told him earlier that night.

"Just leave, brat..."

"Humph! Tobi's not a brat in any way!" The immature member stated proudly and to himself. "Sempai's so mean to Tobi...!"

The tall, dark-haired man continued to stomp his way down the musky hallways, his destination? The leader's office for his report.

"I-I can't... S-Sho..."

Deidara moaned loudly, his head twisting from side to side as he was jabbed over and over in that spot that robbed his speech and only left him with piteous moans and groans of pleasure. Though the bomber-nin's stamina had been incredible, his still-immature body couldn't handle all the new sensations and pleasurable pain that was coming from his lower body. It wasn't like anything he had ever felt before. The sensation that came from his lower region was sensational and all he could do was widen his legs as much as possible so that the prostitute could show him in every way how good he could feel.

Once the two had started to get freaky, Deidara was given the ropes of sex while Shotaro had started his routine o' pleasure; the blond had to admit that he had never felt so good in his entire life. Creating bombs and blowing things up with them had no comparison to what he was feeling right now, what he was experiencing right now. It was definitely an art in itself.

An especially rough thrust made Deidara's back arch, seeing white as all of the sensations he was feeling seemed to come together in his lower abdomen, holding there as if waiting to explode. The hand on his cock quickened its' pace and before he knew what was happening, he felt like he was exploding like one of his clay bombs. A single art of release.

The inner walls of Deidara clamped down on the rigid cock inside of him, drowning in bliss for what seemed like a few minutes but in reality only being a couple of seconds. A loud moan passed his lips, too loss in pleasure to worry about sounding like a woman as liquids landed on his chest in long, thick streams. As though Deidara thought that it couldn't get any better, the brutal thrusting ceased suddenly, Shotaro's whole body shaking uncontrollably as he pulled out; a husky groan filling the air as he released as well. It was against regulations to release into the customers in fear of spreading any diseases and/or unwanted pregnancies, hence the reason why the prostitute had pulled out, releasing into his own hand.

As Deidara breathed deeply, trying to get his lungs to regulate, he couldn't help but to smile.

"Amazing, huh?"

The single statement made by the pleasurer instantly made Deidara frown, turning his head away with a huff.

"It was okay for my first time, if that's what you're asking."

Once Shotaro had cleaned the both of them up with a wet rag (it had been in a bowl by the side of the dresser), he told Deidara the importance of cleanliness and what to do "the moment after". Deidara had gotten dressed quickly, asking about the soreness shyly only to find out that a bath would do him some good.

When Deidara was ready to leave for 'home', Shotaro stopped him before he went out the door, arms wrapping around his waist.

"Make sure you come back sometime, mmkay?" A gentle kiss was placed on Deidara's neck. "I have more... stuff to show you..."

Once Deidara agreed with a nod of his head, he left the prostitute's room, walking down the long hallways and thinking about what he had just got himself into.


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*Okamoto is the name of the artist that Deidara's art is based off of. His full name is Taro Okamoto~