Of all people, why me? Part 2

Sakura dashed through the forest. Itachi and her had been given a mission to retrieve a scroll. This was their so called "punishment" for not getting married. It was all Fugaku's idea. He wanted them to remarry the next day right after the incident. It took all of Tsunade's might to convince him about this mission. It would take them at least 2 weeks to reach Kiri, steal the scroll, and go home. The Uchiha council decided that this would be good for the two teens to at least tried to imagine each other as their own spouses.

The mission started 2 days ago. Naruto was still blaming him self and Sasuke was still mad at Itachi. Sakura was nervous. Itachi was, and always will be her good friend. A sempai since she was genin. Now, to see him as her lover? She can't do this. She can't!

Itachi had sensed her discomfort since they left the village, the silence tension is only growing! He has to say something, anything just to ease this mood. "Are you tried?" Gosh, is this all he can think of?

"Uh, no. I am good," Sakura replied as they continued hopping.

"She really have grown since her genin years..." Itachi thought with a small smile.

The blossom watched him quietly. Why is this so strange? They had no problem before this deal, so why so hard now? Deciding to break the ice better, Sakura opened her mouth.

"Sempai, when will reach the port?" "There, no problem!"

"At least one and a half more day of travel. We should find shelter soon, the sun is setting."

Sakura nodded and the rest of the journey returned to silence, but it was a more calm atmosphere. Much more different than the beginning. As the sky changes color, Itachi stopped.

The two ANBU settled down into a clearing protected by trees. Sakura leaned against a stump and waited for the captain to return after he secured the perimeter. He is a good captain, she admitted. Always making sure his team is safe, first.

After 3 minutes of extreme boredom, the weasel finally returned. His footsteps were quiet, but still detectable. Sakura opened her closed eyes when he sat down next to her. "What is the plan?"

"We keep traveling until we reach the coast. I will plan from there on."

Nodding, Sakura replied, "Okay."

As ANBU, they were trained to rest, not sleep during a mission. Itachi looked at the stars and turned to Sakura, who rested her head against his shoulder. The tension was gone completely, but the annoying spark was spreading from Sakura's skin and toward his.

The sun soon rose, and they hopped back into the trees. One and a half more days just flew by. When they arrived, both ANBU removed their masks. Sakura gasped at the beautiful scenery. The combination of a setting sun and clean beach was perfect. Gentle waves crashed toward the sand. Seagulls took flight into the sky. Small boats sailing east and west. "What would I give to walk on the beach with Sasuke."

"You haven't done so?" Itachi asked softly.

"Sasuke thought this is lame. How about you? Do you think so?"

Itachi looked out to the sea and smiled, "Yes. But if it makes the person you care about happy, then no. It would be a great thing."

"You should smile more often."

The Uchiha looked at her as his smile returned to a smirk. "We must get on a boat that travels to Kiri."

Just then, the moment when Sakura was about to reply, a cheery voiced called out. "Sakura-chan!"

"Huh?" Turning around, Sakura saw a brown blur before she fell on to the ground as said blur tackled her.

Itachi looked at the little boy that had literally attached him self onto Sakura.

"Hiroku?" That was all she could say as the boy hugged her tightly. The Uchiha's eyes narrowed since this boy's head is close to a certain spot on Sakura's body.

Finally the boy let go and the blossom stood up. "How is your grand-father?"

"Better than ever! What brought you here?"

"Uchiha-san and I are on a mission, we need to get to Kiri."

"Uchiha-san? You mean Sasuke-neesan?" Hiroku turned to Itachi and squinted.

"He is not Sasuke, but we would appreciate a ride very much!" Sakura smiled as she lifted the boy up and hugged him.

Itachi followed Sakura and Hiroku as they walked along the coast and finally came about a family fishing boat. It wasn't large in size, but still decent. On its deck was an old man, reeling in a net of fish.

"Grandpa!" Hiroku yelled as he jumped into the boat. Sakura climbed over and joined him.

"Sa... Sakura-san?" The old man stood up and swallowed the girl in a hug.

Itachi leaped in with ease and watched as the three of them catch up with each other. "Must have met them on a mission."

Then Sakura pointed at him, mumbling something about mission and Kiri.

The man smiled and turned to Itachi, "Sure, we can. Hiroku, reel in the anchor. I will finish up reeling in these fish."

