Bonus Chapter: Charades

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Ichijo decided to cheer everybody up from 'The Stealer' and invited them to a casual party in the main room. Kaname was going-which was a surprise to everyone-so they had to go too.

"How bothersome" Ruka said while preparing for the party in her and Kain's room. Kain just merely shrugged and waited for her to finish.


"Ichijo is a big idiot. Holding a party won't cheer us up, it'll just make us more annoyed then we already are." Shiki said while watching Rima put up her hair in her newly bought ribbons.

"He obviously doesn't know that and if he did he probably enjoys annoying everybody. Augh! I hate these ribbons! They're so ugly and new!" Rima pulled at her new ribbons that would not tie around her hair as she wanted it to. Shiki smirked at her anger and stood up to do her hair for her. He was more patient and managed to use the ribbons any way he wanted to. When he was does, she murmured thanks and released a breath she did not know she was holding. Shiki was getting more attractive everyday. He looked at the clock.

11:00 PM

"Time to go" he said. Rima nodded and side by side they left the room.

As everybody gathered around in the main room Ichijo was cutting up strips of paper. "What are you doing Ichijo-san?" Kain inquired. "I was thinking that we should play a

game of charades! It's a human game"

"Obviously" muttered Ruka.

Ichijo blasted music from the speakers and let people mingle with each other. After a while he called everybody to sit in a circle in the middle of the room. Kaname and Yuki were the first ones there so everyone followed them to the center. Ichijo was holding a can with the pieces of paper he was cutting out before inside.

"We will play a game of charades. The rules are that we will have 2 teams. Somebody will have to act out something random for 1 minute and your team will try to guess what you are acting out. No sounds are allowed to be made. Everybody understand? Okay. Here are the teams. Shiki, Seiren, Kain, Aido and Yuki are Team A. Rima, Ruka, me and Kaname are Team B. Since Team A has more players they will start. So who's first?" Ichijo quickly explained.

"I want to be first!" Yuki exclaimed.

"Okay Yuki-sama! Pick a paper slip" Ichijo handed her the container and Yuki closed her eyes, reached in the can and pulled out a slip.


"What? How do I act out this?" Yuki asked

"Sorry Yuki but you have to"

Yuki sighed. She stood up and walked to the front of the circle. She made a Y shape with her body and stayed perfectly still.

"YMCA!" Aido shouted out. Yuki shook her head.

"Tree?" Kain asked. Yuki nodded vigorously. Then she hurriedly made her hand into a fist and made it look like it was dropping. Then she started to pretend to peel her fist then pretended to eat her fist. Everybody was confused.

"Coconut?" Shiki asked, bored.

"Close!" She shouted.

"No talking, Yuki" Ichijo warned. "And your time's up"

Yuki sighed and sat back down at her original spot. "It was mango! How could I act that out?"

"Now time for Team B! Who's going?" Ichijo hosted. Everybody was silent.

"Okay Ruka thanks for volunteering!"

"But I didn't sa-" she started but was cut off by Ichijo's loud voice.

"Now get up here and pick a slip!"

Kain snickered as she hesitantly got up and walked to the center. She glared daggers at him and he stopped, barely. She did the same thing as Yuki and pulled out her slip.

Baby / toddler (You choose :D)

Ichijo is so annoying. I'll guess I'll just do baby. She thought.

Ruka sat on the floor and put her thumb in her mouth and started rocking back and forth.

"Maniac!" Ichijo yelled. She glared at him

"Psycho" Kaname politely suggested. Ruka blushed and shook her head. She started crying.

"Aha! You are a baby" Rima said thoughtfully said.

"Yes! That's my girl" Ruka sat down and gave Rima a high five.

"Yay! We got a point!" Ichijo cheered. "Now time for Team A again."

"I'll go!" Aido exclaimed.

"Alright. Come up here"

Aido excitedly stood up and ran to the center. He picked out a slip and as he read it, his face fell.


Aido squatted and started wiggling. He then spread his arms and waving them.

"Bird!" Yuki shouted. He said no.

"Plane" Seiren quietly said.

"Why would I be wiggling then?" He sounded annoyed.

"No talking Aido!" Ichijo instructed.

He sighed.

"Time is up! It's Team B again! How about Rima." Ichijo mischievously said.

Rima rolled her eyes but when up anyway. She reached in the can and pulled out the familiar piece of paper.

She suddenly went to Shiki, sat on his lap and started kissing him. Everybody was surprised, even Shiki but he started kissing her back and a full make-out session was going on in front of the whole night class. Yuki squealed, Aido was disgusted, Ruka was proud of her friend, Kain just shrugged, Ichijo's smile wavered and Kaname was just looking somewhere else. Ichijo cleared his throat. They still didn't stop. Rima's arms wrapped around Shiki's neck and his arms were holding her waist and hair.

"Uh…the time is up, guys." Ichijo awkwardly said.

Rima suddenly stopped, kissed Shiki on the cheek and stood up. Her face was flushed and so was Shiki's. Rima walked back to her spot and sat down.

"So what was the word?" Ichijo asked.

Rima handed him the paper slip.


"Why didn't you do something else? Like draw a heart or something" Ichijo inquired.

Rima shrugged. "This was the first thing that came to my mind. Besides its way easier." Silence came afterwards. Kaname and Yuki left, chuckling, knowing that this was going to happen soon.

The awkwardness was too much for everyone and the people went back to their rooms. What was supposed to be a fun night turned into an awkward one and as people left, the image was burned into their minds. When everybody left though, Shiki and Rima went to their room to continue what they started earlier.

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