Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen version 2 chapter 3


Soundwave told the Decepticons, "Decepticons mobilize."

The Soundwave said, "All Hail Megatron."

Lauriten Abyss

It was a quiet day for the ship until meteors came down. 2 Autobots, Gaze and Warhead were shocked. Gaze said, "What the hell was that?"

Warhead said, "Must be Decepticons. 6 of them!"

Gaze said, "They must be going after Megatron's corpse and they will revive Megatron with that Allspark fragment that was reported stolen. We must alert Prime!"


Sunstreaker said, "Gaze gave us a message!"

Ultra Magnus said, "What is it?"

Sunstreaker said, "The Decepticons are going to revive Megatron with that stolen shard!"

Optimus said, "I'll send the Autobot drones!"

Back at the Lauriten Abyss…..

Blitzwing said, "I'll rip you Autobots apart!"

Warhead shot his missles at Blitzwing and Blitzwing in jet mode and Blitzwing was gonna fall in the ocean. Blitzwing shouted, "No, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!"

Just as Blitzwing was about to fall, Conquer picked him up. Blitzwing transformed and said, "Thanks."

Conquer said nothing. In fact, Conquer did not say anything in front of the Decepticons for decades.

Long Haul was not in good luck, Gaze and Warhead kept shooting at him and eventually, Long Haul was shot by Warhead at high power and was severely injured. Blitzwing said, "Get up you idiot!"

Long Haul said, "Forget about them, lets quickly get Lord Megatron revived!"

The 6 Decepticons went down the water and reached the bottom where the remains of deceased Decepticons lie. But unknown to them, a human submarine detected them. The pilot said to the Autobots, "Autobots, get the 6 unknown objects. "

Gaze and Warhead fired at the Decepticons but they crashed on a stone while the Decepticons swam away. Gaze said, "That did not go well. I'll just have to snipe them."

Gaze used his power key on his cannon and then targeted Long Haul, who carried Scapel(who had the Allspark fragment). Gaze shot at Long Haul's arm. Long Haul said, "That is it!"

Long Haul fired his missle and it hit the rock where Warhead and Gaze are. The Autobots survived though. Later, Scapel jabbed the Allspark shard into Megatron's chest and then Megatron's blank optics turned red again. Megatron then flew up and destroyed the submarine and then, he and his Decepticons flew to outer space. Meanwhile, Gaze and Warhead reported to Optimus, "Sorry, Megatron is back to life."

Speed punched the wall and said, "That is it! The Decepticons have gone too far!"

Gaze then flew himself and Warhead back to the NEST HQ.

Moon, the Nemesis

Megatron returned to the Nemesis, his ship. He saw Starscream testing with Protoforms. Starscream bowed at Megatron and said, "It is a honor having you back-"

Megatron choked Starscream and said, "WHY DID YOU LEAVE ME FOR DEAD?"

Starscream said, "You were dead when I was fighting."

Later, Megatron reported to a mysterious Transformer, sitting on his throne. Megatron began, "Sorry, my master, The Fallen, I have failed you. The Allspark was destroyed."

The mysterious transformer aka The Fallen said, "There is much to learn my disciple. The Allspark is only a vessel. Its knowledge can never die."

Megatron said, "Where is it?"

The Fallen said, "The Allspark transferred its knowledge to the boy named Sam Witwicky. You must find him and excrat the info. But it will be hard."

Megatron said, "Optimus, he protects the boy."

The Fallen said, "Also, I can only be killed by a Prime. You must kill Optimus, then Ultra Magnus then Speed Shot or you can call him Speed Prime."


The Fallen said, "I have sent Alice to capture him. It might be easier."

Sam's college room

Leo said to Sam, "Wanna come to the party? There are chicks."

Sam said, "Ok. I'm a ladies sort of man."

College hall

Leo said, "Do you wanna dance?"

Sam replied, "Er…. Not now."

Meanwhile at Mikaela's house

Mikaela was at her computer and was connecting with Sam for their first web chat. But Sam was offline.

College hall

Sam was staring at a cake and then, he saw some strange symbols. Sam swiped a piece of cream on the cake and then started drawing strange symbols. Later, a girl called Alice came. Alice said, "Can I dance with you."

Sam got out of his psycho ward and said, "Nah, why not we play checkers? And I have a girlfriend already."

Alice then said, "Let me pretend to be your girlfriend tonight."

Suddnely, a man said, "Who owns that Camaro?"

Sam said, "Oh it is a friend of mine who went over there with a tiger shirt."

The man said, "We checked, there is no man with a tiger shirt."

Sam just ignored the question and got into the Camaro, which was actually Bumblebee. Alice said, "I love Camaros, my dad's first car was a Camaro."

As they were driving, Bumblebee did some shakes and did unpleasant stuff to Alice. Alice, now all dirty went away. Bumblebee then drove Sam to the graveyard. Sam told Optimus, "Why won't you give me a day at college?"

Optimus said, "Sam, we need your help."

Sam said, "What help?"

Optimus explained, "Your government thinks that our race wants vengeance against the human race. We need someone who could explain what is happening. And maybe they are correct that we want revenge."

Sam said, "I'm not a robot ambassador. This is not my war."

Optimus said, "We fear it soon will be."

Sam said, "I want to live a normal life."

Sam then left. But before he left, Optimus said, "The Autobots need your help more than you will expect."


Megatron's rap(based on the Star wars gangsta rap.)


I was beaten, tortured dumped in a dick.

But now I is alive to fuck you up.

I is going to get you slut, I is going to get you slut!

We is going to get Shia LaBeuof and Megan Fox!

We is going to get the playboy and slut!

We is going to get Optimus Prime

We is going to get Speedy Shot.
We is going to get Ultra Mag

We is going blow your planet up!


A/N: Sorry if my rap sucked. I just suck at rhyming.