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Rima sighed as she picked up her luggage, put a pocky in her mouth and walked to the boy's dormitory. This was all Ruka's and Yuki's fault she thought but she didn't mind.


"Yuki, Yuki! I have a great idea, let's have a food fight!" Ruka said excitedly.

"I don't know, it's too messy" Yuki replied

"Please! Look at how bored everyone is!"

It was true, Rima was eating pocky staring blankly ahead, while all the other vampires were sitting on the couch, reading a book or just simply staring.

"Fine, but when I say stop everyone has to stop, got it?" Yuki said carefully

"I already have the food" Ruka said

On the table was loads of food for everyone to throw, surprisingly all the vampires got up and took some. Whoa, they must be really bored, Yuki thought.

"1, 2, 3, GO!" Ruka squealed.

It was really fun, even Rima laughed which was hardly ever heard. As everyone ran through the dorm screaming with delight, Yuki yelled stop. Everyone stopped and looked around. It was a mess, there was food splattered on the wall and ceiling, food staining the carpet and their clothes. Then they laughed hysterically. Some idiot thought it was a good idea to pull the fire alarm so that it would wash away the food but forgot the plumbing was broken. So they laughed while their dorm flooded not knowing.

After they got a big lecture (especially Ruka and Yuki) from Chairman Cross, they were told to stay with boys until they fixed the plumbing.

~End Flashback~

It was really fun. Rima forgot how long ago it was when she laughed that much. They all looked so ridiculous with food in their hair and clothes. She laughed to herself.

"What's so funny?" Rima heard a voice from behind.

'Shiki' Rima thought

She turned around "Nothing, hi Shiki"

"Hi Rima. I heard you girls had a food fight"

"Yeah, it was really fun. Do you mind if I s-s-stay with you tonight?" She said in a timid voice.

"What was that? I couldn't hear." Shiki joked

"You are so infuriating! Do you mind if I stay with you tonight?" She said.

"Yes, I mind"

Rima frowned, ready to hit him.

"Just kidding, you can stay as long as you want" Shiki said smirking

"Good answer considering all the times you slept in my room."

"Omigod! You guys sleep together?!" Ruka said from behind.

"NO" Rima said the same time Shiki said yes.

"Oh, Okay!" Ruka skipped away while giggling.

"What did you say that for? Now she's going to tell everyone" Rima groaned.

"I'll take your bags for you. Let's hurry and go to my room before classes start." He said ignoring her question.

"You better not do anything perverted" Rima murmured

Shiki fought the urge to smile. He couldn't let Rima know he was happy she was staying in his room little did he know Rima thought the same thing. 'Who knows, maybe it'll take longer to fix.' He thought hopefully.

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