Itachi watched as these two strangers do their work with practiced ease. When they did everything they needed to do, Hiroku talked with Sakura while the man moved the boat into deeper water and began to sail toward water country. The Uchiha was quiet as he observed the different expression on Sakura's face.

"Ain't she something special?"

Itachi turned toward the man who was letting the wind do the steering work. "..."

"I see, you are not a talker like the other Uchiha."

"I talk."

The man laughed, but left Itachi alone. "Go sleep, Hiroku."


"You should sleep, too. Fujioku-san. We can keep watch," Sakura smiled warmly.

Said-man nodded and entered the small cabin built onto the ship after his grandkid.

"Sakura, how did you come to know them?" Itachi asked as he moved to sit next to her.

"On a mission when we were all chunnins."

"I see."

The two ANBU sat quietly as the pink sky faded to purple, then black. The moon glowed over their heads. Sakura's face looked shockingly beautiful in Itachi's eyes right now. Out of reflex, he reached out and brushed away a strand of hair on her face. Memory of the wedding flashed in both of their minds.

"Itachi, is it so bad to marry me?" Her voice was quiet. Before he replied, she continued in that same soft tone, "I mean, I am not very pretty or that brilliant of a kunoichi. Or am I annoying, like Sasuke used to say?"

She was near tears now. "How can she not see how beautiful she is?" Itachi moved his hand from her temple to her cheeks. His touch was comforting and loving, so different than Sasuke's. "No, you are not ugly. Not weak. Not annoying."

His voice was very securing.


"Sasuke was just foolish to not see it. You have been special since genin and only became more as you grew up."

"Really?" At this point, the green eyes have widen to comic size.

"Your large forehead only resemble your intelligence, your persistent in chasing Sasuke showed that you don't give up easily, and you are not annoying, just over caring."


"What happened to Sakura's amazing vocabulary?" Itachi teased as his finger played with her pink locks.

"So... would this marriage work out between us?" Sakura asked quietly.

"Back to the marriage deal, again."

"Don't you love Sasuke?"

That question pierced through Sakura's heart. She pulled away from his side and remained quiet. For the rest of the ride, the tension remained. It took the 1 night and 1 day to reach Kiri. Itachi hopped off the boat as soon as it neared the coast. While the blossom waited until the boat docked.

"It still amaze me how you ninjas can walk on water! That would come in handy for a fisherman!" grinned Hiroku as he gave Sakura a departing hug.

The two ANBU quickly snapped on their masks as they took cover in the woods. This is not Konoha territory, so they must be careful. Especially they have to kill a wealthy and powerful man that resides in Kiri. He was also rumored to be a ninja, but not high leveled.

"Kill him, steal the scroll back, right?" Sakura asked as they watched the lights flash in the giant mansion in the middle of the woods.

Itachi nodded, "We need to get close to him and see where he hides the scroll."

Sakura made a gagging noise in the back of her throat as she watched the many nearly nude girls dance around inside. The more matured ones sat with their target and his men.

Doing quick jutsus, Sakura changed her green eyes to blue and pink hair to a shinny blond. Reaching into her pack, she took out a skimpy outfit. Itachi did not like where this was going.

"Don't look!"

As the perfect gentleman, he closed his eyes and waited.


Itachi could feel blood rushing to his head. Sakura looked like Naruto when he used his sexy-no-jutsu. The black dress was a low cut and way too short. It was also extremely tight. "I did not buy this! Ino gave it to me on my birthday and I thought it could come in handy on seduction missions!" Her hands were in the air, doing the "I am not guilty" sign.

"Don't. I can cast a genjutsu." There was no way Itachi is going to let some man touch her like that.

"Please, captain. I have done this before. I would get in there, charm him, kill him, get the scroll. If I do get in trouble, I will call you, alright?"

But before he could reply, she had leaped down the tree and walked through the front gate of the mansion. All the while, he kept all his keen senses on her chakra.

"Men are pigs," Sakura thought mentally as she walked in, while all the men whistled at her. It didn't take long until her target waved her over.

"Ladies, please move over." His voice was husky in a disgusting way.

All the girls made a pouty face, but moved nonetheless. He patted his lab and Sakura sat down gratefully. "Never seen you before, what's your name?"

Sakura ignored the irritating feeling as his hands ran up and down her legs. She took a small sip of the drink that he had handed her and replied, "Kichiru."

