(A/N: I decided to revamp this, as I'm re-editing all my preserved and "classic (lol) works. I remembered this fanfic and noticed it was very very short... Enjoy. Also, this is based off the alternate ending of the original "Final Destination," for anyone who gets confused. In that version, Alex perishes and Carter survives; Clear moves on to birth Alex's baby after they made love on the beach.)

don't forget us

final destination

Face it, he's gone, she told herself as she pushed the carriage down the sidewalk to the nearest bench. The sun was shining now, the storm had cleared up, the ground was a little damp, but not really. Neither was the bench as Clear Rivers sat down and took the baby out of the carriage, holding him in the protection of her arms.

About nine months after he was killed, the baby was born into the world. Alexander Chance Browning II, read his bracelet, which was still attached to his tiny wrist. "Look." She said, gently, pointing up towards the sky and a flock of birds flew by, there were five birds. Alexander Browning, William Hitchcock, Valerie Lewton, Terry Chaney, Tod Waggner.

Clear Rivers, hair now blonde, sighed, and held the baby close in her arms, when she heard a familiar voice. "Is this seat taken?" It was none other than Carter Horton, his former enemy, but now, after all this, they had sort of formed funny friendship. Sometimes he came around and helped her with the baby, it wasn't that he liked her that way, she knew that. He still hadn't gotten over Terry, but she didn't like him that way. Right?

Carter had rings around his eyes, which always had shone hatred before, but they had changed, changed alot. He was now a lot more nice than he was before. "What'cha doing?"

Clear smiled, "Just sitting here, showing Alex around some."

Carter smiled a bit, "Heh."

They sat there for a while, talking, about life, about money, about them. Them. Alex. Terry. Billy. Ms. Lewton, and everyone else, everyone who was on that plane. How they had escaped death. How they had cheated its design. How Alex had died for them.

Suddenly the baby started to cry. Clear rocked him gently, Carter looking over her shoulder, smiling some. Carter would make a good father someday, Clear thought, but she knew it would be a long while before either of them could get their lives together. After about an hour or so, it had become gravely cold, and Carter had offered to walk Clear home, she denied him, so they said their good-byes, gave each other a friendly hug, and he left.

Just when Clear was putting a third blanket on Alex, a soft wind blew over the carriage, she watched. It hovered there for a minute. Then another gust blew and it was gone.

Clear looked up to the sky.