Chapter 15

Shinichi's POV


The debris I'd just pushed over made a satisfying crash behind me as I ran back down the hall. From behind me I could hear the sound of running feet. 'Good they took the bait.'

Another wave of pain hit me and I almost tripped. But I was able to keep my balance and keep running. I couldn't let them catch me. 'I wonder if this is how Kaitou KID feels when I chase him.' I pushed the random thought away. This wasn't the time to wonder, I needed to focus.

I darted into a room that had some how escaped the fire and slammed the door shut and locked it. From the outside I could hear Gin and Vodka's footsteps approaching.

"Looks like we've got them cornered Aniki," said Vodka's voice outside the door. "I'll break it down."

"No need," Came Gin's voice, you could practically hear the smirk in it. "This will be much more efficient."

There was a sound of a gun shot, followed by a loud crash. Even through the pain I could figure out what Gin had done. He had shot the ceiling and caused part of it to collapse blocking the door. He planed that even if my body was found it would be passed of as some nosey idiot who got buried in an accident.

The pain was at an all time high now, as I scanned the room for exits. I knew I only had until those two left the building before it collapsed.


I fought back a scream as I felt the painfully hot melting sensation creep through me. I was out of time.

Ran's POV


I gripped the phone so hard I think I heard the plastic crack. I was standing in my To-san's office. He was out drinking somewhere.

"I'm sorry Ran," said Joe-san's voice over the phone. "It's possible he was able to escape, but I don't see how. They're searching the debris right now."

Tears streamed down my face. It couldn't be true. I'd just got him back I couldn't lose him again.

I opened my mouth not knowing what I was about to say when I heard the door behind me open.


I wheeled around to Conan-kun standing behind me, grinning. His too big clothes were covered with dust and soot and he looked as if he were about to collapse but he was alive.

I dropped the phone with a shout of "SHINICHI" and I grabbed him in a hug sobbing uncontrollably.

"Baarro," he muttered, "I told you I wouldn't let them get me."

I got a hold of myself but I still didn't let him go. I was then that I noticed the panicky shouting coming out of the abandoned phone.

"Ran, Ran, are you still there? What happened?"

I picked Shinichi up and carried him over to where I'd dropped the phone. I didn't feel like letting go of him just yet.

"Gomennasai, Joe-san," I said. "You don't have to worry about Shinichi, he's safe."

"What, he's with you?" Joe-san shouted in surprise.

I was about to reply when I heard Joe-san yelp on the other end. The reason became apparent as Jodie-sensei's voice came through the phone's speaker. "Ran-san are you sure it's really him?"

I glanced down at Shinichi. He had been so exhausted he'd fallen asleep in my arms, looking more like a child than ever before. "Yes, I'm positive."

Jodie-sensei sighed in relief, "Well I expect he's exhausted, I know I am. But I'd better hear from him soon, I have a few things to say to him for pulling a stunt like that. On a lighter note we plan to release a bulletin that will lead the Organization to believe that Joe-san died in the collapse. That way both he and his brother will be safe enough to return to America."

"That's good," I said smiling as I hung up the phone. It seemed things were going to be alright.

Joe's POV

I watched as Agent Jodie told Ran what the plan was after she'd wrestled my cell phone away from me.

I was relieved that Shinichi was alright, but I got the feeling that we weren't about to see him again any time soon. Which was too bad, I had a few questions for him. Starting with how the heck did he escape from there. Houdini would have had a hard time.

I doubted I would ever get the answer.

End Chapter 15

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