"I see, what about we take this party to the back, huh?" He was sniffing her neck now.

"Thought you would never ask."

He lifted her up with one arm and carried her to the back. Itachi, sensing the chakra's movement, immediately changed position. Crouching on a tree branch, he waited until the man carried Sakura in. The Uchiha had to calm himself down when Sakura was threw on to the bed. His sharingan blazed red in the dark as the man licked his teammates' neck. His hand reaching in between her legs...

Itachi couldn't hold back anymore. In one smooth jump, he was inside the window. Quick as lightning, he stabbed a kunai into his heart. Then he picked him up with one hand and threw him against the wall with a loud thud. Of course, no one heard because of the loud music.

"Why did you do that, sempai? I wanted to kill him with poison, so it wouldn't be obvious that ninjas did the kill!" Sakura made an angry face as she glared him.

Itachi pushed away of the mental images that her sitting position caused and rampaged for the scroll. When he finally found it, he turned to see Sakura asleep on the bed. Her henge was lost, showing her alluring pink hair. "Wake up, Sakura."

When she didn't respond, he crouched down and felt her pulse. There must be some kind sleeping drug inside the drinks. Giving it no further thought, Itachi lifted her up on to his back and sneaked out the window. Sakura was surprisingly heavy, but it didn't matter.

What matter was her certain areas, that matured through the years, keep grinding across his back. It was so hard to concentrate! "Slap out of it, Itachi!"

He was running extremely fast and soon, they were out of the forest and on to the coast. A cargo boat was about to deport. Quickly dashing onto the water, he jumped, and landed safely in it. From listening to the crew workers, Itachi learned that the ship is heading toward Fire country. "Perfect!"

The Uchiha laid Sakura down gently and placed his hand over her wrist. Adding basic medic charka into her system, he noticed that her own chakra is already working the drug out.

"Guess there is nothing else to do, except wait till she wakes up."

This gave time for Itachi to admire her. It took all his might to focus on the features on her face, and not let his eyes stray down. Nothing helped, not when the boat swayed and he had to hold her in place, not when she moved around, not when mental images invaded his mind. Then she stirred.

"Ugh, what happened?" Sakura asked quietly as she sat up and rubbed her head.

"There were sleeping drug in that drink the target gave you. Right now, we are hiding in a cargo boat that is sailing towards fire country's coast."

"What about the scroll?"

Itachi pointed to the pack strapped to his leg. Sakura nodded as she leaned against him. "Why did you do that anyways? I could have kicked that guy's butt. Actually, you should have let me kick it."

The weasel looked amused. "His hand was doing something inappropriate."

"Like what?"

"Is she doing this on purpose?!" "I rather not say."

Sakura looked at him with the corner of her eyes, "I'm sorry."

"About what?"

"I'm sorry for making you worry like that."

Itachi turned and looked at her small fragile form. Then he snaked an arm around her wrist. "Its my job as Captain to worry for and protect the team."

For the rest of the ride, they stayed in that same position. His hand would randomly play with her hair. That feeling was still there, and they both liked it.

"Why did you grow your hair long again? I thought you cut it off when you were in your first chunnin exam."

"Because Sasuke liked girls with long hair."

"It suits you."

Sakura gave him a warm smile, "What about you? Most guys don't have hair as long as yours."

"Well, if I keep it short, it would look like Sasuke's..."

That mental image sent Sakura on a sudden giggle fit. The many glares that he sent her were wasted as rounds after rounds of laughter escaped her lips. Then he did it.

His lips were locked onto hers. The sound of amusement stopped. A gasp escaped the blossom. Taking the chance, his tongue hurried to find hers. It was a long, and passionate kiss. Finally they broke for air. Sakura panted harshly, but before she completely recover, he had attached himself onto her again. When he pulled back, he gave an amused smirk at her blushing face.

"Are you making fun of me?"

When Itachi made a low chuckle, she pointed an accusing finger at him. "So Ino-pig is right! She said you liked me! She said you are a stalker!"

He rubbed her cheek lovingly, "I do like you, love you even."

Sakura's eyes widen and shone so bright that her eyes looked like 2 flashlights. Then she lowered her glance to her fingers that rested against his ANBU vest. "So you won't ditch me at the altar, again?"

"Do you want me to?"


Love me for ending the story like this! XD